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41 Titus (Emperor of Rome) Roman Political and Social Leaders
1842 Josiah Walls (Virginia-born African-American Slave, Soldier, Teacher; First African-American Member of the U.S. Congress from Florida) Virginia Political and Social Leaders Florida Political and Social Leaders Slavery American Civil War Reconstruction African-American Polticial and Social Leaders African American Registry
1847 John Peter Altgeld (German-American Mayor of Chicago) John Peter Altgeld Chicago Political and Social Leaders Library of Congress
1873 Alfred Smith (Four-Time Governor of New York; 1928 Candidate for President of the United States) New York City Political and Social Leaders New York Times
1884 Hideki Tojo (Prime Minister of Japan During the World War II) Japanese Political and Social Leaders World War II Asian History History Channel
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1803 Francis Lewis (Welsh-American Signer of the Declaration of Independence from New York) Welsh Poltical and Social Leaders New York Poltical and Social Leaders Colonial New York Declaration of Independence American Revolution History Channel
1875 Adam Kok III (Chief of the Griqua People of South Africa) South African Poltical and Social Leaders South African History
1916 Grigory Efimovich Rasputin (Mystic to the Russian Royal Family: Murdered) Grigory Efimovich Rasputin Notorious Russians
1938 E. W. Griffen (Secretary of Alaska) Alaska Political and Social Leaders
1805 William Henry Harrison Signs a Treaty with the Piankashaw, Ceding to the U.S. 2.6M Acres in the SW Indiana Territory (Now Part of Illinois) Indiana Illinois Native American Heritage William Henry Harrison Historic U.S. Documents Indiana Historical Society
1852 Rutherford B. Hayes Marries Lucy Webb Rutherford B. Hayes History Channel
1853 In Mexico City, the Gadsden Purchase Is Signed, Giving the U.S. Southern New Mexico and Arizona for $10M Mexico New Mexico Arizona Gadsden Purchase Library of Congress New Mexico Magazine
1861 President Lincoln Forwards to Congress Correspondence with England and France Regarding the Trent Affair England France U.S. Congress President Abraham Lincoln Trent Affair Lincoln Logs
1862 President Lincoln Continues to Review the Emancipation Proclamation with His Cabinet President Abraham Lincoln Slavery Emancipation Proclamation Lincoln Logs
1911 Sun Yat-sen Is Elected the First President of the Republic of China. Sun Yat-sen The Cold War New York Times
1916 Russian Mystic to the Royal Family, Grigory Efimovich Rasputin, Is Murdered by Russian Nobles Grigory Efimovich Rasputin Notorious Russians Death History Channel
1922 Vladimir Lenin Proclaims the Establishment of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Vladimir Lenin The Cold War History Channel
1941 Winston Churchill Delivers His "Chicken Speech" to the Canadian Parliament Canadian Government Winston Churchill World War II CBC
1947 King Michael of Romania Agrees to Abdicate Under pressure from the Communists Romania Soviet Union The Cold War New York Times
1950 Secretary of State Dean Acheson Declares the U.S. Will Increase Its Efforts to Contain Communist Aggression U.S. Government The Cold War History Channel
1958 Fidel Castro's Rebels Combat the Cuban Army in Fierce Fighting Around the Las Villas Provincial Capital of Santa Clara Fidel Castro The Cold War BBC
Sons of Cuban Dictator Fulgencio Batista Flee the Country Landing in Miami, Florida Cuban Immigration Miami, Florida Florida Historical Society
1961 President John Kennedy Addresses 40,000 Spectators and 1,100 Cuban Survivors of the Ill-Fated Bay of Pigs Invasion at Miami's Orange Bowl The Orange Bowl President John Kennedy Bay of Pigs Invasion Florida Historical Society
1965 Ferdinand Marcos Is Inaugurated as President of the Republic of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos History Channel Asian History
1969 President Nixon Signs a Bill Cutting Individual Tax Rates 5% and Removing 9M Low-Income Americans from the Tax Roles President Richard Nixon Taxes History Channel
The International Monetary Fund Agrees to Purchase Gold from South Africa South Africa International Monetary Fund Gold South African History
1971 Iraqi Officials Announce the Expulsion of 60,000 Iranian Men, Women and Children Iraq Iran Middle East History BBC
1972 The United States Halts Its Heavy Bombing of North Vietnam Vietnam War Aviation Military History New York Times Asian History
Officials in Washington, D.C. Announce Vietnam War Peace Talks Will Resume in Paris on January 2 Washington, D.C. Vietnam War History Channel
1986 Exxon Is the First U.S. Company to Leave South Africa in Protest of Apartheid South Africa Business Apartheid Economics Exxon South African History
1993 Israel and the Vatican Extend Diplomatic Recognition to Each Other Israel The Vatican Middle East History New York Times
1997 China and the Republic of South Africa Announce They Will Establish Diplomatic Relations Beginning January 1, 1998 China South Africa Asian History

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