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Haiti: Vertičres Day
(Commemoration of victory for independence at Battle of Vertičres: 11/18/1803)
Haiti U.S. Department of State
Latvia: Proclamation Day
(Commemoration of declaration of independence: 11/18/1918)
Latvia Germany Russia U.S. Department of State
Morocco: Feast of Independence
(Commemoration of declaration of independence from France: 11/18/1955)
Morocco France U.S. Department of State
1804 Alexandre Mouton (Governor of Louisiana: 1843-1846) Louisiana Political and Social Leaders
1900 Howard Thurman (Florida-born African-American Religious Leader) Howard Thurman Religious Leaders African-American Political and Social Leaders African American Registry
1912 Clement John Zablocki (Wisconsin-born Member of the U.S. Senate) Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders U.S. Senate Wisconsin Historical Society
1940 Sultan Qaboos bin Said-Al Said of Oman Oman
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1843 Arnaud Beauvais (Governor of Louisiana: 1829-1830) Louisiana Political and Social Leaders
1886 Chester A. Arthur (Vermont-born 21st President of the United States) Vermont Political and Social Leaders Chester A. Arthur The American Presdiency
1969 Joseph Kennedy (Massachusetts-born Business Leader, Diplomat, Father of President John F. Kennedy) Massachusetts Political and Social Leaders U.S. Government John F. Kennedy Business & Economics EconEdLink
1095 Pope Urban II Opens the Council of Clermont Religion Catholicism Concordia
1626 St. Peters Basilica Is Consecrated by Pope Urban VIII Italy Catholicism Catholic Encyclopedia
1803 Haitian Revolutionaries Decisively Defeat the French at the Battle of Vertičres Haiti France Embassy of the Republic of Haiti in Washington, D.C.
1846 Virginia's Governor Orders the Formation of a State Regiment for the Mexican-American War Virginia Mexican-American War West Virginia Archives
1847 In Jacksonville, Episcopal Bishop Henry I. Louttit Is Elected the First President of the Florida Council of Churches Jacksonville, Florida Religion Historic Firsts Florida Council of Churches Florida Historical Society
1861 Florida's Legislature Receives a Request to Convert the Chattahoochee Arsenal into a Military Academy for Training Floridians in the "Art of War" Florida Legistlature American Civil War Florida Historical Society
1863 Abraham Lincoln Boards a Train for Gettysburg, PA Pennsylvania Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg Address History Channel
1903 U.S. and Panamá Sign a Treaty on a Proposed Canal Panamá Panamá Canal Yale University
1916 British Forces Withdraw from the Stalemate at the Battle of Somme Great Britain Battle of Somme History Channel
1918 Nationalists Gather at the National Theater to Declare Latvia's Independence Latvia Germany Russia All About Latvia
Belgian Army Reoccupies Brussels after Four Years of German Occupation Belgium Germany World War I CNN
1933 President Franklin Roosevelt Speaks in Savannah Commemorating Georgia's Bicentennial Georgia President Franklin Roosevelt University of Georgia
1936 Germany and Italy Recognize the Spanish Government of Francisco Franco Francisco Franco Germany italy New York Times
1940 Hitler Meets Italy's Foreign Minister About Mussolini's Disastrous Invasion of Greece Greece Italy Nazi Germany Adolph Hitler World War II History Channel
1955 Mohammed V Announces Morocco's Independence from France Morocco France Arabic News
1976 Spain's Parliament Establishes a Democracy after 37 Years of Dictatorship Spain New York Times
1987 Congress Issues Final Report on Iran-Contra Scandal U.S. Congress Iran-Contra Scandal The History Channel
27 Die in Fire at London's King's Cross Station Great Britain London Fire Death bbc
1988 President Reagan Signs Legislation Creating Cabinet-level Drug Czar Ronald Reagan Illegal Drugs New York Times
1989 50,000 Protesters Demand Reform in Bulgaria Bulgaria Cold War Human Rights/Civil Rights bbc
1991 Islamic Extremists Release British Religious Envoy After Four Years of Captivity in Lebanon Islam Lebanon Terrorism History Channel bbc
2002 U.N. Arms Inspectors Return to Iraq After Four-year Hiatus United Nations Iraq Iraq War CNN
2003 President Bush Visits Prime Minister Tony Blair in London Tony Blair President George W. Bush BBC
2004 Clinton Presidential Center Is Opened in Little Rock, Arkansas Arkansas President Bill Clinton Official Website
2009 West Virginia's Byrd Becomes the Longest-Serving Member of Congress Robert Byrd West Virginia Political and Socail Leaders U.S. Congress CNN

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