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Kenya: Jamhuri Day (Independence Day)
(Celebration of independence from Great Britain 12/12/1963)
Kenya Great Britain Africa Excite Travel
Mexico: El Día de La Virgen de Guadalupe/Our Lady of Guadalupe
(Observance of the feast day of the Virgin of Guadalupe)
Mexico Religion RimJournal
Russia: Constitution Day
(Observance of the adoption of the constitution of the Russian Federation: 12/12/1993)
Russia U.S. Department of State
Turkmenistan: Day of Neutrality
(Commemoration of the permanent neutrality granted by the United Nations 12/12/1965)
Turkmenistan United Nations U.S. Department of State
1745 John Jay (New York-born First Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court) John Jay U.S. Supreme Court Law & Legal Resources
1806 Stand Watie (Georgia-born Leader of the Cherokee Indians and Brigadier-General in the Confederate Army) Stand Watie American Civil War Cherokee Indian Nation
1880 William E. Eubank (Virginia-born U.S. Army Commander of West Virginia National Guard) Virginia Military Figures West Virginia Military Figures World War I World War II West Virginia State Archive
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1929 Charles Goodnight (Illinois-born Cattleman Responsible for Opening Trails from Texas to New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Kansas) Charles Goodnight The History Channel
1189 King Richard I "the Lion Hearted" Leaves England on the Third Crusade to Retake Jerusalem British Political and Social Leaders Richard I Religion The Crusades Concordia
1813 The British Take Command of Fort Astoria, Renaming It Fort George Great Britain Astoria, Oregon Forts War of 1812
1835 The Red Rovers, a Volunteer Military Company, Leave Their Camp in Alabama to Join the Texas Revolution Alabama Military Figures Texas Revolution Texas Revolution Texas State Historical Association
1870 Joseph H. Rainey (SC), First African-American Member of U. S. House of Representatives South Carolina Political and Social Leaders U.S. House of Representatives African-American Political and Social Leaders Historic Firsts New York Times
1937 U.S. Gunboat Panay Is Sunk by the Japanese Japan United States Naval History The History Channel
1941 The U.S. Seizes the French Ocean Liner Normandie France Naval History World War II The History Channel
1946 United Nations Accepts Six-block Tract of Manhattan Real Estate from John D. Rockefeller Jr The United Nations The Rockefellers New York Times
1963 Kenya Gains Independence from Great Britain Kenya Great Britain Africa New York Times
1969 Terrorist Bombs Kill 29 in Rome and Milan Italy War on Terrorism Death BBC
1974 Jimmy Carter Announces He Will Seek the Democratic Nomination for President President Jimmy Carter Politics University of Georgia
1975 Suspect Pleads Guilty to Attempted Assassination of Gerald Ford President Gerald Ford New York Times
1981 4.6 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 6 in Pakistan Pakistan Death USGS
1985 President Reagan Signs the Gramm-Rudman Deficit-Reduction Bill U.S. Congress President Ronald Reagan Business & Economics Laws and Legal Resources Television News Archive
1993 Constitution of the Russian Federation Is Ratified Russia Bucknell University
1995 The United Nations Grants Turkmenistan Status of Permanent Neutrality The United Nations Turkmenistan U.S. Embassy in Turkmenistan
1998 House Committee Approves Final Articles of Impeachment Against President Clinton U.S. House of Representatives The Impeachment of President Clinton CNN
Florida's Governor Lawton Chiles Dies of a Heart Attack While Exercising Florida Death Florida Historical Society
2000 Divided Supreme Court Rules Further Florida Presidential Recounts Unconstitutional Florida U.S. Supreme Court The American Presidency 2000 Presidential Election CNN Oyez

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