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Pleasant View Elementary School

Student Resource Guide


4th graders at Pleasant View will study the Southeast region of the U.S., and will understand:

  1. How people choose where they live and work.
  2. How people adapt to meet their needs.
  3. What makes this region unique.
  4. Landforms, natural resources, climate/weather, economy, culture, interesting sites, and the interdependence of these features of the region.
  5. The need for interdependence with other regions as well as other countries.
  6. Understand how geography, climate, resources, transportation, technology, and culture affect choices.
  7. How and why growth and/or change occurs or has occurred in the region.
  8. How to use various types of maps, charts, timelines, and diagrams.
  9. Resources

    Southeast U.S.


    U.S. Landforms


    Alabama Arkansas Florida Georgia Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Mississippi North Carolina South Carolina Tennessee Virginia West Virginia



    U.S. Maps


    American Civil War

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    This guide last edited 10/10/2007
    This guide last revised 10/09/2007
    This guide created on request Pleasant Valley Elementary, IA: 10/09/2007