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Mongolia: Constitution Day
(Celebration of the Mongolian Peoples Republic's independence from China: 11/26/1924)
Mongolia U.S. Department of State The Canadian Parliament
1607 John Harvard (English Benefactor of Harvard College) John Harvard Massachusetts Education Education Harvard University
1792 Sarah Moore Grimké (South Carolina-born Abolitionist, Women's Rights Activist) Sarah Moore Grimké Abolition Women's Rights
1816 William Henry Talbot Walker (Georgia-born Confederate General). Georgia Military Figures American Civil War State of Georgia
1832 Mary Edwards Walker (New York-born Physician, Feminist, Women's Rights Activist, Civil War Veteran Awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor). Mary Edwards Walker Women's Suffrage Medicine American Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1970 Benjamin O. Davis, Sr. (Washington, D.C.-born Military Leader; First African American General in the Regular United States Armed Services) Washington, D.C. Military Leaders U.S. Military Leaders African American Military Figures
1722 The French Return Control of Pensacola, Florida to the Spanish France Spain Pensacola, Florida Latin-American Heritage Florida Historical Society
1778 English Captain James Cook Is the First European to Sight the Island of Maui Captain James Cook Hawaii Historic Firsts Naval History Captain Cook Society
1789 A Day of Thanksgiving Is Set Aside by President George Washington in Honor of the Adoption of the U.S. Constitution President George Washington U.S. Constitution Thanksgiving Day State of Georgia
1862 West Virginia Cavalry Overwhelm the Confederate Camp at Sinking Creek West Virginia American Civil War West Virginia Archives
1916 British Officer, T.E. Lawrence, Files a Report on the Arab Revolt Against the Ottoman Empire T.E. Lawrence Turkey Iraq History Channel
1922 English Archaeologist Howard Carter Opens Second Doorway to King Tutankhamen Tomb Howard Carter Tomb of King Tutankhamen Archaeology Historic UK Ashmolean Museum History Channel
1924 Ruling Socialists Create the Mongolian Peoples Republic Mongolia The Canadian Parliament
1940 Nazis Force 500,000 Jews into the Warsaw Ghetto Poland Nazi Germany Judaism The Holocaust New York Times
1941 President Roosevelt Establishes the Fourth Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Franklin Roosevelt Thanksgiving History Channel
Japanese Fleet Sets Sail for Pearl Harbor Japan Attack on Pearl Harbor History Channel
1942 President Roosevelt Orders Nationwide Gasoline Rationing, Beginning December 1 Franklin Roosevelt Automobiles World War II New York Times
1943 German Missile Hits the British Transport HMT Rohna Killing 1,138 Men of Which 1,015 Are American Great Britain Nazi Germany Naval Military History Death New York Times
1949 India Becomes a Sovereign Democratic Republic India World History New York Times
1950 Chinese Counterattack Changes the Course of the Korean War China Korean War History Channel
1963 President Lyndon Johnson Issues National Security Action Memorandum #273 Committing U.S. Support for the Government of South Vietnam Vietnam President Lyndon Johnson Vietnam War Asian Historyl
1973 Nixon's Secretary, Rosemary Woods, Takes Responsibility the 18 1/2-MinuteGap in the Watergate Tapes The Watergate Affair New York Times
1975 "Squeaky" Fromme Is Found Guilty of President Ford Assassination Attempt Gerald Ford The American Presidency Crime Law & Legal Resources New York Times
In South Africa with a False Passport, Afrikaans Writer, Breyten Breytenbach, Is Arrested for High Treason South Africa Apartheid Crime Law & Legal Resources South African History
1982 Yasuhiro Nakasone Elected 71st Japanese Prime Minister Japanese Political and Social Leaders Elections Television Arvhives
1986 President Reagan Appoints Commission to Investigate His Iran-Contra Scandal The Iran-Contra Scandal The American Presidency Television Arvhives
1987 Fearful of Being Returned to Cuba, Cuban Detainees Hold Hostages at an Atlanta Prison and a New Orleans Detention Center Cuba Atlanta, Georgia New Orleans, Louisiana Immigration Latin-American Heritage State of Georgia
1992 England's Queen Elizabeth Agrees to Begin Paying Income Tax English History Queen Elizabeth II Taxes Historic Firsts BBC
1998 Tony Blair Is First British Prime Minister to Address the Irish Parliament British History Irleand New York Times
2000 George W. Bush Is Certified Winner of Florida Presidential Balloting by 537 Votes Florida George W. Bush 2000 Presidential Election CNN
2001 Nepalese King Gyanendra Declares a State of Emergency, Authorizing Military to Pursue and Attack Maoist Rebels Nepal Asian Historyl

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