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Aug 27 Margaret Wolfe Hungerford Margaret Wolfe Hungerford
Aug 28 Richard Wagner's Lohengrin First Performed Richard Wagner Composers
Sept 09 California Is Admitted as the 31st State of the Union California U.S. History
Sept 11 Jenny Lind Makes Her American Debut in New York City New York City Jenny Lind Popular Music
Sept 18 Congress Passes Fugitive Slave Act: Escaped Slaves Returned to Owners U.S. Congress Fugitive Slave Act Slavery
Sept 20 Washington, D.C. Abolishes Slave Trade Washington, D.C. Slavery U.S. History
Oct 08 Henry-Louis Le Chatelier Henry-Louis Le Chatelier Chemistry Equilibrium
Oct 10 Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Completed: D.C. to Cumberland, MD Maryland Washington, D.C. Rivers, Streams & Canals U.S. History
Aug 22 The Schooner America Wins First America's Cup Sailing
Sept 13 Walter Reed Walter Reed Medical Research Yellow Fever
Sept 18 New York Times First Published New York City Journalism
Sept 20 Railroads Make First Use of the Telegraph Railroads Telegraph History of Technology
Oct 16 "Wild Bill" Longley (psychopathic gunfighter) Wild Bill Longley Notorious Americans
Sept 23 William Stewart Halsted William Steward Halsted Medical Research Cardiovascular System
Oct 02 William Ramsay William Ramsay Helium Neon Argon Krypton 1904 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry
Oct 24 Daniel Webster Daniel Webster
Sept 16 Albrecht Kossel Albrecht Kossel Protein 1910 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine
Sept 20 Elisha Graves Otis Opens His Elevator Factory Elisha Graves Otis Inventors and Inventions History of Technology
Oct 25 Paiutes Attack Transcontinental Railroad Survey Crew Railroad Paiute Indians Westward Expansion
Sept 27 The Arctic Is First Steamship to Sink in the Atlantic Naval History
Oct 01 Engelbert Humperdinck Engelbert Humperdinck Classical Composers
Oct 16 Oscar Wilde (Fingall O'Flahertie Wills) Oscar Wilde Plays
Oct 22 James A. Bland James A. Bland Composers Popular Music Famous African Americans
Oct 25 247 of 637 British Soldiers Die in Charge of the Light Brigade British History Alfred Lord Tennyson
Aug 27 Clara Barton 1st Female Federal Employee Given Equality Clara Barton U.S. Government Rights Women
Sept 03 General Harney Avenges Grattan Massacre with Sioux Village Attack Nebraska Native American Studies Sioux Indians Death U.S. History
Sept 03 Louis Henry Sullivan Louis Henry Sullivan Architecture
Oct 01 First Installment of Madame Bovary Published Gustav Flaubert Adult Fiction
Oct 03 T. Thomas Fortune T. Thomas Fortune Journalism Famous African Americans
Oct 07 Patent Granted for the First Machine to Fold Book & Newspaper Sheets Books Journalism Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks
Sept 11 Mormons and Paiutes Murder a Wagon Train of 120 Utah The Mormon Church Paiute Indians Death
Sept 13 Milton Snavely Hershey Milton Snavely Hershey Chocolate
Sept 19 Bissell Carpet Sweeper Patented Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks
Oct 07 Moses Fleetwood Walker Ohio Sports Figures Baseball Famous African Americans
Oct 14 Elwood Haynes Indiana Business Leaders The Automobile Inventors & Inventions Business & Economics
Aug 19 E(dith) Nesbit (children's author) Edith Nesbit Children's Literature Children's Authors
Aug 21 Lincoln-Douglas Debates Begin in Ottawa, Illinois Lincoln-Douglas Debates Abraham Lincoln Stephen A. Douglas U.S. Congress Politics
Sept 17 Dred Scott Slavery United States Supreme Court
Oct 04 Michael Pupin Michael Pupin Inventors & Inventions
Oct 15 John L. Sullivan Massachusetts Sports Figures Boxing
Oct 29 First Store Opens in Denver, Colorado Colorado Westward Expansion Business
Aug 27 Edwin Drake Drills First Successful Oil Well: 69.5' Titusville, PA Pennsylvania Business & Economics United States History
