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Aug 20 Eero Saarinen (architect) Eero Saarinen Architecture
Aug 22 Japan Annexes Korea Japan Korea World History
Aug 26 William James William James Philosophy
Aug 27 Agnes Bonxha Bojaxhiu (Mother Teresa) Mother Teresa Catholicism Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Sept 04 First American Is Killed in World War I World War I Death
Sept 26 Founding Father, Will Durant, Loses Control of General Motors Automobiles Business & Economics
Oct 04 Frankie Crosetti San Francisco Sports Figures Baseball
Oct 08 American Film Manufacturing Co. Challenges Movie Monopoly Film Business & Economics
Oct 11 Joseph Alsop Connecticut Authors & Illustrators
Oct 15 Torbjorn Oskar Caspersson Swedish Scientists & Mathematicians Genetics
Oct 15 The University of Illinois Hosts the First College Homecoming Football Game Illinois" Football" Education"
Oct 18 First Dirigible Flies Across the English Channel Great Britain Dirigibles and Blimps
Oct 21 Labor Union Bomb Destroys the Los Angeles Times Building: 20 die Los Angeles Journalism Labor Unions Crime Terrorism
Oct 23 King Chulalongkorn of Thailand Thailand
Aug 20 New York Times Sends First Around-the-World Telegram (16 minutes) New York Telegraph History of Technology Historic Firsts
Aug 21 The Mona Lisa Is Stolen from the Louvre Mona Lisa The Louvre Crime
Aug 23 J.V. Cunningham J.V. Cunningham Poetry
Aug 29 Last Living Stone-Age American Indian Found California Native-American Studies Anthropology & Archaeology
Sept 13 Bill Monroe Country & Western Musicians
Sept 18 Russian Premier Piotr Stolypin Dies Four Days after Being Shot Russia Death
Sept 19 William Golding William Golding 1983 Nobel Prize for Literature
Oct 07 Jonathan "Papa Jo" Jones Chicago Performing Artists Jazz
Oct 10 The Panamá Canal Opens The Panamá Canal Rivers, Streams & Canals World History
Henry Ford Receives Transmission Patent Henry Ford Automobiles Patents & Trademarks
Oct 18 Alfred Binet French Scientists & Mathematicians Psychology
Oct 22 Curly Howard New York City Performing Artists The Three Stooges
Oct 24 Sonny Terry Sonny Terry Jazz & Blues
Oct 29 Joseph Pulitzer Joseph Pulitzer Journalism
Aug 23 Gene Kelly (dancer) Gene Kelly Dance Film
Aug 27 First Story of Tarzan Published Edgar Rice Burroughs
Sept 04 Syd Hoff Syd Hoff American Artists
Sept 05 John Cage John Cage American Composers
Sept 30 Zoa Sherburne Washington Authors Young-adult Authors
Oct 14 Theodore Roosevelt Shot in the Chest in Milwaukee, but Completes His Speech Theodore Roosevelt The American Presidency
Oct 17 Pope John Paul I Italy Catholicism
Oct 21 George Solti Hungary Classical Musicians
Oct 21 Don Byas Oklahoma Performing Artists Jazz Famous African Americans
Aug 20 Roger W. Sperry (physicist) Roger W. Sperry The Brain 1981 Nobel Laureate: Medicine & Physiology
Aug 28 Robertson Davies Robertson Davies
Sept 10 First U.S. Coast-to-Coast Paved Road (Lincoln Hwy) Opens Automobiles U.S. History I
Sept 12 Jesse Owens Jesse Owens Track & Field The Olympic Games Famous African Americans
Sept 25 Charlie Chaplin Signs Contract to Make Silent Movies Charlie Chaplin Film
Sept 26 First Boat Raised in Panamá Canal Locks Panamá Canal Naval History
Oct 03 Woodrow Wilson Convenes Special Session of Congress to Lower Tariffs Woodrow Wilson U.S. Congress Economics
Oct 10 Claude Simon Claude Simon 1985 Nobel Laureate for Literature
Oct 17 Zeppelin LII Explodes over London, Killing 28 Londdon Zeppelins & Blimps Death
Aug 19 The British Expeditionary Force (BEF) Lands in France French History British History World War I
Aug 20 German Forces Occupy Brussels, Belgium World War I Belgium
Aug 26 Julio Cortázar Julio Cortázar
Sept 05 The Battle of the Marne Begins: 500,000 Will Die World War I Death
Sept 11 Paul "Bear" Bryant (football coach) Football
Sept 12 Allied Forces Stop Germans: First Battle of Marne Ends World War I
Sept 26 Jack LaLanne San Francisco Sports Figures Health & Fitness
Sept 26 Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Created U.S. Federal Trade Commission U.S. History
Oct 10 Dorothy Lamour New Orleans Performing Artists Film
Oct 14 John Wooden Indiana Sports Figures Basketball
Oct 15 U.S. House Passes Clayton Anti-trust Act Sanctioning Labor Unions Labor U.S.
