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1826 George McClellan (Pennsylvania-born Union General) George McClellan Abraham Lincoln American Military Leaders American Civil War
1838 Octavia Hill (English Reformer; Leader in Promoting Housing Improvements for the Poor, Founder of the National Trust for Historic Places) English Political and Social Leaders Housing Community Service
1871 Newton Diehl Baker (West Virginia-born Secretary of War) West Virginia Political and Social Leaders U.S. Department of Defense World War I West Virginia State Archives
1899 Hayato Ikeda (Japanese Prime Minister: 1960-4) Japanese Political and Social Leaders
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1658 A Court in the Plymouth Colony Orders Boats Carrying Quakers Be Seized and Prevented From Landing Plymouth Colony Colonial Massachusetts Quakers Human Rights/Civil Rights Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1800 French Defeat Austrians at Battle of Hohenlinden France Austria European History War Fondation Napoléon
1825 President John Quincy Adams Confirms the Selection of Pensacola, Florida as the Site for a United States Navy Yard Pensacola, Florida President John Quincy Adams The American Presidency Naval Military History U.S. Navy Florida Historical Society
1828 Andrew Jackson Is Elected as the 7th President of the United States President Andrew Jackson The American Presidency Elections New York Times
1838 Abraham Lincoln Is Nominated for Speaker of the Illinois General Assembly, but Is Defeated by 4 Votes Illinois General Assembly Abraham Lincoln Elections Lincoln Log
1839 Abraham Lincoln Is Admitted to Practice Law in the U.S. Circuit Court Abraham Lincoln U.S. Circuit Court Lincoln Log History Channel
1846 Iowans Inaugurate Their First Governor, Ansel Briggs Iowa Political and Social Leaders Historic Firsts State Historical Society of Iowa
1861 President Lincoln Delivers His Annual Address to Congress U.S. Congress Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Log
1868 W.E. Gladstone Elected to First of Four Terms As British Prime Minister British Political Leaders Victorian Web
1901 President Theodore Roosevelt Asks Congress to Regulate Trusts President Theodore Roosevelt U.S. Congress Economics History Channel
1912 Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, and Montenegro Sign an Armistice with Turkey, Ending the First Balkan War Bulgaria Serbia and Montenegro Greece Turkey War History Channel
1916 General Robert Nivelle Replaces General Joseph-Jacques-CÉsaire Joffre as Commander in Chief of the French Forces French Military Figures World War I History Channel
1929 President Hoover Declares the Nation Is Recovering from Market Crash Herbert Hoover The Great Depression History Channel
1939 U. S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt Approves a Loan for Seattle, Washington's Yesler Terrace Public Housing Seattle, Washington President Franklin D. Roosevelt Housing Economics History Link
1944 Civil War Breaks Out in Athens as Communist Guerillas Battle Democratic Forces For Control of a Liberated Greece Greece World War II History Channel
1948 Former Communist Spy, Whittaker Chambers, Produces Microfilm of Secret Documents Hidden Inside a Pumpkin on His Maryland Farm Maryland The Cold War New York Times
1960 Canada Welcomes It's 2-millionth Immigrant Since the End of World War II Canada Immigration CBC
1979 Iranians Complete 2-day Constitutional Referendum Giving Absolute Power to Ayatollah Khomeini Iran Country Studies
1989 President George Bush & Mikhail Gorbachev Essentially End the Cold War with a Meeting Off the Coast of Malta Malta Mikhail Gorbachev George Bush The Cold War Historic UK History Channel BBC
Egon Krenz Resigns as Leader of the East German Communist Politburo and the Party's Central Committee Germany The Cold War New York Times
1991 Radical Shiite Muslim's Release American Hostage Allen Sutten after 5 Years Lebanon Middle East History Terrorism New York Times
1992 Two IRA Bombs Go Off in the Center of Manchester, England, Injuring 65 Manchester, England Terrorism BBC
1997 The International Monetary Fund Commits $55 Billion to Bailout the South Korean Economy Korea International Trade New York Times
2001 Israel Declares War on Terrorism Israel Middle East History Terrorism New York Times

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