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Laos: Republic Day
(Celebration of the creation of the Peoples' Republic of Laos: 12/02/1975)
Laos U.S. Department of State
United Arab Emirates: Independence Day
(Celebration of independence from Great Britain 12/02/1971)
United Arab Emirates Great Britain United States Department of State
1904 Thaddeus Francis Boleslaw Wasielewski (Wisconsin-born Member of the United States Congress) Wisconsin Political & Social Leaders United States Congress Wisconsin Historical Society
1922 Charles Diggs (Detroit-born African-American Member of the U.S. Congress) Detroit Political & Social Leaders United States Congress African-American Political and Social Leaders African American Registry
1924 Alexander Haig (Pennsylvania-born U.S. Military Leader, Secretary of State) Alexander Haig President Richard Nixon President Gerald Ford President Ronald Reagan U.S. Secretary of State U.S. Military
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1547 Hernán Cortés (Spanish Conqueror of Mexico) Hernán Cortés Mexico
1864 Archibald Gracie (New York City-born Confederate General Killed in Action) New York City Military Leaders Virginia American Civil War
1967 Cardinal Francis Spellman (New York City-born Roman Catholic Cardinal) New York City Political and Social Leaders Catholicism
1254 Manfred, King of Sicily, Defeats Papal Armies at Foggia and Retains Kingdom Italy Crusades Boise State
1697 London's St. Paul's Cathedral Is Opened St. Paul's Cathedral Architecture Concordia
1763 Newport, Rhode Island Touro Synagogue Is First Synagogue Dedicated in America Rhode Island Judaism Historic Firsts Library of Congress
1793 Fleeing Debtors, Samuel Taylor Coleridge Enlists in the English Cavalry Samuel Taylor Coleridge History Channel
1804 Napoleon Crowned First French Emperor in Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris Napoleon Bonaparte Paris History Channel
1805 Napoleon Bonaparte Defeats Russian and Austrian Armies at Austerlitz Napoleon Bonaparte Austria Russia European History Projekt Austerlitz
1823 President Monroe Presents His Monroe Doctrine to Congress James Monroe The Monroe Doctrine History Channel
1852 Louis Napoleon, Stages a Coup d'etat and Proclaims the Second Empire France Catholic Encyclopedia
1863 General Braxton Bragg Turns Over Command of the Army of Tennessee to General William Hardee at Dalton, Georgia Dalton, Georgia American Civil War University of Georgia
1864 Confederate General Archibald Gracie, Jr., Killed at Petersburg, Virginia Virginia New York City Military Leaders American Civil War Death History Channel
1917 Russia Reaches Armistice with the Central Powers Russia World War I History Channel
1927 Black Nationalist Marcus Garvey Is Deported to Jamaica Jamaica African-American History PBS
1942 First Controlled Self-sustaining Nuclear Chain Reaction: University of Chicago Chicago The Manhattan Project Enrico Fermi Historic Firsts Library of Congress
1948 Whittaker Chambers Leads Investigators to the Pumpkin Papers McCarthyism/Red Scare Alger Hiss The Cold War University of Missouri, Kansas City
1954 The U.S. Senate Censures Wisconsin's Joseph McCarthy for Dishonor and Disrepute Joe McCarthy U.S. Senate McCarthyism History Channel New York Times Wisconsin Historical Society
President Eisenhower Announces Pact of Mutual Security with the Nationalist Chinese Taiwan President Eisenhower Cold War BBC
1960 Archbishop of Canterbury Meets Pope John XXIII (First Such Visit Since 1397) Religion Catholicism National Catholic Reporter
1961 Fidel Castro Publicly Announces He Is a Marxist-Leninist Fidel Castro History Channel
1971 United Arab Emirates Gains Independence from Great Britain United Arab Emirates Great Britain CIA
1975 King Resigns and Peoples' Democratic Republic of Laos Is Established Laos U.S. Department of State
1977 South African Police Are Cleared in the Death of Steve Biko South Africa Apartheid Law and Legal Resources BBC
1979 Iranians Begin 2-day Constitutional Referendum Giving Absolute Power to Ayatollah Khomeini Iran Country Studies
1980 Three American Nuns and a Lay Churchwoman Are Killed by Death Squads in El Salvador El Salvador Catholicism Death Concordia
1990 Helmut Kohl's Coalition Wins First Free All-German Elections Since 1932 Germany Elections New York Times
1991 U.S. Hostage Joseph Cicippio Released in Lebanon After 1,906 Days Captive Lebanon Terrorism New York Times
1998 Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates Donates $100M to Immunize Children in Developing Countries Bill Gates Child Health Philanthropy
1999 Northern Ireland Cabinet of Protestants & Catholics Meets for First Time Northern Ireland Religion Historic Firsts CNN

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