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1855 John Mercer Langston (Virginia-born First African-American Known to be Elected to a Political Position: Clerk, Ohio) Virginia Political and Social Leaders African-American Political and Social Leaders
1895 George VI (King of England) English Political and Social Leaders George VI
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
872 Pope Adrian II (Hadrian II: Italian-born Roman Catholic Pope) Italian Political and Social Leaders Catholic Popes Religion Concordia
1799 George Washington (First President of the United States) George Washington American Presidents Library of Congress
1861 Prince Albert (German-born Royal Consort to Queen Victoria of England) German Political and Social Leaders English Political and Social Leaders Prince Albert
1978 Iola Bowden Chambers (Texas-born African-American Educator, Director of the Texas Negro Fine Arts School) Texas Political and Social Leaders Educators of Note African-American Heritage Texas State Historical Association
1825 Decemberists Fail in Attempt to Disrupt the Enthronement of Russian Tsar Nicholas I Russian Political and Social Leaders State Hermitage Museum
1835 William Henry Harrison's Campaign for President of the United States Begins with a Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana Indianapolis, Indiana William Henry Harrison American Presidency Indiana Historical Society
1863 President Lincoln Pardons His Sister-in-law Emily Todd Helm President Abraham Lincoln The American Presidency American Civil War History Channel Lincoln Logs
1864 President Lincoln Proclaims Ratification of Treaty with Tabeguache Band of Utah Indians Utah President Abraham Lincoln Native American Tribes Lincoln Logs
1868 New Mexico Supreme Court Chief Justice John Slough Calls Colonel William Rynerson a Thief and a Coward. Rynerson Will Kill Slough the Next Day New Mexico New Mexico Magazine
1880 Justice William Strong Retires from the U.S. Supreme Court Connecticut Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez
1898 President William McKinley Addresses a Joint Session of the Georgia General Assembly Georgia President William McKinley University of Georgia
1918 Finland's King Frederick Renounces the Throne After Only Two Months Finland History Channel
1939 Soviet Union Is Expelled from League of Nations for Invasion of Finland Soviet Union Finland League of Nations History Channel
1946 U.N. General Assembly Votes to Establish Its Headquarters in New York City United Nations New York City New York Times
1959 Archbishop Makarios Elected First President of Future Cyprus Republic Cyprus BBC
1961 Kennedy Announces Intent to Increase Aid to South Vietnam President John F. Kennedy Vietnam War History Channel
1970 In the My Lai Massacre Trial, Testimony Indicates Orders Were Given to Exterminate the Village Vietnam War Law and Legal Resources War Crimes Florida Historical Society
1980 CIA Issues Warning About Soviet Arms Sales to Third World Nations The Soviet Union The CIA The Cold War International Trade History Channel
1981 Israel Formally Annexes the Golan Heights Israel Gloan Heights New York Times
1995 Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia Sign Dayton Accord to End Balkan Civil War Bosnia-Herzegovina Serbia Croatia BBC
1997 Fidel Castro Declares Christmas an Official Holiday in Ahead of Papal Visit Fidel Castro Christmas Pope John Paul II New York Times
1999 U.S., Germany Establish $5.2B Fund for Nazi-era Slaves - Forced Laborers Nazi Germany The Holocaust World War II Business & Economics CNN

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