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Tonga: King Tupou I Day
(Commemoration of King George Tupou I)
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1584 John Cotton (English-born Religious Leader of the Massachusetts Bay Colony) English Political and Social Leaders Massachusetts Bay Colony Religion Concordia
1842 William B. Cushing (Wisconsin-born Civil War Hero) Wisconsin Military Figures American Civil War Wisconsin Historical Society
1865 Edith Cavell (English Nurse Martyred by the Germans in World War I) Edith Cavell Nursing: Medicine World War I
1892 Francisco Franco (Spanish General & Dictator) Francisco Franco
1899 Gregory "Pappy" Boyington (Idaho-born Native-American World War I Flying Ace) Gregory Pappy Boyington Natibve-American Heritage Aviation World War I
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1334 Pope John XXII (French-born Roman Catholic Pope) French Political and Social Leaders Catholic Popes
1642 Armand Jean du Plessis de Richelieu (Paris-born Catholic Cardinal; Minister of King Louis XIII) Parisian Political and Social Leaders Catholicism
1991 George Beto (Montana-born Texas Minister, Prison Administrator) Montana Political and Social Leaders Texas Political and Social Leaders Religious Leaders and Theologians Prisons Texas State Historical Association
1154 Adrian IV Is Chosen as the Only English-born Catholic Pope English Political and Social Leaders Roman Catholic Popes Concordia
1563 The Council of Trent Concludes with Condemnations of Protestant Doctrines Religion Concordia
1783 In Manhattan, General George Washington Says Farewell to Officers of the Continental Army New York City George Washington American Revolution Writer's Almanac Library of Congress
1806 Reverend Thomas Paul Is Installed as Pastor of the New African Meeting House in Boston Boston, Massachusetts Religion African American Heritage Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1816 James Monroe of Virginia Is Elected as the Fifth President of the United States Virginia Political and Social Leaders President James Monroe The American Presidency Presidential Elections The New York Times
1861 U.S. Senate Expels John Breckinridge (KY) for Joining Confederate Army Kentucky American Civil War U.S. Congress
1864 Union and Confederate Forces End Eight Days of Battle at Waynesboro, Georgia Georgia Sherman's March to the Sea History Channel
1914 German Navy Forms the First Seaplane Unit Germany Aviation Military History Historic Firsts Century of Flight
1915 Henry Ford Sets Sail for Europe in Attempt to Stop World War I Henry Ford World War I History Channel Michigan Historical Society (pdf)
1918 President Woodrow Wilson Sets Sail for Versailles Peace Conference Woodrow Wilson Treaty of Versailles History Channel
1942 Polish Christians Create the Council for the Assistance of the Jews Poland Judaism Warsaw Ghetto Uprisings World War II History Channel
At Naples, U.S. Bombers Strike the Italian Mainland for the First Time Italy Aviation Military History World War II The New York Times
1943 President Franklin Roosevelt Closes the WPA (Works Progress Administration) Franklin Roosevelt The New Deal History Channel
1945 U.S. Senate Approves U.S. Participation in the United Nations United Nations U.S. Senate The Cold War History Channel The New York Times
1957 Railway Accident Kills 92 in England England Railroads Death Greenwich Guide
1961 England Makes Oral Contraception Available on Its National Health Service England Birth Control and Abortion Law and Legal Resources BBC
1963 Second Session of the Second Vatican Council Closes Authorizing Mass in the Vernacular Instead of Latin Catholicism World Languages Concordia
1969 Police Kill Black Panther Leaders, Fred Hampton and Mark Clark, in Their Chicago Apartment Chicago Civil Rights African-American Heritage Death Columbia University African American Registry
1971 10 Die as a Bomb Explodes in a Crowded Catholic Pub in Belfast Northern Ireland Terrorism Death BBC
1981 President Ronald Reagan Broadens CIA Powers to Include Spying Inside US Ronald Reagan CIA Reagan Presidential Library
Ciskei Is Fourth Black Homeland to be Granted Independence by the South African Government South Africa South African History
1986 Congressional Committees Are Created to Investigate Iran-Contra Scandal Iran-Contra Schedule U.S. Congress Television News ArchiveC
1992 President Bush Orders 28,000 U.S. Troops to Somalia in Unsuccessful Attempt to Stop Fighting Among Warlords Somalia President George Bush War History Channel
2003 President George W Bush Withdraws Punitive Steel Tax to Avoid a Trade War with Europe European History International Trade Tax BBC

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