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Aug 19 Colleen Moore (actor) Colleen Moore Film
Aug 26 Hale Woodruff Hale Woodruff Famous African Americans
Sept 04 Cyril Hare Cyril Hare
Sept 06 Julian Green Julian Green
Sept 06 Lauri Viljanen Lauri Viljanen
Sept 09 James Hilton James Hilton Film
Sept 11 Francis and Freelan Stanley Receive a Motor Vehicle Patent Stanley Steamer Patents & Trademarks Inventors & Inventions
Sept 26 Leon Czolgosz Sentenced to Death for McKinley's Murder President McKinley The American Presidency
Oct 03 Thomas Clayton Wolfe Thomas Clayton Wolfe
Oct 07 Heinrich Himmler (Head of Nazi SS) Heinrich Himmler World War II The Holocaust
Oct 08 Journalist Maximilian Harden Jailed for Article Critical of the Kaiser Germany Journalism
Oct 10 Alberto Giacometti Swiss Artists Artists
Oct 10 Helen Hayes Helen Hayes Stage and Theater Film
Oct 14 W. Edwards Deming Iowa Statistics Japan
Oct 15 Boston Symphony Hall Is Opened Boston" Architecture" Classical
Oct 16 Edward Ardizzone British Authors & Writers
Aug 20 Salvatore Quasimodo (poet/critic/translator) Salvatore Quasimodo Poetry 1959 Nobel Laureate in Literature
Aug 30 Roy Wilkins Roy Wilkins Civil Rights Famous African Americans
Sept 03 Australian National Flag Is First Flown above the Exhibition Building, Melbourne Australia
Sept 05 National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues Forms Baseball
Sept 06 President McKinley Shot & Mortally Wounded President McKinley The American Presidency U.S. History
Sept 19 New York Stock Exchange Closes to Honor Death of President McKinley President McKinley Markets & Investments U.S. History Death
Oct 03 RCA-Victor Corporation Is Formed by Merger Business & Economics
Oct 08 Domino Sugar Trademark is Registered Trademarks and Patents
Oct 10 Henry Ford Drives in His First & Only Auto Race Henry Ford Auto Racing
Oct 16 Booker T. Washington Visits the White House The White House Booker T. Washington
Oct 24 Woman First Survives Going Over Niagara Falls in a Barrel Niagara Falls
Oct 29 Leon Czolgosz Electrocuted for William McKinley Assassination Assassination of President McKinley
Aug 19 Ogden Nash (author) Ogden Nash Poets
Aug 22 Teddy Roosevelt First American President to Ride in an Automobile Autos Theodore Roosevelt American Presidents
Aug 23 Fannie Farmer's School of Cookery Opens Fannie Farmer Foods & Nutrition
Aug 26 Patent Granted for Daylight Developing Tank for Roll Film Photography Patents & Trademarks
Sept 03 Sarah Orne Jewett Severely Injured in Carriage Accident on 53rd Birthday Sarah Orne Jewett American Authors
Sept 10 Toivo (Richard) Pekkanen Toivo (Richard) Pekkanen
Sept 20 Florence Margaret "Stevie" Smith Florence Margaret
Sept 30 William H. Walker, Arthur D. Little and Harry S. Mork of Massachusetts Patent Rayon Polymers and Plastics
Oct 03 President Roosevelt Fails to End Pennsylvania Coal Miners' Strike Pennsylvania Labor Job Actions Theodore Roosevelt
Oct 21 Five-month United Mine Workers Strike Ends with Agreement Pennsylvania Labor
The Dinwiddie Quartet Are the First Recorded African-American Voices African-American History
Oct 25 Frank Norris Frank Norris American Authors
Oct 25 Barney Oldfield Wins His First Auto Race Barney Oldfield Auto Racing
Aug 19 James Gould Cozzens (writer) James Gould Cozzens American Writers
Aug 21 First Transcontinental U.S. Auto Race Completed in San Francisco Auto Racing California Historic Firsts
