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United Nations: International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People
(Observed since 1977 to commemorate U.N. resolution 181 (II) partitioning Palestine: 11/29/1947)
United Nations Palestine United Nations
Albania: Liberation Day
(Commemorates the withdrawal of Nazi troops from Albania: 11/29/1944)
Albania Nazi Germany World War II U.S. Department of State
Liberia: William V.S. Tubman Day
(Commemorates the birth date of former Liberian president, William V.S. Tubman: 11/29/1895)
William V.S. Tubman
Vanuatu: Unity Day

Vanuatu Government of Vanuatu
1816 Morrison R. Waite (Connecticut-born Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court) Connecticut Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
Henry M. Rice (Vermont-born U.S. Senator from Minnesota) Vermont Political and Social Leaders Minnesota Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress
1876 Nellie Ross (Missouri-born Governor of Wyoming: First Woman Elected Governor in the U.S.) Nellie Ross Wyoming Political and Social Leaders American Political Leaders American Women in Politics & Government
1895 William V.S. Tubman (Former President of Liberia) William V.S. Tubman
1908 Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. (Connecticut-born African-American Congressman, Civil Rights Leader, Religious Leader) Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. African-American Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress Civil Rights Religion
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1530 Cardinal Thomas Wolsey (Lord Chancellor of England) British Political and Social Leaders Religion King Henry VIII Concordia
1847 Marcus Whitman (New York-born Physician, Missionary, Pioneer of the Washington Territory) New York Pioneers and Explorers Washington Religion Cayuse Indians Concordia
1883 William Erskine Stevenson (Pennsylvania-born Governor of West Virginia: 1869 - 1871) Pennsylvania Political and Social Leaders West Virginia West Virginia State Archive
1760 British Union Jack Peacefully Replaces the French Fleur-de-lis Over Fort Detroit Great Britain France Detroit State of Michigan
1777 San Josť, California Is Founded by Josť Joaquin Moraga as the First Townsite in Spanish Alta California San Josť, California Hispanic Heritage Official Website Learn California
1944 Nazi Forces Withdraw from Albania Albania Nazi Germany World War II Albanian Tourism
1945 Newly Elected Constituent Assembly Proclaims Yugoslavia a Federal Republic Yugoslavia Bates College
1947 United Nations Votes to Partition Palestine to Provide a Jewish Homeland United Nations Palestine Israel Judaism New York Times History Channel
1950 Chinese Overwhelm Allied Forces in North Korea China Korean War History Channel
1951 U.S. Conducts Its First Underground Nuclear Test in Nevada Nevada Nuclear Weapons Historic Firsts Center for Study of Technology and Society
1952 President-elect Dwight Eisenhower Goes to Korea Dwight Eisenhower Korean War History Channel
1963 LBJ Selects Earl Warren to Head Investigation of Kennedy Assassination Lyndon Johnson The Assassination of John F. Kennedy Earl Warren The American Presidency History Channel
LBJ Renames Florida's Launch Operations Center to Kennedy Space Center Florida Lyndon Johnson John F. Kennedy NASA Florida Historical Society
1967 Robert S. McNamara Resigns as the U.S. Secretary of Defense Lyndon Johnson Vietnam War History Channel
1990 U.N. Security Council Authorizes Military Action if Iraq Does Not Withdraw from Kuwait United Nations Kuwait Iraq Gulf War New York Times
Bulgarian Prime Minister Lukanov Resigns Following General Strike Bulgaria CNN
1996 U.N. Sentences Drazen Erdemovic to Prison for Massacre of 1,200 Muslims Bosnia-Herzegovina Serbia Breakup of Yugoslavia War Crimes Death New York Times
1999 Protestant and Catholic Adversaries Form Northern Ireland Government Northern Ireland Religion CNN BBC

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