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Sept 06 Catherine Beecher Catherine Beecher Educators of Note Women
Sept 23 William Holmes McGuffey William Holmes McGuffey Educators of Note Reading
Oct 01 Spain Cedes the Louisiana Territory Back to France Spain France The Louisiana Territory
Oct 02 Nat Turner Nat Turner Slavery Famous African Americans
Oct 03 George Bancroft (historian) U.S. History
Sept 30 Antoine-Jerome Balard French Scientists & Mathematicians
Sept 03 Prudence Crandall Prudence Crandall Connecticut's Political & Social Leaders Educators of Note Quaker Religion African-American History
Sept 13 John Barry John Barry U.S. Military Leaders Naval History American Revolution
Oct 02 Samuel Adams Sam Adams American Revolution
Oct 21 John Dalton Presents His First List of Atomic Weights in Manchester, England John Dalton Atomic Mass
Aug 20 Sergeant Charles Floyd (member of Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery) Charles Floyd Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery
Aug 20 Sergeant Charles Floyd Only Death Among Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Charles Floyd Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery U.S. History Death
Sept 25 12th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution Is Ratified 12th Amendment
Aug 26 Lewis and Clark Promote Patrick Gass to Sergeant Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery U.S. History
Oct 21 Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson Horatio Nelson Naval History
Oct 21 British Admiral Horatio Nelson Dies in the Battle of Trafalgar British History
Oct 23 John Bartlett Rhode Island. Authors & Illustrators Reference Resources
Sept 20 Lewis & Clark Reach Missouri on Their Return Missouri Lewis and Clark
Sept 23 The Lewis and Clark Expedition Returns to St. Louis Missouri The Lewis and Clark Expedition U.S. History
Oct 07 Britain's Ralph Wedgwood Secures the First Patent for Carbon Paper British Scientists, Mathematicians and Inventors Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks
Oct 17 Jean Jacques Dessalines (father of Haiti - assassination) Haiti
Oct 17 Haiti's Jean Jacques Dessalines (Emperor Jacques I) Assassinated in Revolt Haiti
Sept 25 Alfred Lewis Vail American Scientists & Inventors Telegraph
Oct 11 Meriwether Lewis (possibly murder) Meriwether Lewis Lewis and Clark Expedition
Sept 16 Father Miguel Hidalgo Declares Independence from Spain. War Lasts 12 Years. Mexico
Sept 18 Chile Gains Independence from Spain Chile Spain
Aug 21 William Kelly William Kelly Iron Inventors & Inventions
Aug 28 Percy Bysshe Shelley and Harriet Westbrook Elope Percy Bysshe Shelley Poetry
Oct 11 Juliana, First Steam-powered Ferry, Put into Operation Steam Engines Naval History
Oct 22 Franz Liszt Franz Liszt Composers
Aug 19 U.S. Frigate Constitution, Old Ironsides, Defeats British Ship Guerriere War of 1812 Naval History
Sept 10 British Naval Squadron Defeated in Battle of Lake Erie War of 1812 Naval History
Oct 10 Giuseppe Fortunino Frencesco Verdi Giuseppe Verdi Composers
Oct 18 Napoleon Defeated at Leipzig Germany Napoleon Bonaparte
Oct 29 Demologos, the First Steam-powered Warship, Is Launched Steamships Naval History War
Aug 24 The British Burn Washington D.C. War of 1812 Washington, D.C.