Oct 16 John Brown Leads a Raid on Harpers Ferry John Brown Slavery
Oct 17 Childe Hassam Childe Hassam
Oct 18 Henri Bergson Henri Bergson
Oct 22 Spain Declares War on Moors of Morocco Spain Morocco War
Sept 06 Jane Addams Jane Addams 1931 Nobel Laureate for Peace
Sept 13 John J. Pershing John J. Pershing World War I
Oct 08 Telegraph Line Is Opened between Los Angeles and San Francisco Los Angeles San Francisco The Telegraph History of Technology
Oct 15 Child's Letter Suggests Lincoln Grow a Beard to Improve His Appearance Abraham Lincoln
Sept 03 Confederate Troops Violate Kentucky's Neutrality by Occupying Columbus. KY. Kentucky American Civil War
Sept 06 Union Troops Capture Paducah, KY Kentucky American Civil War U.S. History
Sept 10 Battle of Carnifex Ferry Leads to Creation of West Virginia Virginia West Virginia American Civil War
Sept 12 Confederates Begin 9-day Siege of Lexington, Missouri Missouri American Civil War
Sept 23 Robert Bosch (engineer/industrialist) German Mathematicians & Scientists
Sept 25 U.S. Secretary of Navy Authorizes Enlistment of Slaves as Union Sailors American Civil War Slavery
Oct 04 Frederic Remington Frederic Remington
Oct 04 Union's USS South Carolina Captures Two Blockade Runners Naval History American Civil War
Oct 21 Union Suffers Devastating Defeat at Battle of Ball's Bluff, VA Virginia Battle of Ball's Bluff
Oct 24 First Transcontinental Telegram Sent to President Lincoln Abraham Lincoln Telegraph Westward Expansion History of Technology Historic Firsts
Oct 25 Construction Begins on the Warship Monitor American Civil War Naval History
Aug 19 Dakota Indians Kill 17 Townspeople in New Ulm, MN Minnesota Dakota Indians Death
Aug 20 Horace Greeley Publishes Editorial Calling for Emancipation of All Slaves Horace Greeley American Civil War Journalism Abraham Lincoln Emancipation Proclamation
Aug 22 Claude Debussy Claude Debussy Composers
Aug 26 Confederate Cavalry Captures Manassas Junction Rail Center Second Battle of Bull Run Virginia U.S. History
Aug 27 Confederates Plunder Union Supply Depot at Manassas Virginia Battle of Second Bull Run
Aug 29 Maurice Maeterlinck Maurice Maeterlinck Nobel Laureate for Literature
Aug 29 Day Two of the Second Battle of Bull Run Second Battle of Bull Run
U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing Founded Money & Currency U.S. Gov't Agencies
Aug 30 Confederates Rout Union Army at Richmond, KY Kentucky Battle of Richmond, KY American History
Confederates Force Union Troops into Retreat at Second Bull Run Virginia Second Battle of Bull Run American History
Sept 11 Juhani Aho Juhani Aho
William Sydney Porter (O. Henry) O. Henry
Sept 17 Antietam Is Blodiest Battle in U.S. History: 23,000 Killed, Wounded or Missing Maryland Battle of Antietam U.S. History Death
Sept 18 McClellan Fails to Attack - Lee Retreats from Antietam Maryland Battle of Antietam U.S. History
Sept 19 The Battle of Luka Is Fought Mississippi Battle of Luka
Sept 23 34-year-old Leo Tolstoy Marries Russian Teenager Leo Tolstoy Russian Authors
Sept 27 Louis Botha (first president of South Africa) American Revoilution
Sept 27 First Federal Black Regiment Mustered in at New Orleans American Civil War African-American History
Oct 02 Union Troops Arrive in Alabama to Strengthen Chattanooga Alabama Tennessee American Civil War
Oct 03 Confederates Fail to Recapture Corinth, MS Mississippi The American Civil War
Oct 04 Edward Stratemeyer Edward Stratemeyer
Oct 08 Union Forces Repel Confederates at Perryville, KY Kentucky American Civil War Battles
Oct 11 The Confederate Congress Exempts Slave Owners from Military Duty American Civil War
J.E.B. Stuart's Confederate Cavalry Raids Chambersburg, PA Pennsylvania American Civil War
Oct 22 Union Takes Control at Second Battle of Pea Ridge, AR Arkansas Second Battle of Pea Ridge
