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Belgium: King's Day
(Observance of the feast day of St. Leopold, patron saint of Belgium's first King, Leopold I)
Belgium Catholicism
Brazil: Proclamation of the Republic Day
(Celebration of the establishment of the republic 11/15/1889)
Brazil U.S. Department of State
Ivory Coast: National Peace Day Ivory Coast U.S. Department of State
1708 William Pitt the Elder (English Statesman) English Political and Social Leaders Seven Years War
1825 Sarah Jane Woodson Early (Ohio-born African-American Educator, Abolitionist, and Feminist) Ohio Political and Social Leaders Educators of Note Abolition African-American Political and Social Leaders African American Registry
1891 Erwin Rommel (Nazi World War II Tank Commander) Erwin Rommel World War II
1916 Ruth Nita Barrow (Barbados-born Jamaican Nurse, Politician, and Administrator) Barbados Health Care United Nations African American Registry
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1136 St. Leopold the Good (Patron Saint of Austria and Belgian Kings) Austria Belgium Catholicism
1790 George R. Gilmer (Namesake of Gilmer County, Georgia) Georgia University of Georgia
1815 Stephen Heard (Namesake of Heard County, Georgia) Georgia University of Georgia
1836 Manuel Lorenzo Justiniano de Zavala y Senz (Latin-American Vice-President of the Republic of Texas) Republic of Texas Hispanic Heritage Texas State Historical Association
1944 Smith W. Brookhart (Missouri-born U.S. Senator from Iowa) Missouri Political and Social Leaders Iowa Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress
1315 Soldiers of the Swiss Confederation Defeat the Austrians in the Battle of Morgarten Switzerland Austria War Death Swissworld
1777 Articles of Confederation Are Adopted by Congress Articles of Confederation U.S. Congress Library of Congress
1835 An Expedition of North Americans Unsuccessfully Assault Mexico's Tampico Garrison Mexico War Texas State Historical Association
1854 Archbishop Jean Baptiste Lamy Arrives in New Mexico New Mexico Religion Catholicism New Mexico Magazine
1864 City of Atlanta Is Burned on Sherman's Orders As the March to the Sea Begins Georgia William Tecumseh Sherman Fall of Atlanta History Channel
1889 Bloodless Coup Deposes Brazil's Monarchy and Establishes a Republic Brazil History Channel
1920 First Session of the League of Nations Opens in Geneva Switzerland The League of Nations United Nations
1939 President Franklin Roosevelt Lays the Cornerstone for the Jefferson Memorial Franklin Roosevelt Thomas Jefferson The Jefferson Memorial National Park Service
1940 German Bombers Complete 10-Hour Raid That Decimates Coventry, England British History World War II BBC
1943 Heinrich Himmler Orders Imprisonment of Gypsies Heinrich Himmler The Holocaust World War II History Channel
1948 William Lyon Mackenzie King Resigns as Canada's PM Canada Archives of Canada
1957 Khrushchev Challenges U.S. to Missile "Shooting Match" Nikita Khrushchev The Cold War History Channel
Convicted Soviet Spy, Rudolph Abel, Is Sentenced to Prison and Fined Soviet Union The Cold War FBI
1962 Cuba Rejects Demand for Inspections and Threatens to Down U.S. Reconnaissance Flights Cuba The Cold War Yale
1969 250,000 Demonstrate Peacefully Against the Vietnam War Washington, D.C. Vietnam War History Channel New York Times
1985 Britain and the Republic of Ireland Sign Agreement Giving Dublin a Role in Northern Ireland Great Britain Ireland Northern Ireland BBC
1986 Nicaraguan Court Sentences Eugene Hasenfus to 30 Years Nicaragua Law and Legal Resources Iran-Contra Scandal New York Times
1988 PLO Claims Establishment of Palestinian State Palestine New York Times
1989 Leonard Bernstein Refuses a National Medal of the Arts to Protest President George Bush's Position on AIDS Art Exhibit Leonard Bernstein President George Bush AIDS American Public Media
1992 Lithuania's Labor Party of Ex-communists Wins Big in First post-Soviet Election Lithuania Soviet Union Elections University of Essex
1998 Iraq Agrees to Allow UN Weapons Inspectors Back into the Country United Nations Iraq BBC
2002 Hu Jintao Replaces Jiang Zemin as China's Communist Party Leader Chinese Political and Social Leaders New York Times

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