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1655 Charles XI (King of Sweden) Sweden
1713 Junípero Serra (Spanish Missionary) Junípero Serra California Missions Catholicism Latin-American Studies
1784 Zachary Taylor (Virginia-born 12th President of the United States) Virginia Political Leaders Zachary Taylor The American Presidency Mexican-American War
1877 Alben Barkley (Kentucky-born U.S. Congressman, Vice-President for President Harry Truman) Kentucky Political Leaders President Harry Truman U.S. Congress
1884 Itzhak Ben-Zvi (Ukrainian-born Second President of Israel) Ukrainian Political & Social Leaders Israeli Political and Social Leaders
1888 Margaret Davis Cate (Georgia-born Educator, Historian) Georgia Carolina Political and Social Leaders Educators of Note U.S. History Revolutionary War American Civil War University of Georgia
1920 Percy Sutton (Texas-born African-American Attorney, Civil Rights Activist, Government Official, Media Executive ) Texas Political and Social Leaders Law & Legal Resources Civil Rights Television African-Ameerican Political and Social Leaders African American Heritage
1921 John Lindsay (Mayor of New York City) New York City Political Leaders
1931 Jean Harris (Virginia-born African-American Physician, Mayor of Eden Prairie, Minnesota) Virginia Mathematicians and Scientists Eden Prairie, Minnesota Health Care Professions African-Ameerican Political and Social Leaders African American Heritage
1935 Ron Dellums (California-born African-American Member of the U.S. Congress) California Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress African-Ameerican Political and Social Leaders African American Heritage
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1572 John Knox (Scottish Reformer) John Knox Religion
1807 Thayendanegea "Joseph Brant" (Mohawk Chief) Mohawk Indians History Channel
1929 Georges Clemenceau (French Statesman; Twice Premier of France: 1906-1909, 1917-1919) Georges Clemenceau World War I
1963 Lee Harvey Oswald (Louisiana-born Assassin of U.S. President John F. Kennedy) Lee Harvey Oswald Assassination of John F. Kennedy Notorious Americans Library of Congress
1642 Abel Tasman Discovers Van Diemen's Land, Later Renamed Tasmania Abel Tasman Tasmania MSN Encarta
1863 Union Troops Capture Lookout Mountain Southwest of Chattanooga, Tennessee Tennessee Battle of Chattanooga Ulysses S. Grant History Channel University of Georgia
1864 Sherman's Army Departs Milledgeville, Georgia Milledgeville, Georgia Sherman's March to the Sea University of Georgia
Minnesota Governor Stephen Miller Declares a Thanksgiving Holiday, in Accordance with President Abraham Lincoln's Recommendation Minnesota President Abraham Lincoln Thanksgiving Day Minnesota Historical Society
1874 George Smith Houston Is Inaugurated as Governor of Alabama Alabama Political and Social Leaders Reconstruction Alabama State Archive
1908 Lieutenant Governor William Garst Becomes the Governor of Iowa Iowa Political and Social Leaders State Historical Society of Iowa
1935 King George II of Greece Ends 12 years of Exile and Is Restored to the Throne Greek Political and Social Leaders League of Nations Archive
1941 U.S. Intelligence Message Sent Warning of Japanese "aggressive movement" Japan Attack on Pearl Harbor U.S. Navy
1944 111 U.S. B-29 Superfortress Bombers Raid Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, Japan Aviation Military History World War II History Channel
1947 "Hollywood 10" Cited for Contempt of Congress U.S. Congress McCarthyism Film History Channel
The Freighter Clarksdale Victory Is Wrecked on Hippa Island in British Columbia Canada Naval History Alaska Historical Society
1963 Jack Ruby Shoots and Mortally Wounds Lee Harvey Oswald Lee Harvey Oswald Assassination of John F. Kennedy Notorious Americans New York Times
Leonard Bernstein Conducts the New York Philharmonic in a Memorial Concert to President John Kennedy New York Philharmonic Leonard Bernstein President John Kennedy Classical Music American Public Media
Lyndon Johnson Continues Military and Economic Support to South Vietnam President Lyndon Johnson Vietnam War History Channel
1965 U.S. Vietnam Casualty Rates Hit New Highs: 710 Dead over Past Two Weeks Vietnam War Death History Channel
1969 U.S. Army Announces Lt. William Calley Will Be Tried for My Lai Massacre My Lai Massacre War Crimes Law and Legal Resources History Channel
1974 Six Charged for Bombing a Birmingham, England Pub Great Britain Law and Legal Resources BBC
1985 Egyptian Commandos Storm Hijacked Egyptair Jetliner in Malta: 60 die Malta Egypt Aviation History Death New York Times
1987 U.S. & Soviet Union Agree to Eliminate Short & Medium-range Missiles United States Soviet Union Cold War Arms Control New York Times
1989 Czechoslovakia's Hard-line Party Leadership Resigns Velvet Revolution Slovakia BBC
1992 Former Defense Secretary Weinberger Pleads Innocent to Iran-Contra Charges Caspar Weinberger President Ronald Reagan Iran-Contra Affair New York Times
2000 U.S. Supreme Court Agrees to Review Florida Hand Recount of Presidential Ballots in Bush v. Gore Florida U.S. Supreme Court George W. Bush 2000 Presidental Election Cornell University Writer's Almanac

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