Aug 21 Southern Partisans Kill 150 Abolitionists in Lawrence, KS Kansas Abolition U.S. Civil War
Aug 26 Lee De Forest Lee De Forest Radio Inventors & Inventions
Sept 09 Union Troops Capture Chattanooga, Tennessee Tennessee American Civil War U.S. History
Sept 18 Union & Confederate Soldiers Clash at Chickamauga Georgia Battle of Chickamauga U.S. History
Sept 19 Second Day of the Battle of Chickamauga Georgia Battle of Chickamauga
Sept 20 Second day of the Battle of Chickamauga< Georgia Battle of Chickamauga
Sept 23 Alexandre Yersin (bacteriologist) Swiss Mathematicians & Scientists Disease
Sept 23 Mary Church Terrell Mary Church Terrell Educators of Note Women's Suffrage Famous African-Americans
Oct 03 President Lincoln Declares the Last Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day Abraham Lincoln Thanksgiving Day U.S. History
Oct 10 First Telegraph Line to Denver Is Completed Colorado The Telegraph U.S. History
Oct 14 Union Repels Lee's Attack at Bristol Station, VA Virginia Battle of Bristol Station Robert E. Lee
Alfred Nobel Receives Patent for the Preparation of Nitroglycerine Alfred Nobel Organic Chemistry Patents & Trademarks Inventors & Inventions The Nobel Prizes
Oct 15 C.S.S. Hunley Sinks during Tests American Naval
Oct 17 Grant Takes over Union Command in the West Ulysses S. Grant American Civil War
Aug 22 The International Red Cross Is Established The International Red Cross
Aug 23 Union Captures Fort Morgan to Win Battle of Mobile Bay Battles of the American Civil War
Sept 11 10-day Truce Declared to Allow Residents to Evacuate Atlanta Georgia American Civil War
Sept 19 The Third Battle of Winchester Is Fought Virginia The Third Battle of Winchester
Sept 26 Confederates Attack Yankee Garrison at Pilot Knob, MO Missouri American Civil War Battles
Sept 27 Jesse James & Others Massacre 20 Unarmed Union Soldiers Jesse James American Civil War
Sept 30 Grant Fails to Take Rail Line from Lee at Poplar Springs, VA Virginia American Civil War Battles Ulysess S. Grant
Oct 01 Rose O'Neal Greenhow (confederate spy) Rose O'Neal Greenhow American Civil War
Oct 02 Confederates Victorious at Battle of Saltville, VA Virginia American Civil War
Oct 07 Lee's Troops Are Repelled at Virginia's Darbytown Road Virginia Battle of Darbytown Road
Oct 10 Canada's Fathers of Confederation Consider Political Union The British North America Act
Oct 23 Union Troops Soundly Defeat Confederates at Wesport, MO Missouri American Civil War
Aug 22 Liquid Soap Is Patented Patents & Trademarks Soap
Sept 23 Emmuska Orczy Hungarian Authors
Aug 20 National Labor Union Calls on Congress for Eight-hour Workday Labor Standards U.S. Congress
Andrew Johnson Officially Proclaims the Civil War as Over Andrew Johnson American Civil War
Sept 25 Thomas Hunt Morgan Thomas Hunt Morgan Genetics 1933 Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine
Sept 19 Arthur Rackham Arthur Rackham Artists
Sept 20 Conservative Tory Party Wins Canada's First Election Canada Politics & Elections
Oct 03 Pierre Bonnard Pierre Bonnard Artists
Oct 03 Elias Howe Elias Howe Inventors & Inventions
Oct 14 Masaoka Shiki Masaoka Shiki Haiku
Oct 18 U.S. Accepts Possession of Alaska from Russia Russia Alaska U.S. History
Rules of American Football Formulated in New York New York City Football
Oct 21 Medicine Lodge. KS Treaty Relocates Plains Indians in Western Oklahoma Kansas Oklahoma Historic U.S. Documents Native American Studies Commanche, Kiowa, Cheyenne, Arapahoe Tribes
Sept 17 Cheyenne and Sioux Decimate Frontiersmen in Colorado Attack Colorado Cheyenne Nation Sioux Nation Westward Expansion U.S. History Death
Sept 23 Puerto Rican Rebels Declare Independence, Spanish Immediatley Defeat Them Puerto Rico Spain
Sept 30 First Volume of Louisa May Alcott's Little Women is Published Louisa May Alcott Children's Literature
Oct 07 First Students Attend Class at Cornell University New York Education
