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1865 Maud Gonne (English-born Nationalist for Irish Independence) Irish Political and Social Leaders Maud Gonne
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1984 William Kaynor (Iowa-born Member of the U.S. Congress from Massachusetts; Airplane Crash) Iowa Political and Social Leaders Massachusetts Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress Air Disasters
1973 Carrero Blanco (Premier of Spain: Assassination) Political and Social Leaders of Spain
1576 Archbishop of Canterbury Protests Queen Elizabeth's Order Limiting Preachers to 3-4 Sermons/Year Great Britian Queen Elizabeth I Religion Concordia
1699 Czar Peter the Great Changes Russian New Year to January 1 Peter the Great Calendars Sam Houston University
1791 British Government Declares Detroit to be Part of Canada Great Britain Canada Detroit State of Michigan
1803 U.S. Completes $27M Purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France France The Louisiana Purchase Business & Economics EconEdLink
C.C. Claiborne Is Appointed as the First American Governor of the Province of Louisiana Louisiana Government Historic Firsts Arkansas History Commission
1835 Residents of Golida, Texas Declare Their Independence from Mexico Mexico Texas Texas State Historical Association
1859 Lincoln Provides Autobiographical Sketch for Jesse Fell of Bloomington, IL Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Logs
1862 Lincoln Refuses to Accept Resignations of Seward and Chase U.S. Government Abraham Lincoln Salmon P. Chase William Seward Lincoln Logs
1914 First Battle of Champagne Begins World War I History Channel
1960 National Liberation Front (NLF) Forms in North Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam War History Channel
1963 The Berlin Wall Is Opened for Family Visits Berlin The Cold War History Channel
1973 Spanish Premier Carrero Blanco Assassinated in Madrid Spanish Political and Social Leaders War on Terrorism BBC
1989 U.S. Troops Launch Operation Just Cause to Panamanian Dictator Manuel Noriega Operation Just Cause President George Bush History Channel New York Times BBC
1991 Ante Markovic Resigns As Federal Prime Minister of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Southeast Europe Online
1995 NATO Assumes Peacekeeping Duties in Bosnia Bosnia-Herzegovina NATO History Channel
Province of Macau Transferred from Portugal to China Macau Portugal World History CNN
1999 Vermont Supreme Court Rules Same-Sex Couples Entitled to Same Protections as Heterosexual Wedded Couples Vermont Laws and Legal Resources U.S. Constitution CNN

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