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1822 William Booth Taliaferro (Virginia-born Confederate General) Virginia Military Figures American Civil War History Channel
1856 Woodrow Wilson (Virginia-born 28th President of the United States) Virginia Political and Social Leaders Woodrow Wilson The American Presidency World War I
1871 Frederick Pethick-Lawrence (English Women's Suffrage Movement Leader) English Political and Social Leaders Women Women's Suffrage
1929 Owen Bieber (Michigan-born Labor Leader; President of the United Auto Workers) Michigan Political and Social Leaders Labor Leaders United Auto Workers History Channel
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1694 Mary II, Queen of England England's Political and Social Leaders William and Mary Greenwich Guide
1870 Wilson Lumpkin (Georgia-born U.S. Senator; Namesake of Lumpkin County, Georgia) Georgia Political and Social Leaders U.S. Senate Georgia Encyclopedia University of Georgia
1781 British Troops Are Posted at John's Island, Just Outside of Charleston, South Carolina Great Britain John's Island Revolutionary War History Channel
1793 Thomas Paine Is Arrested in France for Treason France Thomas Paine Crime Revolutionary War History Channel
1816 The American Colonization Society Is Organized in Washington, D.C. to Return African Americans to Africa Africa Washington, D.C. African-American Heritage University of Georgia
1832 Pro-Slavery John C. Calhoun Resigns As Andrew Jackson's Vice President to Fill an Empty South Carolina Senate Seat John C. Calhoun U.S. Senate President Andrew Jackson Slavery History Channel
1835 108 U.S. Soldiers Are Killed When Ambushed by Seminoles in Sumter County, Florida Sumter County, Florida Seminole Indians War Death Florida Historical Society University of Georgia
1867 President Andrew Johnson Names Major General George Meade to Lead Georgia's Reconstruction Georgia President Andrew Johnson Reconstruction University of Georgia
1911 Sun Yatsen Is Elected President of the Republic of China Sun Yatsen Elections Asian History
1938 Future Senator Joseph McCarthy Announces His Candidacy for the Wisconsin 10th Circuit Court Judgeship Joseph McCarthy U.S. Congress Elections Wisconsin Historical Society
1941 The U.S. Navy Requests the Creation of a Construction Battalion That Will Be Known as the "Seabees" World War II Naval Military History History Channel
1945 The U.S. Congress Officially Recognizes the ''Pledge of Allegiance" U.S. Congress Pledge of Allegiance New York Times
1965 North Vietnamese Leader Ho Chi Minh Rejects Unconditional Peace Talks with the United States Vietnam War Asian History
1972 North Vietnamese Officials Agree to Return to the Peace Negotiations in Paris, France Paris, France Vietnam War History Channel
1978 Beijing Mayor Peng Zhen Is Released From Jail After 12 Years of Imprisonment and Exile Chinese Political and Social Leaders Asian History
1989 Alexander Dubcek Is Elected Chairman of the New Multiparty Czechoslovak Parliament Czech Political and Social Leaders Alexander Dubcek Voting Cold War History Channel
2003 British Government Announces Armed Undercover "Sky Marshals" Will Be Placed on Some British Passenger Planes in the U.S. Great Britain Aviation Terrorism BBC

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