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1837 George Dewey (Vermont-born Admiral in the United States Navy) Vermont Military Leaders Naval Military History Spanish American War Library of Congress
1873 Norman Angell (English Economist; 1933 Nobel Laureate for Peace) English Political and Social Leaders Economics League of Nations 1933 Nobel Laureate for Peace
1893 Mao Zedong (Leader of the Chinese Communist Revolution) Mao Tse-tung Cold War
1945 John Walsh (New York-born Creator and Host of America's Most Wanted Television Show) New York Political and Social Leaders Television Crime Notorious Americans Official Web Site
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1972 Harry Truman (Missouri-born 33rd President of the United States) Missouri Political and Social Leaders President Harry Truman American Presidents Nuclear Weapons World War II Cold War
1799 George Washington Is Eulogized by Colonel Henry Lee as "first in war, first in peace and first in the hearts of his countrymen." George Washington American Presidents American Revolution New York Times
1811 68 of Richmond's Most Prominent Citizens, Including the Governor of Virginia, Perish in a Theater Fire Richmond Virginia Fire Death Virginia Historical Society
1820 Moses Austin Meets Spanish Authorities in San Antonio Asking Permission to Settle 300 Anglo-American Families in Texas Spain San Antonio, Texas History Channel
1833 Opposing President Andrew Jackson, Kentucky Senator Henry Clay Speaks Out in Favor of the Bank of the United States Kentucky Political and Social Leaders Henry Clay U.S. Senate President Andrew Jackson Economics History Channel
1861 President Lincoln Ends the Trent Affair by Releasing Confederate Diplomatic Envoys James Mason and John Slidell Great Britain President Abraham Lincoln The Trent Affair Lincoln Logs History Channel
1862 President Lincoln Meets with His Cabinet to Discuss the New State of West Virginia West Virginia President Abraham Lincoln American Civil War Lincoln Logs
38 Dakota Indians, Convicted of Crimes Committed During the U.S.–Dakota War, Are Hanged in Mankato, Minnesota Mankato, Minnesota Dakotas Capital Punishment Death Minnesota Historical Society
Pro-Union Tejanos Lynch Secessionist Judge in Zapata County, Texas Zapata County, Texas American Civil War Death Texas State Historical Society
1864 Union General Sherman Issues Special Field Order No. 143 to the Residents of Savannah, Georgia Savannah, Georgia General Sherman American Civil War University of Georgia
President Lincoln Telegraphs Congratulations to General Sherman on His Capture of Savannah, Georgia Savannah, Georgia General Sherman President Abraham Lincoln Telegraph American Civil War Lincoln Logs
1917 Woodrow Wilson Announces the Nationalization of Most U.S. Railroads under the Federal Possession and Control Act President Woodrow Wilson American Presidents Railroads World War I History Channel
1926 English Major C Court Treatt Completes the First Overland Crossing of Africa from Cape Town to Cairo (27months, 13,000 miles) Africa Cape Town, South Africa Cairo, Egypt English Explorers & Pioneers Automotives Historic Firsts History Channel
1933 The Nissan Motor Company Is Organized in Tokyo Under the Name Dat Jidosha Seizo Co. Tokyo, Japan Automotives Nissan History Channel
1939 President Franklin Roosevelt Is Given a Private Viewing of "Gone With The Wind" at the White House The White House President Franklin Roosevelt Film Gone with the Wind University of Georgia
1941 Winston Churchill Is the First British Prime Minister to Address the U.S. Congress British Political and Social Leaders Winston Churchill U.S. Congress World War II Historic Firsts History Channel New York Times
1943 German Battle Cruiser Scharnhorst Is Sunk by British Warships in the Arctic The Arctic Great Britain Nazi Germany Naval Military History World War II History Channel Historic UK
1944 Patton's Troops Relieve Besieged Allied Defenders of Bastogne, Belgium, During the Battle of the Bulge Belgium George Patton World War II History Channel
Floyd M. Edwards of Kalamazoo Is Michigan's First World War II Veteran to Take Advantage of the "G.I. Bill of Rights" Kalamazoo, Michigan Consumer Economics Veterans World War II Historic Firsts State of Michigan
1966 China's People's Daily Editorial Calls for the Extension of the Cultural Revolution to Rid China of Capitalists Cultural Revolution Economics Human Rights/Civil Rights Cold War Asian History
1971 Air Canada Flight 932 Is Hijacked from Toronto to Cuba Canada Cuba Aviation History Terrorism Crime CBC
1979 Patriotic Front Guerrillas Return to Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) to Help Monitor a Ceasefire and Change to Black Minority Rule Zimbabwe BBC
1988 A Suitcase Is the First Clue Found in the Crash of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland Scotland Libya Crash of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland Terrorism BBC
1998 Two Top Leaders Defect from Cambodia's Khmer Rouge Rebel Organization Khmer Rouge Terrorism Asian History
1999 Alfonso Portillo Scores a Resounding Victory in Guatemala's First Peacetime Presidential Elections in Nearly 40 years Guatemalan Political and Social Leaders Elections New York Times
2004 Second-most Powerful Earthquake Ever Recorded Triggers a Tsunami Leaving 230,000 Dead in 7 Countries Bangladesh India Indonesia Malaysia Maldives Sri Lanka Thailand Earthquakes 2004 Tsunami Death History Channel BBC

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