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Finland: Independence Day
(Commemoration of Finnish approval of the Declaration of Independence from Russia: 12/06/1917)
Finland Russia U.S. Department of State
Spain: Constitution Day
(Commemoration of Spanish voters endorsing new constitution to put an end to dictatorship: 12/06/1978)
Spain U.S. Department of State BBC
1421 Henry VI (King of England) English History British Monarchy
1815 Jane Grey Swisshelm (Pennsylvania-born Abolitionist, Feminist, Newspaper Publisher) Pennsylvania Political and Social Leaders Abolition Women Journalism
1971 Ryan White (Indiana-born AIDS Victim and Early Activist) Ryan White AIDS
1993 Elián González (Cuban Refugee) Elián González Florida Hispanic Heritage Immigration
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1352 Pope Clement VI (French-born Roman Catholic Pope) French Political and Social Leaders Catholic Popes Religion
1889 Jefferson Davis (Kentucky-born President of the Confederate States of America) Jefferson Davis American Civil War
1240 The Mongol Army Crosses the Frozen Dnieper River and Conquers Kiev Ukraine Mongolia War Sam Houston State University
1492 Christopher Columbus Is First European to Discover the Dominican Republic & Haiti The Dominican Republic Haiti Christopher Columbus University of Florida
1790 The U.S. Congress Moves from New York to Philadelphia New York City Philadelphia The U.S. Congress New York Times
1830 President Jackson Tells Congress Progress Is Being Made Relocating Indians West U.S. Congress President Andrew Jackson Native American Heritage Library of Congress
1863 Monitor Weehawken Sinks in Charleston Harbor Killing 30 Crew Members South Carolina The American Civil War Naval History Death U.S. Navy
1864 President Lincoln Submits His Annual Message to Congress U.S. Congress Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Papers
Abraham Lincoln Appoints Salmon P. Chase Supreme Court Chief Justice Salmon P. Chasei Abraham Lincoln U.S. Supreme Court Library of Congress Lincoln Papers
1917 French Warship Mont Blanc & Freighter Collide: 2000 Dead, 9000 Injured France Canada Naval History Death History Channel
Finnish Parliament Approves the Declaration of Independence from Russia Finland Russia Virtual Finland
1921 Articles of Agreement Are Signed Making Ireland a Free State Ireland British History University College Cork History Channel
Agnes McPhail First Woman Elected to Canadian House of Commons Canada Women Historic Firsts Canadian Parliament
1923 Calvin Coolidge Makes First Presidential Radio Broadcast Calvin Coolidge The Amercian Presidency Radio Historic Firsts New York Times
1933 Federal Judge Rules James Joyce's Ulysses Is Not Obscene James Joyce Law and Legal Resources History Channel
1938 France & Germany Sign Treaty of Friendship France Nazi Germany European History World War II Indiana University
1941 Japanese Reject U.S. Peace Proposal: FDR Awaits Attack Japan Franklin Roosevelt Attack on Pearl Harbor History Channel
1973 Gerald Ford Sworn in As Vice-President Gerald Ford Richard Nixon New York Times
1987 Protests Against Soviet Treatment of Jews Take Place in Washington and Moscow Soviet Union Judaism Civil Rights/Human Rights History Channel
1992 2,000 Die in Riot After Hindu Extremists Destroy a Mosque in India India Hinduism Islam Death BBC
1998 Hugo Chavez Is Elected President of Venezuela Venezuela Elections CNN

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