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Bahrain: National Day (Day 1 of 2)
(Celebration of independence from Britain: 12/16/1971)
Bahrain Britain
Bangladesh: Victory Day
(Commemoration of the Bangladesh resistance defeat of the Pakistan Army: 12/16/1971)
Bangladesh Pakistan India
Kazakhstan: Independence Day
(Celebration of independence from Russia: 12/16/1991)
Kazakhstan Russia
South Africa: Day of Reconciliation
(Observance of a traditional holiday renamed in 1994 with the end of Apartheid)
South Africa South African History
1485 Catherine of Aragon (Queen of England) English History British Royalty
1808 Kingsley S. Bingham (New York-born Governor of Michigan) New York Political and Social Leaders Michigan Political and Social Leaders State of Michigan
1843 Josephine Shaw Lowell (Massachusetts-born Philanthropist, Social Reformer Who Helped Create Modern Programs for the Poor and Needy) Massachusetts Political and Social Leaders Philanthropy
1861 Oscar Branch Colquitt (Georgia-born Governor of Texas) Georgia Political and Social Leaders Texas Political and Social Leaders Texas State Historical Association
1872 Anton Ivanovich Denikin (Polish-Russian General. Military Dissident) Anton Ivanovich Denikin Soviet Union
1930 C. W. "Bill" Young (Pennsylvania-born Member of the U.S. Congress From Florida) Pennyslvania Political and Social Leaders Florida Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress Florida Historical Society
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1860 Charles J. McDonald (South Carolina-born Governor of Georgia) South Carolina Political and Social Leaders Georgia Political and Social Leaders University of Georgia
1916 Gregory Rasputin (Russian Mystic: Murdered) Gregory Rasputin Religion
1922 James Davidson (Norwegian-American Governor of Wisconsin: 1906-1911) Norwegian Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Political and Social Leaders Wisconsin Historical Society
1945 Fumimaro Konoe (Japanese Prince: Suicide) Japan War Crimes
1431 Henry VI Is Crowned King of France French Political and Social Leaders Greenwich Guide
1653 Oliver Cromwell Takes on Dictatorial Powers As Lord Protector of Britain Oliver Cromwell Writer's Almanac
1809 Napoleon Bonaparte Divorces Empress Josephine by Act of the French Senate France Napoleon Bonaparte New York Times
1826 Benjamin Edwards Seizes a Fort in Mexican-Controlled Nacogdoches, Texas and Proclaims Himself Ruler of the Texas Republic of Fredonia Mexico Nacogdoches, Texas History Channel Texas State Historical Society
1838 South African Boers Kill 3,000 Zulus at the Battle of Blood River South Africa African History Death South African History
1863 General Joseph Johnston Is Named Commander of the Army of Tennessee Joseph Johnston American Civil War History Channel
Iowa-born Confederate Colonel Sul Ross Merges Four Texas Cavalry Regiments into Ross's Brigade Iowa Military Figures Texas Military Figures American Civil War Texas State Historical Association
1864 Union Troops Devastate Confederate Forces at Nashville, Tennessee Tennessee Battle of Nashville Library of Congress History Channel
1898 U.S. President William McKinley Visits Alabama's Tuskegee Institute at the Invitation of Booker T. Washington, the School's President Tuskegee, Alabama Booker T. Washington President William McKinley Education African American Heritage Tuskegee University Alabama State Archives
1914 Germans Bombard English Ports of Hartlepool and Scarborough England Germany World War I Aviation Military History Naval Military History World War I History Channel
1916 Noblemen Murder Russian Mystic Gregory Rasputin Gregory Rasputin Religion Death New York Times
1944 Battle of the Bulge Begins in Belgium when Germans Launch a Surprise Attack Belgium Nazi Germany Battle of the Bulge History Channel
1945 Prince Fumimaro Konoe Commits Suicide to Escape War Crimes Charges Japan War Crimes Death
1949 Achmad Sukarno Is Elected Indonesia's First President as a Sovereign Country Indonesia Encyclopedia Britannica
Mao Zedong, Leader of the Chinese Communist Party, Meets in Moscow with Josef Stalin, Leader of the Soviet Union Mao Zedong Josef  Stalin Cold War Asian History
1950 President Truman Declares State of Emergency in Reply to Chinese Intervention in Korea China Harry Truman The Korean War History Channel New York Times Asian History Florida Historical Society
1955 England's Queen Elizabeth II Inaugurates New Buildings at Heathrow Airport Heathrow Airport Queen Elizabeth II Aviation Business and Economics BBC
1960 United DC-8 & TWA Super Constellation Collide over New York City: 134 People Die New York Air Disasters Death History Channel
1962 Nepal's Revised Constitution Strengthening Royal Authority Is Adopted on the Second Anniversary of the Royal Coup Nepal Country Studies
1963 Kenya Is Admitted to the United Nations Kenya African History The United Nations
1966 United Nations Adopts Economic Sanctions Against Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) The United Nations Zimbabwe African History
1969 British House of Commons Permanently Abolishes the Death Penalty Great Britain Capital Punishment BBC
1971 East Pakistan (Bangladesh) Resistance Defeats the Pakistan Army Bangladesh Pakistan India History Channel
Bahrain Gains Its Independence from British Protection Bahrain Great Britain CIA Factbook
1976 President Jimmy Carter Appoints Georgia Congressman Andrew Young U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. The United Nations Andrew Young President Jimmy Carter African-American History University of Georgia
1977 England's Queen Elizabeth II Formally Opens an Underground Link to Heathrow Airport Heathrow Airport London Underground Queen Elizabeth II Aviation Business and Economics BBC
1984 Future Soviet Leaders, Mikhail Gorbachev, Talks for 5 Hours with the British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher Mikhail Gorbachev Margaret Thatcher Cold War BBC
1990 Jean-Bertrand Aristide Haiti's First Democratically Elected President Jean-Bertrand Aristide Elections New York Times
The African National Congress Ends Its First Conference in 31 Years to be Held Within South Africa South Africa South African History
1991 Kazakhstan Gains Its Independence from Russia Kazakhstan Russia Soviet Union CIA Factbook
United Nations Rescinds 1975 Resolution Equating Zionism with Racism The United Nations Israel Judaism Racism
1997 President Clinton Awards 14 Scientists the National Medal of Science President Clinton The American Presidency American Scientists & Mathematicians National Science Foundation
1998 President Clinton Orders U.S. Air Strikes in Retaliation for Iraq's Defiance of Weapons Inspectors Iraq President Clinton Aviation Military History History Channel
2000 President-elect George W. Bush Selects Colin Powell as the First African-American Secretary of State Colin Powell Secretary of State George W. Bush African-American Political and Social Leaders Historic Firsts African American Heritage

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