Oct 10 Cuba's Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Declares War on Spain: 10-year War Begins Cuba Spain
Oct 10 John Wesley Hyatt Patents an Improved Billiard Ball Patents & Trademarks Games & Hobbies Plastics & Polymers
Aug 23 Edgar Lee Masters Edgar Lee Masters Poetry
Sept 03 Fritz Pregl Fritz Pregl 1923 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
Sept 06 Felix Salten Felix Salten Bambi
Oct 02 Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Mohandas Gandhi Human Rights
Oct 08 J(ames) Frank Duryea J. Frank Duryea Automobile Inventors & Inventions
Oct 08 Franklin Pierce Franklin Pierce The American Presidency
Oct 16 Boston Hotel First to Offer Indoor Plumbing Boston U.S. History Historic Firsts
Oct 23 John Heisman John Heisman College Football Hall of Fame The Heisman Trophy
Aug 19 Bernard Baruch (financier/presidential advisor) Bernard Baruch Business & Economics American Presidents Nuclear Energy
Sept 30 Jean Perrin Jean Perrin Physics 1926 Nobel Laureate for Physics
Oct 02 Papal State Approves Union with Italy Italy Catholicism
Oct 08 Louis Vierne French Composers Composers
Oct 22 Ivan Bunin Ivan Bunin
Oct 25 The First U.S. Trademark Awarded to Averill Chemical Paint Co. Trademarks and Patents Historic Firsts
Aug 19 Orville Wright (aviation pioneer) Orville Wright Aviation
Aug 27 Theodore Dreiser Theodore Dreiser
Aug 30 Ernest Rutherford Ernest Rutherford Atomic Theory 1908 Nobel Prize for Chemistry
Oct 02 Brigham Young Arrested for Polygamy Brigham Young The Mormon Church
Oct 08 The Great Chicago Fire Erupts Chicago Fire Safety U.S. History
Peshtigo, WI, Destroyed by Forest Fire. 1,000+ People Killed Wisconsin Fire Safety Death
Oct 18 Charles Babbage Charles Babbage Inventors & Inventions History of Technology
Aug 21 Aubrey Beardsley Aubrey Beardsley Artists, Architects & Designers
Oct 08 Mary Engle Pennington Chemistry Foods and Nutrition
Oct 11 Harland Fiske Stone U.S. Supreme Court
Oct 15 Edith Bolling Galt Wilson Edith Bolling Galt Wilson Woodrow Wilson The American Presidency
Oct 21 John Conyers is First African American Admitted to the U.S. Naval Academy Education African-American History Historic Firsts
Aug 20 Eliel Saarinen (architect) Eliel Saarinen Architecture
Aug 26 St. Louis School Board Authorizes First U.S. Public School Kindergarten Missouri Early Childhood Education
Sept 18 Robber Baron's Create Financial Panic Markets & Invesments U.S. History
Oct 03 Four Modoc Indians Hanged for Murder of Civil War Hero Modoc Indians Native-American Studies Westward Expansion
Aug 27 Carl Bosch Carl Bosch Chemistry Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
Sept 13 Arnold Schoenberg Austrian Composers
Sept 26 Lewis Hine Lewis Hine Photography Child Labor
Oct 04 Kiowa Leader Satanta Surrenders in Texas Texas Santana Native-American Studies Westward Expansion
Aug 26 John Buchan John Buchan
Sept 03 Ferdinand Porsche Ferdinand Porsche Automobiles Artists & Designers The Holocaust Business & Economics
Sept 04 Kirby Rollins Kirby Rollins Journalism Political Cartoons
Sept 16 J.C. Penney J.C. Penney
Sept 18 Supreme Court of Canada Is Organized Canada Law & Legal Resources
Sept 23 15-year-old Billy the Kid Is Arrested for the First Time Billy the Kid Notorious Americans
Oct 15 Jean Price-Mars Jean Price-Mars Educator
Oct 23 Gilbert Newton Lewis Gilbert Newton Lewis Chemistry Electrons
Oct 25 Carolyn Sherwin Bailey Carolyn Sherwin Bailey 1947 Newbery Medal for <IMiss Hickory">
Aug 29 Charles F. Kettering Charles F. Kettering Automobiles Business & Economics Inventors & Inventions
Sept 06 Rail Line Completed from Los Angeles to San Francisco California Railroad
Sept 12 First Workable Typewriter Sold in Milwaukee Wisconsin Inventors & Inventions History of Technology
Sept 13 Sherwood Anderson Sherwood Anderson