Aug 28 J. Sheridan Le Fanu J. Sheridan Le Fanu
Sept 11 U.S. Forces Rout the British Fleet on Lake Champlain New York Vermont War of 1812 Naval History U.S. History
Sept 12 3,000 Militia Repel Advance of 4,000 British Troops to Baltimore Maryland War of 1812
Sept 13 Francis Scott Key Watches Bombardment of Fort McHenry Fort McHenry War 1812 The Star Spangled Banner
Oct 15 Napoleon Begins Exile on Island of St. Helena Napoleon
Sept 09 John Gregg Fee John Gregg Fee Educators of Note Abolition
Oct 07 First Double-decked Steamboat Arrives in New Orleans New Orleans Steamboats Mississippi River
Sept 25 The First Transfusion Using Human Blood Is Performed Blood Historic Firsts
Aug 26 Prince Albert (consort of Queen Victoria of England) Prince Albert Queen Victoria
Sept 17 Thomas Andrews Hendricks U.S. Government
Sept 18 Jean Bernard Leon Foucault Jean Bernard Leon Foucault Physics
Sept 19 John Keats Writes "To Autumn" John Keats Poetry
Sept 23 Armand-Hippolyte-Louis Fizeau (first to correctly measure the speed of light) French Mathematicians & Scientists Light
Sept 17 A Dying John Keats Travels to Italy for Tuberculosis Treatment John Keats Poetry
Sept 26 Daniel Boone Daniel Boone
Oct 08 Henri Christophe (King of Haiti) Haiti
Oct 11 George Williams (founder of YMCA) George Williams YMCA
Oct 07 William Still New Jersey Political & Social Leaders Abolition Famous African Americans
Oct 16 Albert Franz Doppler Austrian Composers Composers
Oct 17 Alexander Gardner Scotland Photography
Sept 27 Hiram Rhodes Revels Hiram Rhodes Revels United States Senator Famous African Americans
Oct 14 Victor Hugo Marries Adele Foucher Victor Hugo
Oct 08 The First Boat Enters the Erie Canal The Erie Canal Naval History U.S. History Historic Firsts
Sept 04 Anton Bruckner Anton Bruckner
Oct 21 British Stonemason Aspdin Patents Portland Cement Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks
Oct 10 Paul Kruger (former President of South Africa) South Africa
Oct 25 Johann Strauss II Johann Strauss II Composers
Aug 19 British Charter Canadian Land Company 2M+ Acres Upper Canada Canada Great Britain
Aug 22 Josef Strauss Josef Strauss Composers
Oct 15 Charles Darwin Is Admitted to Cambridge University Charles
Aug 27 Uruguay Is Proclaimed an Independent State Uruguay South America World History
Aug 28 Leo Tolstoy Leo Tolstoy
Sept 12 Charles Dudley Warner Charles Dudley Warner
Sept 26 Scotland Yard Is Formed British History Law & Law Enforcement
Oct 15 Asaph Hall Connecticut Scientists & Mathematicians Space & Astronomy Mars
Aug 19 Julius Lothar Meyer (chemist) Julius Lothar Meyer Periodic Table of Elements Chemistry
Aug 28 "Tom Thumb", First Passenger-carrying Train, Demonstrated Railroads Historic Firsts
Sept 18 Leonhard Euler Leonhard Euler Calculus
Sept 18 Tom Thumb Locomotive Loses 9-mile Race to a Horse Railroads Horse Racing History of Technology
Sept 20 The National Negro Convention Convenes in Philadelphia Philladelphia African-American History U.S. History
Oct 15 Helen Hunt Jackson Massachusetts Authors
Oct 21 Georg Carl Heinrich von Dollmann German Artists & Architects Castles of Germany
Aug 21 Nat Turner Leads Three-Day Slave Rebellion in Southamton, VA Nat Turner Slavery African-American History
Oct 15 Isabella Bird Isabella Bird
Sept 25 William Le Baron Jenney (architect/engineer) American Artists & Designers Architecture & Design
Aug 20 Benjamin Harrison (U.S. President) Benjamin Harrison Ohio Political Leaders
Sept 04 New York Sun Hires the First Newspaper Boy New York City Journalism Historic Firsts
Sept 20 Petroleum V. Nasby American Authors
Oct 21 Alfred Nobel Sweden Science Inventors & Inventions The Nobel Prize
Aug 22 Samuel Pierpont Langley Samuel Pierpont Langley Astronomy Aviation Inventors & Inventions
Oct 10 Aleksis Kivi Finnish Authors
Oct 02 The Texas Revolution Begins The Texas Revolution
Oct 14 Henry Blair (MD) Is First African-American to Receive a Patent (Corn Planter) Maryland Patents & Trademarks Farming & Agriculture Inventors & Inventions Famous African Americans Historic Firsts
Oct 17 Texans Pass Resolution to Create the Texas Rangers Texas Crime & Law Enforcement
Sept 05 Sam Houston Elected First President of the Republic of Texas Sam Houston
Oct 15 James Tissot French Artists
Oct 22 Sam Houston Sworn in As First President of Republic of Texas Sam Houston
Oct 24 Alonzo D. Phillips Patents Phosphorous Friction Safety Match Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks
Sept 05 President Martin Van Buren Calls for Independent Federal Treasury Martin Van Buren U.S. Government Economics & Business
