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Central African Republic: National Day
(Commemoration of self-governance achieved 12/01/1958)
Central African Republic France Expedia
Portugal: Restoration of Portuguese Independence
(Commemorates declaration of independence from Spain by proclaiming Joao IV, King of Portugal: 12/1/1640)
Portugal U.S. Department of State Lonely Planet
Romania: National Day (Union Day)
(Commemoration of the unification of Transylvania with Bessarabia and Bucovina 12/01/1918)
Romania U.S. Department of State Romanian Embassy Vilnius
1873 Edward Voigt (German-born U.S. Congressman from Wisconsin) German Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress Wisconsin Historical Society
1895 Eurith Dickinson (Ed) Rivers (Georgia Governor) Georgia Political and Social Leaders University of Georgia
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1521 Pope Leo X (Italian-born Catholic Pope) Pope Lexo X Martin Luther Concordia
1917 Thomas Bowman (Maine-born Member of the United States House of Representatives from Iowa) Maine Political and  Social Leaders Iowa Political and  Social Leaders U.S. Congress
1971 Arthur Spingarn (New York City-born Civil Rights Activist, Attorney) New York City Social Leaders Law & Legal Resources African-American History
1973 David Ben-Gurion (Polish-born Statesman: First Prime Minister of Israel) Israel David Ben-Gurion BBC
1145 Pope Eugene III Sends a Papal Bull to King Louis VII of France Proclaiming the Second Crusade Catholicism France Second Crusade Concordia
1640 Portuguese Revolutionaries Murder Their Spanish Administrator and Name Dom Jošo IV King Portugal Spain BBC
1774 The Continental Congress Prohibits Importation of Slaves Continental Congress Slavery Kansas University
1800 The U.S. Capital Is Moved from Philadelphia to Washington, District of Columbia Washington, D.C. National Association to Restore Pride in the Nationa Capital
1821 Dominican Republic Proclaims Independence from Spain and Reunification with Colombia Dominican Republic Spain Colombia New York Consulate of the Dominican Republic
1824 The Deadlocked Presidential Election Is Turned Over to House of Representatives John Quincy Adams Andrew Jackson Henry Clay The American Presidential Elections History Channel University of Georgia
1845 Florida's First Two Senators Are Seated in the U.S. Senate Florida U.S. Senate Historic Firsts Florida Historical Society
1850 The U.S. Congress Passes the Donation Land Claim Act Granting Tracts of Public Land to Settlers of the Oregon Territory Oregon U.S. Congress Westward Expansion Historic U.S. Documents
1862 Abraham Lincoln's Delivers State of the Union Address to Congress Abraham Lincoln's 1862 State of the Union Address American Presidency U.S. Congress History Channel Writer's Almanac
1918 Transylvania Unites with Bessarabia and Bucovina to From Romania Romania Romanian Embassy Vilnius
Iceland Becomes a Sovereign State Under the Danish Crown Iceland Denmark CIA
1919 Lady Astor Is Sworn in As the First Female Member of the British Parliament Great Britain Women Historic Firsts New York Times
1925 Locarno Treaties Are Signed Guaranteeing Peace and Frontiers in Europe France Belgium Germany Great Britain Italy British Foreign Office
1934 Stalin Collaborator, Sergei M. Kirov, Assassinated in Leningrad Soviet Union Death History Channel
1941 Japan's Imperial Conference Decides to Go to War with the United States Japan World War II University of Virginia
In Minneapolis, Minnesota, 18 Members of the Socialist Workers Party are Found Guilty of Advocating the Overthrow of the U.S. Government Minneapolis, Minnesota Labor Crime Law and Legal Resources Minnesota Historical Society
1942 Nationwide Gasoline Rationing Goes into Effect in the United States Automobiles World War II New York Times University of Georgia
1943 Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin End Conference in Tehran Winston Churchill Josef  Stalin Franklin Roosevelt World War II BBC
1958 France Grants Self-governance to the Central African Republic Central African Republic France U.S. Department of State
1959 Twelve Nations Sign Treaty Making Antarctica a Military-free Continent Antarctica Historic World Documents War World History History Channel New York Times
1969 U.S. Government Holds First Draft Lottery Since World War II Vietnam War New York Times University of Georgia
1978 President Jimmy Carter Designates Over 55 Million Acres of Alaska as National Monuments Alaskan Landmarks Jimmy Carter National Park Service
1989 Mikhail Gorbachev First Soviet Leader to Visit the Pope in the Vatican Mikhail Gorbachev Catholicism Religion Historic Firsts Concordia
The East German Congress Strikes Requirement of Communist Leadership from Its Constitution Germany Cold War Country Studies
1990 Channel Tunnel Construction Workers Open Rock Wall to Link Britain to France Great Britain France The Channel Tunnel BBC
1991 Ukrainians Vote Overwhelmingly for Independence from the Soviet Union Ukraine Soviet Union Politics and Elections New York Times
2000 Vicente Fox Is Sworn in As President of Mexico Mexico CBC
2001 Two Suicide Bombers Kill 12 in Downtown Jerusalem Pedestrian Mall Israel War on Terrorism Death Government of Israel

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