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Lebanon: Independence Day
(Commemoration of independence from France 11/22/1943)
Lebanon France U.S. Department of State Lebanon Embassy, Washington, D.C. PBS
1754 Abraham Baldwin (Connecticut-born Signer of U.S. Constitution: Namesake of Baldwin County, Georgia) Connecticut Political & Social Leaders Georgia Political & Social Leaders U.S. Constitution National Park Service University of Georgia
1890 Charles de Gaulle (French World War II General; President of France) Charles de Gaulle World War II
1906 Elizabeth Hawkes (Wisconsin Attorney, Political Leader) Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Law and Legal Resources Democratic Party Wisconsin Historical Society
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1718 Edward Teach (English Criminal: Blackbeard the Pirate) Blackbeard the Pirate
1963 John F. Kennedy (Massachusetts-born 35th U.S. President: Assassinated in Dallas, Texas) Texas John F. Kennedy The American Presidency
1220 Pope Honorius III Crowns Frederick II as Holy Roman Emperor Catholicism Concordia
1718 British Navy Kills Blackbeard the Pirate Off the Coast of North Carolina Blackbeard Naval History Notorious Britains Death History Channel
1861 Union and Confederate Ships Engage in 8-hr Artillery Exchange Near Florida's Ft. Pickens Florida American Civil War Naval History Florida Historical Society
1864 Sherman's Troops Easily Defeat Confederate Irregulars at the Battle of Griswoldville, Georgia Georgia Sherman's March to the Sea University of Georgia
Confederate Troops Invade Tennessee in Attempt to Draw Sherman Out of Georgia Tennessee Sherman's March to the Sea History Channel
1942 Soviets Encircle the Germans at Stalingrad Soviet Union Nazi Germany World War II History Channel
1943 FDR, Winston Churchill, and Chiang Kai-shek Begin 4-day Meeting in Cairo, Egypt Egypt Winston Churchill Chiang Kai-shek Franklin Roosevelt World War II U.S. Department of  State
French Release Lebanese Political Prisoners from the Castle of Rashayya Lebanon France PBS
1963 President John F. Kennedy Is Assassinated in Dallas, Texas Texas Assassination of President Kennedy The American Presidency Death Library of Congress
1967 U.N. Resolution 242 Calls for the Formal Recognition of Israel by All Countries The United Nations Israel Historic World Documents World History New York Times
1975 Juan Carlos Is Proclaimed King of Spain Spain New York Times
1989 Lebanon's Newly-elected President, Rene Muawad, Is Assassinated Lebanon Death
1990 British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Announces Her Resignation Margaret Thatcher History Channel BBC
2005 Angela Merkel Is Elected Germanys First Woman Chancellor German Political and Social Leaders Women Elections Historic Firsts BBC

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