Sept 27 Earle Raymond Hedrick Earle Raymond Hedrick American Mathematicians & Scientists
Oct 03 John L. Routt Elected First State Governor of Colorado Colorado
Oct 04 Texas A&M Established as First State College in Texas Texas Education
Oct 21 Jay Norwood Darling Michigan Political Cartoons
Aug 27 Lloyd C. Douglas Lloyd C. Douglas
Aug 29 Brigham Young Brigham Young The Mormon Church
Sept 05 Sioux Chief Crazy Horse Killed by Bayonet of U.S. Soldier Chief Crazy Horse Westward Expansion
Oct 10 Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer Buried at West Point, NY George Armstrong Custer
Oct 23 The Gasoline Engine Is Patented Automobiles Patents & Trademarks
Oct 25 Henry Norris Russell Henry Norris Russell Space, Astronomy, Cosmology
Aug 21 American Bar Association Founded in Saratoga, New York New York Law & Legal Resources
Aug 22 George Herriman George Herriman Comics & Cartoons
Aug 28 George Hoyt Whipple George Hoyt Whipple Disease Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine
Sept 20 Upton Sinclair Upton Sinclair
Oct 01 Lew Wallace Sworn in As Governor of New Mexico Territory Lew Wallace New Mexico Westward Expansion
Oct 15 The Edison Electric Company Opens Thomas Business
Sept 05 Frank Jewett Frank Jewett Telephone
Sept 17 Andrew "Rube" Foster Rube Foster Baseball Famous African Americans
Sept 23 Richard S. Rhodes Invents the First Hearing Aid Inventors & Inventions Hearing Historic Firsts
Oct 01 New York Stock Exchange Moves to Larger Building New York City Investment Markets
Oct 02 Wallace Stevens Wallace Stevens Poetry
Oct 02 Germany & Austria Agree to Mutual Protection Alliance Germany Austria European History
Oct 04 Edward Murray East Illinois Scientists & Mathematicians Botany
Oct 08 Chile Captures the Huascar from Peru in the Naval Battle of Angamos Chile Peru Naval History
Oct 21 Thomas Edison Demonstrates First Incandescent Lamp: It Burns 13+ hrs New Jersey Thomas Edison The Light Bulb History of Technology Historic Firsts
Oct 22 Thomas Edison Successfully Uses High-Resistance Carbon Filament Thomas Edison The Light Bulb
Aug 30 Apache Chief Diablo Killed in Battle Native-American Studies American History
Sept 10 Georgia Douglas Johnson Georgia Douglas Johnson Poetry Famous African Americans
Sept 12 H.L. Mencken H.L.  Mencken
Sept 23 John Boyd Orr Scottish Mathematicians & Scientists Foods and Nutrition 1949 Nobel Prize for Peace
Oct 01 John Philip Sousa Named Director of Marine Corps Band Historic American Music American Composers
Thomas Edison Begins Commercial Production of the Light Bulb Thomas Edison The Light Bulb Business & Economics
Oct 15 Marie C. C. Stopes Scottish Scientists & Mathematicians
Oct 15 Chiricahua Apache Leader Victorio Killed South of El Paso Texas" Apache Native-American Westward Death"
Aug 19 Georges Enesco (violinist/composer) Georges Enesco Classical Musicians Composers
Aug 20 Edgar Guest (poetry) Edgar Guest American Authors Poetry
Sept 19 President Garfield (from assassin's bullet) President Garfield The American Presidency U.S. History Death
Sept 20 Chester A. Arthur Sworn in as President Following Garfield Assassination Charles A. Arthur James Garfield The American Presidency
Oct 04 Patent Granted for the Player Piano Musical Instruments Patents and Trademarks
Oct 11 David Henderson Houston Patents First Roll Film for Cameras Patents & Trademarks Inventors & Inventions Photography
Oct 15 P.G. Wodehouse P.G. Wodehouse
Oct 25 Pablo Ruiz Picasso Pablo Ruiz Picasso
Sept 05 New York City Holds America's First Labor Day Parade New York City Labor Day
Sept 30 Hans Geiger German Scientists & Mathematcians Radiation
Sept 30 World's First Hydroelectric Power Plant Begins Operation in Appleton, Wisconsin Wisconsin Energy Historic Firsts
Oct 15 U.S. Supreme Court Declares the Civil Rights Act of 1875 Unconstitutional U.S. Civil U.S. African U.S.
