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Burkina Faso: Proclamation of Independence Day
(Celebration of achieving status as an autonomous republic within the French Community: 12/11/1958)
Burkina Faso France Africa U.S. Department of State
1725 George Mason (Drafted the Virginia Declaration of Rights) Virginia Political and Social Leaders Virginia Declaration of Rights Virginia Historical Society
1868 Kate Hamilton Pier (Wisconsin-born Attorney; First Woman to Argue Before the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago) Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Law & Legal Resources Wisconsin Historical Society
1882 Fiorello La Guardia (Mayor of New York City, U.S. Congressman) Fiorello La Guardia U.S. Congress
1905 Erskine (Hamilton) Childers (Fourth President of Ireland: 1973-74) Irish Political and Social Leaders
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1737 Lipan Apache Chief, Cabellos Colorados (Red Hair), Is Captured by Spanish Forces Apache Indians Texas State Historical Association
1777 British Delay Washington's March to Valley Forge Great Britain Valley Forge History Channel
1792 French King Louis XVI Is Charged with Treason France Law & Legal Resources New York Times
1839 Diplomatic Agent James Treat Arrives in Mexico City to Negotiate Recognition for the Republic of Texas Mexico Republic of Texas Texas State Historical Association
1862 Union Troops Occupy Fredericksburg, Virginia Virginia The Battle of Fredericksburg History Channel
The California 100 Set Sail from San Francisco to Fight in the East California American Civil War The California State Military Museum
1863 Union Ships Shell Confederate Salt Works in the Area of St. Andrews, Florida St. Andrews, Florida Naval Military History American Civil War Florida Historical Society
1906 Addressing Puerto Rico's Congress Theodore Roosevelt Recommends Citizenship for Puerto Ricans Theodore Roosevelt Puerto Rico Latin-American Heritage Library of Congress
1919 The Residents of Enterprise, Alabama Erect a Monument to the Boll Weevil Enterprise, Alabama Library of Congress Alabama State Archive
1928 Buenos Aires Police Thwart Attempted Assassination of U.S. President Herbert Hoover Herbert Hoover Argentina New York Times
1930 Germany Bans the Film "All Quiet On The Western Front" Germany Nazi Germany Film World War I Internet Movie Database Theater History
1936 England's King Edward VIII Abdicates the Throne English Political and Social Leaders King Edward VIII Writer's Almanac Historic UK History Channel
1937 Italy Withdraws from the League of Nations Italy The League of Nations New York Times
1941 Germany and Italy Declare War on the United States Italy Germany Nazi Germany World War II History Channel New York Times
1958 Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso) Becomes an Autonomous Republic within the French Community Burkina Faso France Africa
1961 First Direct U.S. Military Support Arrives in Vietnam Vietnam War History Channel
Albert Luthuli, President of the African National Congress, Receives the Nobel Prize for Peace South African Political and Social Leaders 1961 Nobel  Peace Prize
1964 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Receives the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway Norway Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Nobel Foundation Technology and Society
1980 President Jimmy Carter Signs Environmental Superfund Bill Jimmy Carter Earth & Environmental Science Court TV
1981 Peru's Javier Perez de Cuellar Is Chosen to be the Fifth Secretary-General of the United Nations United Nations Peru Political and Social Leaders New York Times
1985 The Unabomber Kills His First Victim Theodore Kaczynski Terrorism History Channel Court TV
1989 50,000 Protesters Take to the Streets in Sofia to Demand Political Reform in Bulgaria Bulgaria Human Rights Cold War Revolts and Reolutionaries BBC
1991 Indian Author Salman Rushdie Emerges from Hiding for First Time Following Death Threats by Islamic Extremists Indian Authors Islam Terrorism Columbia College
1994 Russian President Boris Yeltsin Orders Thousands of Troops into Breakaway Republic of Chechnya Boris Yeltsin Cold War History Channel
1997 11-day Meeting in Japan Concludes with Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change Japan Kyoto Protocols  National Council for Science and the Environment
1998 U.S. House Committee Approves Clinton Articles of Impeachment U.S. House of Representatives The Impeachment of President Clinton New York Times
2003 U.S. President George W. Bush Arrives in London for State Visit England President George W. Bush BBC

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