Oct 04 Rutherford B. Hayes Rutherford B. Hayes The American Presidency
Oct 29 Harriet Powers Harriet Powers Quilting Famous African-Americans
Aug 26 John Wilkes Booth John Wilkes Booth Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
Aug 26 Ralph Waldo Emerson Meets Thomas Carlyle Ralph Waldo Emerson Thomas Carlyle Authors
Sept 03 Frederick Douglass Escapes to Freedom Via Underground Railway to NYC New York City Frederick Douglass Slavery Underground Railway
Sept 23 Victoria Clafin Woodhull Martin Victoria Clafin Woodhull Martin Educators of Note Women's Suffrage Famous African-Americans
Oct 08 John Hay (author/statesman) John Hay Abraham Lincoln U.S. Government
Oct 25 Georges Bizet Georges Bizet Composers
Aug 23 British Take Control of Hong Kong Great Britain Hong Kong
Aug 29 The Slave Ship Amistad Is Seized The Amistad Mutiny Slavery
Sept 06 The Constitution of the Cherokee Nation Is Signed The Cherokee Nation Native-American Studies
Sept 19 George Cadbury George Cadbury Chocolate
Sept 23 Helen Almira Shafer (President, Wellesley College) New Jersey Political and Social Leaders Educators of Note
Sept 27 Alfred Thayer Mahan Alfred Thayer Mahan Naval History
Sept 27 Thomas Nast Thomas Nast Political Cartoons
Oct 08 King William I of Holland Abdicates The Netherlands
Sept 11 All But One Member of President Tyler's Cabinet Resign John Tyler The American Presidency U.S. History
Oct 11 Patent Granted for the Collapsible Toothpaste Tube Patents & Trademarks Inventors & Inventions
Aug 26 Congress Establishes July 1-June 30 Fiscal Year for U.S. Treasury U.S. Congress Business & Economics
Sept 20 James Dewar James Dewar Chemistry Physics Inventors & Inventions
Oct 18 First Telegraph Cable Laid The Telegraph History of Technology Historic Firsts
Sept 25 Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin Illinois Scientists & Inventors Geology
Melville Bissell (inventor of the vacuum sweeper) New York Scientists & Inventors Inventors & Inventions
Oct 11 Henry John Heinz John Henry Heinz Foods and Nutrition
Oct 15 Friedrich Nietzsche Friedrich Nietzsche
Oct 22 Sarah Bernhardt Sarah Bernhardt Stage & Theater
Sept 10 King Willem II Opens Amsterdam Stock Exchange The Netherlands Markets & Investments
Oct 10 United States Naval Academy Opens for Its First Term Maryland Education U.S. History
Aug 22 U.S. Annexes New Mexico New Mexico U.S. History Westward Expansion
Sept 04 Daniel H. Burnham Daniel H. Burnham Architecture
Sept 10 Elias Howe Receives Patent for Sewing Machine Elias Howe Patents & Trademarks Inventors & Inventions
Sept 12 Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning Elope Elizabeth Barrett Browning Robert Browning Poetry
Sept 23 German Astronomer Johann Galle Discovers the Planet Neptune German Scientists & Mathematicians Space & Astronomy Neptune
Sept 25 Wladimir Köppen German Scientists & Mathematicians Meteorology
Sept 25 General Zachary Taylor's Forces Capture Monterey, Mexico Zachary Taylor Mexican-American War
Sept 30 Boston Dentist Is First to Use Ether as an Anesthetic Boston Drugs & Medicines Historic Firsts
Oct 16 Ether Is First Used in a Public Operation Medical Research
Aug 22 First Public Performance of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Mormon Religion Musicians
Sept 06 Henry David Thoreau Leaves Walden Pond after Two Years Henry David Thoreau American Authors Philosophy
Sept 10 John R. Lynch John R. Lynch Mississippi United States Congress Famous African-Americans
Sept 11 Oh! Susanna Performed for the First Time Stephen Foster American Composers Popular Music
Sept 13 Chapultepec: Last Major Battle of Mexican-American War Mexican-American War
Oct 02 Paul von Hindenburg (President of Germany) Paul von Hindenburg World War I
Oct 21 Giuseppe Giacosa Italian Writers
Aug 19 The New York Herald Reports the Discovery of Gold in California California Gold Journalism
Sept 04 Lewis Latimer Lewis Latimer Inventors & Inventions Famous African Americans
Sept 04 British Government Abolishes Convict Transportation to New South Wales. Australia British History
Sept 16 Slavery Is Abolished In All French Frontiers France Slavery
Sept 20 American Association for the Advancement of Science Organizes in Philadelphia Philadelphia Science History
Sept 03 Sarah Orne Jewett Sarah Orne Jewett
Oct 07 James Whitcomb Riley James Whitcomb Riley Poetry
Oct 07 Edgar Allan Poe Edgar Allan Poe
Oct 17 Frederic Chopin (age of 39) Frederic Chopin Composers
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