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Panamá: The Uprising of Los Santos
(Commemorates town of Los Santos' first declaration for Panamá's independence from Spain: 11/10/1821)
Panamá Spain U.S. Department of State The Panamá News
United States: Birthday of the United States Marine Corps
(Commemorates the creation of the U.S. Marine Corps: 11/10/1775)
United States United States Marine Corps
1483 Martin Luther (German Religious Reformer: Namesake of the Lutheran Religion) Martin Luther Religion
1792 Russell Means (South Dakota-born Native American Civil Rights Leader) South Dakota Political and Social Leaders Native American Studies Human Rights/Civil Rights
1939 Samuel Nelson (New York-born Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court) New York Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1865 Henry Wirz (Swiss-born Commander of Andersonville Prison: Government Execution) American Civil War Library of Congress
1938 Ghazi Mustapha Kemal Atatürk (Turkish Nationalist and Political Leader) Ghazi Mustapha Kemal Atatürk
1982 Leonid Brezhnev (Ukrainian-born Soviet Political Leader) Soviet Union Leonid Brezhnev BBC
1995 Ken Saro-Wiwa (Nigerian Civil Rights Activist: Government Execution) Ken Saro-Wiwa Human Rights/Civil Rights Death BBC
2008 Miriam Makeba (South African Popular Singer, Rights Activist) Miriam Makeba Popular Musicians Human Rights
1582 Spanish Merchant, Antonio de Espejo, Departs San Bartolome, Mexico, Leading a Small Expedition to Explore New Mexico Spanish Explorers New Mexico North American Explorers Latin-American Heritage New Mexico Magazine
1674 Dutch Cede New Netherland and British Restore Name to New York The Netherlands Great Britain New Netherland Colonial America USGenNet
1775 Second Continental Congress Resolves to Raise Two Battalions of Marines Continental Congress United States Marine Corps History Channel
1862 In Port Washington, Wisconsin, 1,000 Residents Riot in Protest of a Draft for an Additional 300,000 Soldiers Port Washington, Wisconsin American Civil War Wisconsin Historical Soceity
1864 Sherman Leaves Rome, Georgia with Orders to Destroy Everything Not Needed by Union Troops Georgia American Civil War University of Georgia
1865 Henry Wirz, a Swiss immigrant and Commander of Andersonville Prison in Georgia, Is Hanged for Murdering Soldiers Incarcerated at His Prison Notorious Swiss Georgia Andersonville Prison Prisoners of War Capital Punishment History Channel Library of Congress
1885 Gottlieb Daimler Debuts the Worlds First Motorcycle German Scientists & Inventors Motorcycles Inventors & Inventions Historic Firsts MS Encarta
1928 Hirohito Is Enthroned as Emperor of Japan Japan History Channel
1942 Germany Invades Vichy France NAZI Germany France World War II History Channel
1954 President Eisenhower Dedicates the Marine Corps Memorial in Arlington, Virginia Virginia President Eisenhower The U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima) World War II National Park Service
1960 Row, Massachusetts Yankee Atomic Electric First Commercial Nuclear Plant in Operation Massachusetts Nuclear Power Historic Firsts California Energy Commission
Governor Davis Calls Upon the People of Louisiana to Build Fall-Out Shelters Louisiana Cold War Nuclear Weapons Louisiana Secretary of State
1964 Kenyan African Democratic Union Voluntarily Dissolves Making Kenya a One-party State Kenya Politics, Voting & Elections CNN
1967 Texas' 90-mile President's Ranch Trail Is Dedicated in Honor of Lyndon Johnson Texas President Lyndon Johnson Texas State Historical Assocation
1970 For First Week in Five Years No U.S. Casualties Reported in Vietnam Vietnam War History Channel
1972 A Southern Airways Flight Bound from Birmingham to Montgomery Is Hijacked to Cuba Cuba Alabama Aviation History Crime Alabama State Archives
1975 The U.N. General Assembly Approves Resolution Equating Zionism with Racism The United Nations Israel Judiasm Racism New York Times
1982 Vietnam Veterans Memorial Opens to the Public in Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. Vietnam Veterans Memorial Vietnam War New York Times
1983 President Reagan and Prime Minister Nakasone Hold Trade Talk in Japan Japan President Ronald Reagan International Trade History Channel
1989 Todor Zhivkov Forced to Resign after 35 Yrs as Bulgaria's Communist Party Chief/Head of State Bulgaria Cold War Sofia Echo
1990 Socialist Leader Chandrasekhar Sworn in As India's New Prime Minister Indian Political and Social Leaders Sofia Echo
1995 Nigerian Government Executes Civil Rights Activist Ken Saro-Wiwa Ken Saro-Wiwa Human Rights/Civil Rights Death History Channel BBC
2001 The World Trade Organization Approves China's Membership China World Trade Organization CNN

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