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Barbados: Independence Day
(Commemorates independence from Great Britain: 11/30/1966)
Barbados Great Britain U.S. Department of State
Republic of the Philippines: Bonifacio Day
(Commemorates the birth of Philippine revolutionary leader, Andres Bonifacio: 11/30/1863)
The Philippines U.S. Department of State
1863 Andres Bonifacio (Philippine Revolutionary Who Laid the Groundwork for the First Philippine Republic) Philippine Political and Social Leaders Revolts and Revolutionaries
1874 Winston Churchill (Prime Minister of England; 1953 Nobel Laureate for Literature) British Political and Social Leaders Winston Churchill 1953 Nobel Laureate for Literature
1918 Mabel Evans Cason (Indiana-born African-American Educator and Activist) Indiana Political & Social Leaders African-American Political Leaders African American Registry
1924 Shirley Chisholm (New York-born Politician: First African-American Woman Elected to the U.S. Congress) Shirley Chisholm United States Congress African-American Political Leaders
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1864 Hiram B. Granbury (Mississippi-born Confederate General from Texas; Killed at the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee) Mississippi Military Figures Texas Military Figures Battle of Franklin, TN Texas State Historical Association
1170 Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas a Becket Returns From a Six-year Political Exile in France British Political and Social Leaders Religion Concordia
1782 U.S. and Britain Sign Preliminary Articles in Paris, Ending Revolutionary War Great Britain American Revolution Historic U.S. Documents University of Georgia
1784 Meeting in Trenton, New Jersey, the Continental Congress Elects Virginia's Richard Henry Lee As President Trenton, New Jersey Virginia Political and Social Leaders Continental Congress Virginia Historical Society
1803 The Louisiana Territory is Transferred from Spain to France Spain France Louisiana Louisiana Purchase Louisiana State Museum
1804 U.S. Senate Begins Impeachment Trial of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Chase Samuel Chase U.S. Supreme Court U.S. Sentate New York Times
1838 Mexico Declares War on France in Response to French Occupation of Vera Cruz Mexico France War CNN
1853 Russian Fleet Destroys the Turkish Fleet at the Battle of Sinope Russia Turkey Naval History Crimean War Victorian Web
1864 Confederate Forces Suffer Devastating Defeat at Franklin, Tennessee Tennessee Battle of Franklin, TN History Channel Texas State Historical Association
1895 Peter Trimble Rowe Is Consecrated as the Episcopal Bishop of Alaska Alaska Religion Alaska Historical Society
1917 Louise Olivereau Is Convicted for Encouraging Men to Avoid WWI Military Service WWI Law and Legal Resources History Link
1936 London Landmark, the Crystal Palace, Burns to the Ground London Fire Safety BBC
1939 Almost 500,000 Soviet Troops Invade Finland Finland Soviet Union World War II History Channel
1947 Alaska Airlines Charter Flight Crash Lands At Seattle-Tacoma Airport Killing 9 Washington Air Disasters Death History Link
1949 Chinese Communists Capture Chungking China New York Times
1950 In a Press Conference President Truman Threatens Chinese with the Atomic Bomb China President Truman Korean War Nuclear Weapons University of California Santa Barbara
1962 U Thant of Burma Elected Secretary-General of the United Nations United Nations U Thant New York Times
1966 Barbados Gains Independence from Great Britain Barbados Great Britain African American Registry
1981 U.S. and USSR Open Talks to Reduce Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Soviet Union Cold War Nuclear Weapons History Channel
1982 Animal Rights Activists Bomb British Prime Minister's Residence, #10 Downing Street Animals Terrorism BBC
Florida's African-American Legislators Organize the State's First "Black Caucus" Florida African-American Political and Social Leaders Politics Historic Firsts Florida Historical Society
1993 Clinton Signs Brady Bill Requiring Waiting Period for Handgun Purchase U.S. Congress President Clinton Gun Control History Channel
1995 President Bill Clinton Is First U.S. President to Visit Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Bill Clinton Historic Firsts New York Times
2004 Kweisi Mfume Announces Resignation As President of the NAACP Kweisi Mfume African-American Political and Social Leaders NAACP African American Registry

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