Oct 22 N.C. Wyeth N.C. Wyeth Young-adult Authors & Illustrators
Oct 29 Jean Giraudoux Jean Giraudoux Plays
Aug 19 Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel (fashion designer) Coco Chanel Artists & Designers
Aug 21 Trial of Frank James Begins in Gallatin, Missouri Frank James Law & Legal Resources
Aug 26 Krakatoa Eruption Creates Tsunamis: 36,000+ die Krakatoa Volcanoes Tsunamis Death World History
Aug 28 British Parliament Bans Slavery throughout the British Empire British History Slavery
Sept 11 The Mail Chute is Patented Patents & Trademarks Inventors & Inventions
Sept 17 William Carlos Williams William Carlos Williams
Sept 25 Providence and Worcester Play the First Major League Double Header. Baseball
Sept 30 Nora Stanton Barney (civil engineer, architect, suffragist) American Scientists & Mathematicians Architecture Women's Suffrage
Oct 08 Otto Heinrich Warburg Otto Heinrich Warburg Anatomy Enzymes 1931 Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine
Oct 22 The New York Metropolitan Opera House Opens The New York Metropolitan Opera Opera
Sept 20 Maxwell (Evarts) Perkin Maxwell (Evarts) Perkin American Authors
Sept 20 Equal Rights Party Formed in San Francisco San Francisco Women's Suffrage
Sept 23 Herman Hollerith Patents a Punch Card Adding Machine Trademarks & Patents History of Technology
Oct 04 Damon Runyon Damon Runyon Journalism
Oct 11 Eleanor Roosevelt Eleanor Roosevelt Franklin Roosevelt
Oct 14 George Eastman (NY) Patents Transparent Paper-strip Photographic Film New York Scientists & Inventors Patents & Trademarks Inventors & Inventions Photography
Aug 29 Chinese Miners Murdered by White Co-workers Wyoming Asian-American Studies Death
Gottlieb Daimler Patents World's First Motorcycle Automotives Patents & Trademarks Inventors & Inventions Historic Firsts
Sept 11 D.H. Lawrence D.H. Lawrence
Sept 20 Jelly Roll Morton Jelly Roll Morton Jazz
Sept 27 Harry Blackstone (magician) Harry Blackstone
Oct 01 U.S. Postal Service Offers Special Delivery United States Postal Service
Oct 07 Niels Bohr Niels Bohr 1922 Nobel Laureate for Physics
Oct 11 François Mauriac François Mauriac
Oct 16 David Ben-Gurion (first Prime Minister of Israel) David Ben-Gurion Israel
Aug 19 Joseph Conrad Becomes a British Citizen Joseph Conrad Great Britain
Aug 20 Paul Tillich Paul Tillich Philosophy Christian Theology
Sept 04 Geronimo Is Last Native American to Surrender to U.S. Army Geronimo Native-American Studies West Expansion
Sept 13 Alain Locke Famous African Americans
Sept 25 Peter "Black Prince" Jackson First Black to Win Australia's Boxing Crown Australia Boxing
Sept 09 Alf Landon Alf Landon Kansas Politics & Elections
Sept 19 Lovie Austin Lovie Austin Jazz Famous African Americans
Oct 07 Sargent Johnson Massachusetts Artists American Artists Famous African Americans
Oct 11 A. Miles Patents the Elevator Patents & Trademarks Inventors & Inventions
Oct 17 Gustav Robert Kirchhoff Gustav Robert Kirchhoff Spectroscopy
Oct 22 John Reed John Reed
Aug 21 William Burroughs Patents First Practical Adding & Listing Machine Patents & Trademarks Inventors & Inventions
Sept 04 George Eastman Patents the Roll Film Kodak Camera Eastman Kodak Company Photography Patents & Trademarks Business & Economics
Sept 06 Joe Kennedy, Sr. John F. Kennedy Robert F. Kennedy
Sept 20 Miska Petersham Hungarian Authors Artists
Sept 26 T.S. Eliot T.S. Eliot Plays 1948 Nobel Laureate for Literature
Oct 14 writer Katherine Mansfield Katherine Mansfield
Oct 16 Eugene O'Neill Eugene O'Neill Plays
