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Suriname: National Day (Celebration of 1975 independence from the Netherlands) Suriname The Netherlands U.S. Department of State
1609 Maria Henrietta (French Wife of King Charles I of England) French Political and Social Leaders English Political and Social Leaders Charles I of England
1846 Carry Nation (Kentucky-born Temperance Advocate) Carry Nation Religion Drug  Abuse
1847 Benjamin Trueblood (educator/peace advocate) Indiana Political and Social Leaders Quakers
1864 Al Schmedeman (Governor of Wisconsin) Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Historical Society
1881 Angelo Roncalli (Italian-born Pope John XXIII) Italian Political and Social Leaders Religious Leaders and Theologians Catholic Popes
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1890 James Milton Smith (Governor of Georgia) Georgia Political and Social Leaders University of Georgia
1946 Al Schmedeman (Governor of Wisconsin) Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Historical Society
1974 U Thant (Burmese-born Secretary General of the United Nations) The United Nations Burma
1987 Harold Washington (First African-American Mayor of Chicago) Chicago Political and Social Leaders African American Political and Social Leaders
1758 British Capture Fort Duquesne at the Site of Present-day Pittsburgh Pennsylvania British History France French and Indian War New York Times
1783 British Evacuate New York City New York British History American Revolution History Channel
1863 Grant Routs Confederates at Missionary Ridge, Breaks Siege of Chattanooga Tennessee The Battle of Chattanooga History Channel Florida Historical Society University of Georgia State of Michigan Minnesota Historical Society
1864 In Georgia, a Mix of Confederate Forces Skirmish with Sherman's Union Army Georgia Sherman's March to the Sea University of Georgia
Georgia Governor Joseph E. Brown Orders State Militia to Inspect Atlanta and Report on the City's Condition Atlanta, Georgia Fall of Atlanta University of Georgia
1876 U.S. Troops Destroy the Village of Cheyenne Chief Dull Knife in Retaliation for the Massacre at Little Bighorn Westward Expansion Cheyenne Indians Native American Studies Death History Channel
1885 Scottish Settlers Leave Glasgow Bound for Sarasota, Florida Glasgow, Scotland Sarasota, Florida Immigration Florida Historical Society
1911 Texas Power Broker, Edward M. House, First Meets Presidential Candidate Woodrow Wilson Texas Political and Social Leaders President Woodrow Wilson Politics Texas State Historical Association
1918 Colonel Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck Surrenders His German Forces in East Africa Two Weeks After the Armistice Signing Africa Germany World War I History Channel
1936 In Berlin, Japan & Germany Sign Anti-Comintern Pact to Oppose Spread of Communism Japan Germany Yale University
1941 Warnings Are Issued of Possible Japanese Attack of U.S. Ships at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Japan Hawaii Pearl Harbor History Channel
German U-boat Sinks the British Battleship Barham, Killing 848 Great Britain Germany Naval History World War II Death U.S. Navy
1943 South African Prime Minister, Jan Christiaan Smuts, Speaks Before to the British Parliament South African Political and Social Leaders Great Britain British Parliament South African History
1944 German V-2 Rocket Kills 160 Shoppers at an English Woolworth Department Store England Germany World War II Death Woolworth Virtual Museum
1947 Foreign Minister from France, Great Britain, the Soviet Union and the U.S. Convene in London to Discuss the Future of Post-War Europe France Great Britain Soviet Union United States The Cold War European History History Channel
1957 President Eisenhower Suffers Slight Stroke President Eisenhower The American Presidency New York Times
1963 President Kennedy Is Buried with Military Honors at Arlington National Cemetery John F. Kennedy Arlington National Cemetary History Channel BBC
1973 The Government of Greek President George Papadopoulos Is Ousted in a Bloodless Military Coup After Weeks of Unrest Greece BBC
1974 Irish Republican Army Is Outlawed in Britain Following Deadly Pub Bombing Great Britain Ireland Terrorism
1975 The Dutch Parliament Grants Suriname Its Independence Suriname The Netherlands MSN Encarta
1984 Band Aid Rock Stars Gather at Sarm Studios in London to Record "Do They Know It's Christmas" with All Proceeds to Ethiopian Famine Relief London, England Ethiopia Popular Musicians Food Historic UK
1986 Reagan Admits to Diverting Secret Iranian Arms Revenues to Nicaraguan Rebels Iran Nicaragua Iran-Contra Scandal History Channel New York Times
1992 Czechoslovak Federal Assembly Passes a Constitutional Act Creating the Czech & Slovak Republics as of 01/01/1993 Czech Slovakia Radio Prague
1998 Chinese President Jiang Zemin Arrives in Tokyo for a State Visit China Japan New York Times
A No-Confidence Vote of the Turkish Assembly Topples the Country's Government Amid Allegations of Corruption Turkish Government BBC

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