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912 Otto I (German king and Holy Roman emperor) Germany Catholicism
1804 Franklin Pierce (New Hampshire-born 14th President of the United States) New Hampshire Political and Social Leaders Franklin Pierce The American Presidency
1819 Benjamin Prentiss (Virginia-born Union General) Virginia Military Leaders American Civil War History Channel
1860 Karl Hjalmar Branting (Father of Socialism in Sweden) Swedish Political and Social Leaders 1921 Nobel Laureate for Peace
1925 José Napoleón Duarte (President of El Salvador) José Napoleón Duarte President Ronald Reagan Cold War
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1883 James Emilius Broome (South Carolina-born Third Governor of Florida) South Carolina Political and Social Leaders Florida Political and Social Leaders Florida Historical Society
1916 Franz Josef (Emperor, Austro-Hungarian Empire) Austria Hungary
1621 English Poet/Cleric John Donne Is Elected Dean of Saint Paul's Cathedral in London John Donne St. Paul's Cathedral Concordia
1811 Maryland's Gabriel Duvall Sworn In as Associate Justice of U.S. Supreme Court Maryland Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1862 The Second (West) Virginia Cavalry Raids a Confederate Camp in the Sinking Creek Valley West Virginia Virginia American Civil War West Virginia State Archives
1863 The Three-day Battle of Chattanooga Begins Tennessee Battle of Chattanooga Florida Historical Society
1864 Sherman's Troops Occupy Milledgeville, Georgia on the "March to the Sea" Georgia March to the Sea University of Georgia
1940 Romania Joins the Axis Powers: Nazi Germany, Italy and Japan Romania Nazi Germany Italy Japan World War II History Channel
1943 U.S. Forces Seize the Tarawa and Makin Atolls from the Japanese Japan War in the Pacific The New York Times
1948 Mexico's Jaime Torres Bodet Takes Office as Director-General of UNESCO Mexican Political and Social Leaders United Nations
1963 Lyndon Johnson Begins First Full Day as President of the United States Lyndon Johnson Assassination of John F. Kennedy The American Presidency BBC
1971 People's Republic of China Is Seated at the UN Security Council United Nations China The New York Times
1972 Vietnam Peace Talks Stalled in Paris Paris Vietnam War History Channel
1979 Members of the IRA Are Sentenced for the Assassination of Lord Mountbatten English Political and Social Leaders Terrorism Law and Legal Resources History Channel
1981 President Reagan Gives CIA Authority to Establish the Contras The CIA Iran-Contra Scandal El Salvador Honduras Nicaragua History Channel
1996 Hijacked Ethiopian Airliner Runs Out of Fuel, Crashes into Indian Ocean: 125 Die Ethiopia Air Disasters Crime Death BBC
1998 U.S. States, Territories and Posssessions Reach a Master Settlement Agreement with American Tobacco Companies Wisconsin Government Tobacco Law and Legal Resources Economics University of Dayton Wisconsin Historical Society
2000 Miami-Dade County officials Stop the Hand Recount of Presidential Ballots Florida President George W. Bush The American Presidency 2000 U.S. Presidential Election CNN
2001 Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic Indicted for Bosnia Genocide United Nations Slobodan Milosevic Bosnia-Herzegovina War Crimes CNN
Israeli Helicopter Kills Mahmoud Abu Hanoud, Leader of Islamic Hamas Militants Israel Islam Terrorism Death BBC

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