Oct 25 Richard Byrd Richard Byrd American Explorers
Aug 27 Charles G. Conn Receives Patent for Metal Clarinet Musical Instruments Patents & Trademarks
Sept 18 Jane Addams Opens Hull House, a Settlement Home for New Immigrants. Jane Addams Community Services
Sept 23 Walter Lippmann New York City Writers Journalism
Sept 26 Martin Heidegger Martin Heidegger Philosophy
Sept 30 Wyoming Legislature Approves First State Constitution Granting Women Right to Vote Wyoming Women's Suffrage Historic Firsts
Oct 18 Fanny Hurst Fanny Hurst
Aug 20 H.P. Lovecraft (author) H.P. Lovecraft American Authors
Aug 27 Man Ray (Emmanuel Rudnitsky) Man Ray American Artists Photography Film
Sept 09 Harland Sanders Harland Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken
Sept 10 Franz Werfel Franz Werfel
Sept 25 Sequoia National Park Established California Parks
Mormon Church Formally Renounces Polygamy. The Mormon Church
Oct 01 U.S. Congress Creates Yosemite National Park California Yosemite National Park U.S. Congress
Congress Passes the McKinley Tariff Act Business & Economics William McKinley U.S. Congress U.S. History
Oct 02 Julius Henry "Groucho" Marx The Marx Brothers Famous American Entertainers
Oct 08 Eddie Rickenbacker Eddie Rickenbacker Automobile Racing Aviation World War I
Oct 11 Daughters of the American Revolution Founded The American Revolution Women
Oct 14 Dwight Eisenhower Dwight Eisenhower The American Presidency
Sept 10 Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-Der-E Patented Popular Music Patents & Trademarks
Sept 12 Don Pedro Albizu Campos Don Pedro Albizu Campos
Oct 21 Ted Shawn Missouri Performing Artists Dance
Oct 29 Fanny Brice Fanny Brice Stage & Theater Popular Music
Sept 10 Arthur Holly Compton Arthur Holly Compton 1927 Nobel Laureate for Physics
Sept 12 Alfred A. Knopf Alfred A. Knopf
Oct 04 Robert Lawson Robert Lawson
Oct 08 Marina Ivanova Tsvetaeva Marina Ivanova Tsvetaeva Poetry
Oct 08 Sergei Rachmaninoff First Performs His Piano ''Prelude in C-sharp Minor'' Sergei Rachmaninoff Composers Classical Musicians
Oct 10 Ivo Andric Ivo Andric
Oct 24 25,000 Black Workers Strike in New Orleans New Orleans Labor Job Actions African-American History
Aug 19 Frank J. Wisner Invents Black Cow Root Beer Float in Colorado Colorado Foods Inventors & Invetions
Aug 22 Dorothy Parker Dorothy Parker Poets
Aug 29 Whitcomb Judson Patents the Zipper Simple Machines Patents & Trademarks Inventors & Inventions
Aug 30 Huey P. Long Huey P. Long U.S. Congress
Aug 30 Saint Rose of Lima Saint Rose of Lima Catholicism South American History
Sept 04 Beatrix Potter Mails First Page of Peter Rabbit to a Child Beatrix Potter
Sept 09 Esther Cleveland Is First President's Child Born in the White House. Grover Cleveland The American Presidency The White House U.S. History
Sept 16 Albert von Szent-Györgyi Nagyrapolt Albert von Szent-Györgyi Nagyrapolt 1937 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine
Sept 16 Hundreds of Thousands of Settlers Race for Land in OK ''Cherokee Strip.'' Oklahoma Westward Expansion
Sept 19 New Zealand Is the First Nation to Grant Women the Right to Vote New Zealand Women's Suffrage Voting
Oct 01 Faith Baldwin Faith Baldwin
Oct 03 John S. Thurman of St. Louis Patents the Motor-driven Vacuum Cleaner Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks
Oct 07 Alice Dalgliesh Alice Dalgliesh 1955 Newbery Medal Winner
Oct 14 Lois Lenski Lois Lenski American Artists 1946 Newbery Medal
Sept 04 New York Tailors Protest Sweatshops New York City Labor
