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United States: Bill of Rights Day
(Commemorates the adoption of the Bill of Rights: 12/15/1791)
The Bill of Rights Library of Congress
37 Nero Claudius Caesar (Emperor of Rome) Nero
1959 Donna Brazile (Louisiana-born African-American Political Consultant) Louisiana Political and Social Leaders 2000 Presidential Election African-American Political and Social Leaders African American Registry
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1796 "Mad" Anthony Wayne (Pennsylvania-born Revolutionary War General) Anthony Wayne American Military Leaders American Revolution State of Michigan
1799 Elijah Clarke (North Carolina-born Namesake of Clarke County, Georgia) North Carolina Political and Social Leaders Clarke County, Georgia University of Georgia
1890 Sitting Bull (Tatanka Yotanka: Chief of the Lakota Sioux Indians) Sitting Bull Native American Studies
1934 Maggie Lena Walker (Virginia-born African-American Banker) Virginia Business Leaders Economics and Business African American Business Leaders Virginia Historical Society
1791 With Virginia's Ratification the Bill of Rights Is Adopted Virginia U.S. Government The Bill of Rights Voting Library of Congress Virginia Historical Society
1795 John Rutledge Leaves Position As Temporary Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court South Carolina Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez Project
1800 Oliver Ellsworth Resigns as Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Connecticut Political and Social Leaders U.S. Supreme Court Oyez Project
1840 Napoleon's Remains Are Interred in Les Invalides in Paris Paris Napoleon Bonaparte The Paris Pages
1849 Abraham Lincoln Writes Pithy Reply to George W. Rives' Request for a Recommendation Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Logs
1855 The Elite Second United States Cavalry Regiment Arrives in Texas to Protect the Western U.S. Frontier Texas Westward Expansion U.S. Army Texas State Historical Asosciation
1861 Lincoln Reviews Proposal for Cable Linking Washington with Atlantic Coast Forts to Florida Abraham Lincoln Telegraph American Civil War Forts Lincoln Logs
1862 President Lincoln Authorizes Tests of a New Formula of Gunpowder Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Logs
1863 President Lincoln Sends Six Indian Treaties to Congress Abraham Lincoln U.S. Congress Native-American Heritage Lincoln Logs
President Lincoln Attends Production of Henry IV at Ford's Theater Abraham Lincoln Henry IV Ford's Theater Lincoln Logs
1864 Union Troops Nearly Destroy the Confederate Army of Tennessee at Nashville Tennessee Battle of Nashville History Channel Minnesota Historical Society
President Lincoln Receives News of Battle of Nashville in Nightshirt Holding Candle Abraham Lincoln Battle of Nashville Lincoln Logs
Salmon P. Chase Is Sworn in As Chief Justice of United States Supreme Court Salmon P. Chase U.S. Supreme Court Oyez Project
1868 Colonel William L. Rynerson Kills New Mexico Supreme Court Chief Justice John P. Slough in a Barroom Duel in Santa Fe New Mexico Gun Control Death New Mexico Magazine
1915 Allied Forces Begin a Full Retreat from the Shores of the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey Turkey Battle of the Gallipoli Peninsula History Channel
1916 French Capture 7,500 in Big Verdun Drive; Smash Six-Mile German Front France Germany World War I New York Times
1938 Ground Is Broken for the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. Thomas Jefferson Jefferson Memorial New York Times
1945 General McArthur Orders an End of Shinto As Japan's State Religion Japan General Douglas McArthur Religion World War II History Channel
1961 U.N. Rejects Soviet Proposal to Admit Communist China as a Member China Soviet Union United Nations (pdf)
Israeli Court Finds NAZI Officer Adolf Eichmann Guilty on All Counts Israel Adolf Eichmann World War II The Holocaust History Channel
Dr. King Urges Overflow Crowd to Keep Protesting Freedom Rider Trial in Albany, GA Georgia Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Human Rights/Civil Rights Law and Legal Resources University of Georgia
1964 Canadian House of Commons Approves the National Flag Canada Canadian Brodcasting Corporation
1969 Nixon Announces 50,000 U.S. Troops to Leave Vietnam by April 15, 1970 Vietnam War President Richard Nixon History Channel
1978 President Carter Announces U.S. Will Recognize Communist China in Place of Taiwan China Taiwan President Jimmy Carter The Cold War History Channel
1982 Spain Opens Border with the Island of Gibraltar after 13 Years Spain BBC
1989 Romanians Protest Persecution of Priest by Communist Authorities Romania Catholicism The Cold War New York Times
1993 British and Irish Prime Ministers Sign Joint Declaration of Peace Great Britain Ireland Historic World Documents European History BBC
2000 Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is Permanently Shut Down Ukraine Chernobyl Nucelar Power Disaster CNN
Hillary Rodham Clinton Accepts $8 Million Book Deal for White House Memoirs Hillary Rodham Clinton Business & Economics Literature CNN
2001 Leaning Tower of Pisa Reopens to the Public after 10-year $27M Realignment Italy Leaning Tower of Pisa CNN
2011 The United States Formally Ends Military Operations in Iraq Iraq Middle East War

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