Sept 09 Phyllis Whitney Phyllis Whitney
Sept 25 Mark Rothko (abstract expressionist painter) Mark Rothko
Oct 01 Vladimir Horowitz Vladimir Horowitz Classical Musicians
Oct 01 First Modern World Series Begins Baseball
Oct 04 Cyril Stanley Smith Cyril Stanley Smith Plutonium Uranium Nuclear Weapons World War II
Oct 17 Nathanael West Nathanael West
Oct 17 Irene Ryan (granny, The Beverly Hillbillies) Texas Performing Artists Television
Oct 22 George Beadle George Beadle Genetics 1958 Nobel Laureate for Medicine
Oct 22 Tom Horn Hanged in Wyoming Wyoming Tom Horn Notorious Americans
Oct 24 Melvin Purvis (FBI agent) Melvin Purvis The FBI
Aug 21 Count Basie Count Basie Jazz Famous African Americans
Aug 22 Deng Xiaoping Deng Xiaoping
Aug 26 Chistopher (William) Isherwood Chistopher (William) Isherwood
Aug 27 First Jail Sentence Imposed for a Speeding Violation: Newport, RI Rhode Island Automobiles
Aug 28 Roger Duvoisin Roger Duvoisin Artists
Aug 29 William Niederland (psychoanalyst) William Niederland The Holocaust
Aug 30 Henry James Returns to U.S. After Two Decades Abroad Henry James American Authors
Sept 04 First Boy Scout Rally Is Held Boy Scouts Historic Firsts
Sept 18 First Crossing of the Rocky Mountains by Automobile Automobiles Westward Expansion U.S. History
Sept 25 Columbus Iselin (oceanographer) New York Scientists & Mathematicians Oceanography
Oct 01 Otto Robert Frisch Otto Robert Frisch Nuclear Fission Nuclear Weapons
Oct 02 Graham Greene Graham Greene
Oct 03 Bethune-Cookman College Opens in Daytona Beach, FL Florida Education African-American History
Oct 07 Yankee Pitcher Jack Chesbro Records His 41st Season Win Baseball
Oct 08 Vanderbilt Cup Auto Race Run in Hicksville, NY New York Auto Racing
Oct 18 A(bbott) J(oseph) Liebling A(bbott) J(oseph) Liebling
Oct 22 "Yankee Doodle Boy" Registered with U.S. Patent Office U.S. Flags, Symbols, Celebrations Patents & Trademarks Popular Music
Oct 24 Moss Hart Moss Hart Plays
Aug 20 Jack Teagarden (jazz trombonist) Jack Teagarden Jazz
Aug 23 Ernie Bushmiller Ernie Bushmiller Cartoons & Comics
Aug 30 Ty Cobb Plays His First Major League Game Ty Cobb Baseball
Sept 04 Mary Renault Mary Renault Classical Greece
Sept 05 Arthur Koestler Arthur Koestler
Sept 05 Treaty of Portsmouth Ends Russo-Japanese War Japan Russia War World History
Sept 18 Agnes de Mille Agnes de Mille Dance
Greta Garbo Greta Garbo Film
Sept 25 "Red" Smith Wisconsin Writers Journalism
Sept 30 Nevill F. Mott Nevill F. Mott Physics 1977 Nobel Laureate for Physics
Oct 04 Orville Wright Sets Flight Record: 21 miles in 33 min 17 sec The Wright Brothers Historic Firsts
Oct 08 Meyer Levin Meyer Levin
Oct 14 Eugene Fodor (travel author) Eugene Fodor Travel
Oct 14 Christy Mathewson Shuts Out the A's for Third Time in the World Series Baseball
Oct 15 C.P. Snow C.P. Snow
Aug 19 Philo T. Farnsworth (television pioneer) Philo T. Farnsworth Television Inventors & Inventions
Aug 26 Albert Bruce Sabin Albert Bruce Sabin Polio
Aug 28 John Betjeman John Betjeman Poetry
Sept 05 First Legal Forward Pass Thrown in a College Football Game Football
Sept 09 Aileen Fisher Aileen Fisher Children's Poetry
Sept 16 Zhenya Gay Zhenya Gay American Artists
Sept 25 Dmitri Shostakovich Dmitri Shostakovich Composers
Sept 27 Jim Thompson Jim Thompson Film
Sept 30 Michael Innes Michael Innes
