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Western European Countries & Possessions: Remembrance Day/Armistice Day
(Remembrance of those who serve and who have served in the military)
Canada European History World War I BBC
Maldives: Republic Days
(Commemoration of the change from Monarchy to a Republic 11/11/1968 (Day 1 of 3))
United States: Veterans Day
(Recognizes the service of U.S. military veterans by commemorating Armistice Day: 11/11/1918)
Veterans Day United States
316 St. Martin de Tours (Hungarian-born Roman Catholic Saint) Hungarian Political and Social Leaders Catholicism Concordia
1744 Abigail Smith Adams (Massachusetts-born Wife of U.S. President John Adams) Abigail Adams President John Adams The American Presidency
1811 Ben McCulloch (Tennessee-born Fighter for the Texas Revolution, Civil War General) Ben McCulloch Texas Revolution American Civil War
1854 William Y. Atkinson (Governor of Georgia - Namesake of Atkinson County, GA) Georgia Political and Social Leaders Univesity of Georgia
1811 Ben McCulloch (Tennessee-born Fighter for the Texas Revolution, Civil War General) Ben McCulloch Texas Revolution American Civil War
1914 Daisy Bates (Arkansas-born African-American Civil Rights Leader) Daisy Bates American Civil Rights Famous African Americans
1915 William Proxmire (Illinois-born U.S. Senator from Wisconsin) Illinois Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress Wisconsin Historical Society
1955 Jigme Singye Wangchuck, King of Bhutan Bhutan
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1855 Soeren Aabye Kierkegaard (Danish Philosopher) Danish Political and Social Leaders Philosophy Concordia
1984 Martin Luther King, Sr. (Georgia-born Father of Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King, Jr.) Martin Luther King, Jr. Famous African Americans
2004 Yasser Arafat (Egyptian-born Leader of Palestinian Liberation Front Awarded the 1994 Nobel Prize for Peace) Yasir Arafat 1994 Nobel Prize for Peace BBC
1493 Columbus Christens Newly Discovered Island for St. Martin de Tours St. Martin The Netherlands Christopher Columbus St. Martin Carnival
1606 Turks and Austrians Sign a Peace Treaty at Zeitva-Torok'' Austria Turkey CNN
1620 41 Pilgrims on The Mayflower, Anchored off MA, Sign the Mayflower Compact.'' The Mayflower Compact American History National Park Service
1778 Tories and Mohawk Indians Attack the Village of Cherry Valley, New York, Killing 47 New York Mohawk Indians Revolutionary War Death Cooperstown Network
British Forces Take St. Lucia, West Indies from the French Britain France St. Lucia CNN
1811 Colombia's Walled City of Cartagena Declares Independence from Spain Colombia Spain South America National Library of Colombia
1836 Chile Declares War on Peru-Bolivia Federation Chile Peru Bolivia CNN
1864 Sherman's Forces Complete the Burning of Rome, Georgia Georgia American Civil War University of Georgia
1918 Allies and Germany Sign an Armistice Ending World War I World War I Armistice History of  Europe New York Times History Channel State of Michigan
1921 Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Dedicated at Arlington National Cemetery War Tomb of the Unknowns Veterans Day History Channel
1940 British Aircraft Carry Out Torpedo Attack Against the Italian Fleet at Taranto Britain Italy Naval History Aviation History World War II University of San Diego University of San Diego
1942 U.S. Congress Lowers the Draft Age to 18 and Raises the Upper Limit to 37 U.S. Congress World War II History Channel
1965 Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) Proclaims Its Independence from Britain Zimbabwe Great Britain BBC
1967 Viet Cong Release Three U.S. Prisoners of War Vietnam War History Channel
1968 Maldives Changes from Islamic Monarchy to Republic with Ibrahim Nasir as President Maldives U.S. Department of State
1971 U.S. Senate Ratifies Treaty to Return the Island of Okinawa to Japan Okinawa U.S. Congress CNN
1975 Angola Gains Independence from Portugal Followed by Continual Civil War Angola Portugal BBC
1983 President Reagan Speaks Before Japan's Diet in Tokyo Japan President Ronald Reagan Reagan Library
1987 Boris M. Yeltsin Is Removed as Moscow Communist Party Chief Boris Yeltsin CNN
1992 The Church of England Votes to Ordain Women as Priests Great Britain Religion Women BBC
1996 Guatemalan Peace Agreement Ends 36 Years of Guerrilla Fighting Guatemala War CNN
1997 Georgia's World War I Monument Is Dedicated in Atlanta Georgia World War I University of Georgia
1998 Israel's Cabinet Narrowly Ratifies Land-for-peace Agreement with Palestinians Israel Palestine New York Times
2000 Republicans Seek Court Order Blocking Recounts of FL Presidential Ballots Florida 2000 Presidential Election The American Presidency George W. Bush CNN
Austrian Cable Car Catches Fire: 155 Skiers Die Austria Skiing Death CNN

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