Sept 13 J.B. Priestley J.B. Priestley Plays
Sept 19 Rachel Field Rachel Field
Sept 27 Aqueduct Race Track Opens in New York City New York City Horse Racing
Oct 07 Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. Massachusetts Writers
Oct 14 e.e. cummings e.e. cummings Poetry
Aug 19 Off-duty El Paso Policeman Kills John Wesley Hardin John Wesley Hardin Crime Death
Sept 03 Charles Houston Charles Houston Civil Rights Law & Legal Resources Famous African American
Sept 18 Booker T. Washington's "Atlanta Compromise" Speech Booker T. Washington
Trademark Registered for Louisa May Alcott's Little Women Louisa May Alcott Trademarks and Patents American Authors
Sept 26 George Raft New York Performing Artists Film
Oct 02 William "Bud" Abbott William Famous American Entertainers
Oct 03 Stephen Crane's The Red Badge of Courage Is Published Stephen Crane American Civil War Adult Fiction
Oct 04 Buster Keaton Buster Keaton Film
Oct 04 First U.S. Open Golf Tournament Is Held Golf Historic Firsts
Oct 08 Juan Perón Juan Perón
Oct 17 Doris Humphrey Illinois Performing Artists Dance
Oct 21 Herr Linde Reports the Successful Liquefaction of Air Science
Aug 21 Roark Bradford Roark Bradford
Oct 01 U.S. Postal Service First Offers Rural Free Delivery (RFD) United States Postal Service
Sept 10 Georges Bataille Georges Bataille
Sept 12 Irène Joliot-Curie Irène Joliot-Curie Chemistry 1935 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry
Sept 16 Thomas Handforth Thomas Handforth American Artists
Sept 23 9-year-old Stephen Kempton Is First Recorded Traffic Fatality in Great Britain Great Britain Automobile Death
Sept 25 William Faulkner William Faulkner 1949 Nobel Laureate for Literature
Oct 03 Louis Aragon Louis Aragon Poetry
Oct 07 Elijah Muhammad Elijah Muhammad Islam U.S. Civil Rights Famous African Americans
Oct 08 Rouben Mamoulian Rouben Mamoulian Musical Theater
Oct 08 Journalist Charles Henry Dow Begins Charting Stock Trends Markets & Investments
Oct 23 Marjorie Flack New York Authors & Illustrators
Oct 24 The First Comic Strip Appears in The New York Journal New York City Journalism Comics & Cartoons
Oct 29 Joseph Goebbels Joseph Goebbels World War II Propaganda The Holocaust
Aug 26 Peggy Guggenheim Peggy Guggenheim Museums Art
Aug 29 Preston Sturges Preston Sturges Film & Filmmakers
Aug 29 Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. Incorporated Charles Goodyear Automobiles Business & Economics
Sept 16 H.A. Rey H.A. Rey Artists
Sept 26 George Gershwin George Gershwin
Sept 27 Vincent Youmans (songwriter) New York City Performing Artists Musical Theater
Sept 30 Edgar d'Aulaire Switzerland Artists
Oct 16 William O. Douglas (Supreme Court Justice) Minnesota U.S. Supreme Court
Oct 18 U.S. Troops Capture Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Spanish-American War
Aug 23 Albert Claude Albert Claude The Cell 1974 Nobel Prize for Medicine
Aug 27 C. S. Forester C. S. Forester
Sept 04 8.3 Earthquake Hits Yakutat Bar, Alaska Alaska Earthquakes
Sept 10 Second Quake (8.6) in Seven Days Hits Yakutat Bay, AK. Alaska Earthquakes
Sept 13 Henry Bliss of New York Is First Recorded Automobile Fatality New York City Automobile Death Historic Firsts
Oct 10 I.R. Johnson Patents the Bicycle Frame Patents & Trademarks Bicycling
Oct 11 South African Boers (Dutch Settlers) Declare War on England South Africa England The Netherlands War
Oct 16 Yacht Race Reported Via Wireless Telegraph Naval History Telegraph
Oct 23 Emily Kimbrough Emily Kimbrough
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