Oct 03 Natalie Savage Carlson Natalie Savage Carlson
Oct 03 SOS Adopted as an International Distress Signal The Telegraph Safety
Oct 08 Karl Ludwig Nessler Demonstrates First "Permanent Wave" for Hair Inventors & Inventions
Oct 11 San Francisco School Board Orders Segregation of "Orientals" San Francisco Asian-American Studies
Oct 14 Hannah Arendt Hannah Arendt Judaism World War II
Oct 15 Victoria Spivey Texas Performing Artists Jazz & Blues Famous African Americans
Oct 16 Cleanth Brooks Kentucky Authors & Illustrators Education
Oct 22 Paul Cézanne Paul Cézanne Artists
Oct 23 Jonathan Wyatt Latimer Jonathan Wyatt Latimer
Oct 23 Gertrude Ederle Gertrude Ederle Swimming The Olympic Games
Oct 29 Fredric Brown Fredric Brown
Aug 28 United Parcel Service Started by Two American Teenagers Business & Economics
Sept 17 Anne Ophelia Dowden Anne Ophelia Dowden Botany Illustrators
Sept 17 Warren Burger U.S. Supreme Court
Sept 18 Edwin M. McMillan Edwin M. McMillan Neptunium Plutonium 1951 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry
Sept 23 Albert Ammons Chicago Performing Artists Popular Musicians Famous African Americans
Sept 26 New Zealand Is Declared a Dominion of the United Kingdom New Zealand United Kingdom
Oct 01 Financial Panic of 1907 Begins Markets & Investments U.S. History
Oct 07 Helen Clark MacInnes Helen Clark MacInnes
Oct 22 Jimmie Foxx Maryland Sports Figures Baseball
Oct 22 Ringling Brothers Circus Buys Barnum & Bailey Circus Circus Business
Oct 24 Bruno Munari Bruno Munari Italian Artists & Designers
Aug 20 Valentin Glushko (rocket scientist) Valentin Glushko Space Exploration
Aug 22 Henri Cartier-Bresson Henri Cartier-Bresson Photography
Aug 27 Lyndon Baines Johnson Texas Lyndon Johnson The American Presidency
Aug 28 Roger Tory Peterson Roger Tory Peterson Birds
Sept 04 Richard Wright Richard Wright Famous African Americans
Sept 16 General Motors Is Founded by William Durant in Flint, Michigan Michigan Automobiles Business & Economics
Sept 17 John Creasey John Creasey
Sept 17 Thomas Selfridge First Airplane Fatality: Orville Wright Survives Orville Wright Aviation Death
Sept 18 Mary Childs Jane Mary Childs Jane
Sept 18 Harold Courlander Harold Courlander
Oct 01 The First Model T Goes On Sale The Model T Business & Economics
Oct 10 R.K. Narayan R.K. Narayan
Oct 10 Min-Chueh Chang Min-Chueh Chang Human Anatomy & Reproduction
Oct 16 American Sam Cody Makes First Airplane Flight in England British History Aviation
Oct 21 Louis L'Amour Louis L'Amour Westward Expansion
Oct 29 Jaime Benítez Jaime Benítez Educators of Note American Authors U.S. Congress
Aug 19 Jerzy Andrzejewski (author/political dissident) Jerzy Andrzejewski Adult Authors
Aug 19 Indianapolis Motor Speedway Opens for First Three Days of Racing Indianapolis Motor Speedway Auto Racing
Aug 21 Barney Oldfield Breaks Five World Records at Indianapolis Barney Oldfield Auto Racing Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Aug 27 Lester Young Lester Young Jazz Popular Musicians Famous African Americans
Aug 30 Virginia Lee Burton Virginia Lee Burton Artists
Sept 17 Elizabeth Enright Elizabeth Enright
Sept 25 John V. Dodge (publisher of Encyclopedia Britannica) Reference Resources
Oct 02 Orville Wright Sets Altitude Record of 1,600 Feet The Wright Brothers Historic Firsts
Oct 29 Rose Wyler New York City Authors
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