Oct 17 Jerry Siegel Jerry Siegel Cartoons & Comics
Oct 22 U.S. Congress Passes First Income Tax U.S. Congress Taxes
Oct 25 John Berryman John Berryman Poetry
Aug 19 Ring Lardner, Jr. (screenwriter) Ring Lardner, Jr. Film McCarthyism: Red Scare
Aug 27 Adrienne Jones Children's Literature
Aug 28 Tasha Tudor Tasha Tudor Artists
Aug 29 Ingrid Bergman Ingrid Bergman Film
Sept 09 Eloise McGraw Eloise McGraw
Sept 17 Zena Sutherland Zena Sutherland
Sept 23 Clifford G. Shull (neutron scattering techniques for studies of condensed matte) Pennsylvania Mathematicians & Scientists 1994 Nobel Laureate for Physics
John C. Sheehan (inventor of synthetic penicillin) Michigan Mathematicians & Scientists Inventors Hall of Fame
Oct 04 Dinosaur National Monument Is Established Colorado Utah Dinosaurs Parks
Oct 11 Germans Execute Edith Cavell, a British Nurse Germany Great Britain World War I
Oct 15 U.S. Banks Provide $5M War Loan to British & French Great France" World Business
Oct 17 Arthur Miller Arthur Miller Plays
Oct 21 First Transatlantic Radiotelephone Transmission: Virginia to Paris Paris Virginia Radio History of Technology Historic Firsts
Oct 23 25,000 Women Demand Right to Vote with March in NYC New York City Women's Suffrage
Oct 24 Bob Kane Bob Kane Comics & Cartoons
Sept 10 Robert McClung Children's Literature
Sept 11 Star Spangled Banner First Sung Before a Baseball Game The Star Spangled Banner Baseball
Sept 13 Roald Dahl Roald Dahl
Sept 17 Mary Stewart Mary Stewart
Sept 23 Aldo Moro (premier of Italy) Italy
Sept 27 Greece Declares War on Bulgaria Bulgaria Greece World War I
Sept 30 Alvin Tresselt New Jersey Authors & Illustrators Primary Authors & Illustrators
Sept 30 Peak of Volcano Haleakala in Maui, Hawaii, Established as a National Park Hawaii Parks Volcanoes
Oct 03 James Herriot James Herriot Animals
Oct 04 Julia Cunningham Washington Authors
Oct 07 John W. Heisman's Georgia Tech Team Defeats Cumberland 222-0 Football
Oct 14 Washington & Lee Refuses to Allow Rutgers' Paul Robeson to Play FB Game Football Paul Robeson
Oct 16 Margaret Sanger Opens First Birth Control Clinic in NYC Margaret Sanger Women
Oct 24 Henry Ford Grants Equal Pay to Women Henry Ford Labor Women Business & Economics
Aug 22 John Lee Hooker John Lee Hooker Jazz
Aug 27 John Ford's First Feature Film, Straight Shooting, Is Released John Ford Film
Aug 28 Ten Suffragists Arrested Picketing the White House Women's Suffrage Voting Woodrow Wilson
Sept 06 Frank Modell Children's Literature American Artists
Sept 13 Carol Kendall Carol Kendall
Sept 17 Peter Cooper Hewitt Obtains US Patent for Mercury Vapor Lamp Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks
Sept 20 Arnold "Red" Auerbach Basketball
Sept 20 Wartime Elections Act Gives Vote to Some Canadian Women Canada Women's Suffrage
Sept 25 Phil Rizzuto Baseball
Johnny Sain Baseball
Sept 27 Louis Auchincloss Louis Auchincloss
Oct 08 Rodney Robert Porter Rodney Robert Porter Biochemistry 1972 Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine
Oct 10 Thelonius Monk Thelonius Monk Jazz Musicians Composers Famous African Americans
Oct 15 Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. Ohio Authors History
Oct 15 Margaretha Geertruida Zelle, aka Mata Hari (executed for spying) The France" War World
Oct 15 French Execute Dutch-born Margaretha Geertruida Zelle (Mata Hari) for Spying The France" World War Death"
Oct 17 Radio Corporation of America (RCA) Is Formed Radio Businesses & Corporations
Oct 18 Florence Engel Randall New York City Authors & Illustrators
Oct 21 "Dizzy" Gillespie Dizzy Gillespie Jazz Famous African Americans
Oct 21 First Americans See Action on the Front Lines in France France World War I
Oct 24 The Austro-German Army Routs the Italians at Caporetto, Italy Italy Germany Austria World War I
Oct 25 The Russian Revolution Begins Russian Revolution
Aug 30 Ted Williams Ted Williams Baseball
Sept 10 Ozzie Sweet Ozzie Sweet Photography
Sept 12 General Pershing and the AEF Initiate the Saint-Mihiel Offensive World War I
British Troops Retake Havincourt, Moeuvres, and Trescault World War I
Sept 17 Elmer Sperry Receives Patent for the Gyrocompass Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks
Sept 25 Brazil Declares War on Austria Austria
Sept 26 German Ace, Ernst Udet, Downs Two Allied Planes Ernst Udet Aviation World War I
Sept 27 Martin Ryle Martin Ryle Astronomy & Space 1974 Nobel Laureate for Physics
Sept 27 Canadian & British Troops Storm Germany's Hindenberg Line Canada Britain Germany World War I
Sept 30 Will Rogers' First Movie, Laughing Bill Hyde, Opens at the Rivoli Theater in New York Will Rogers Film
Oct 03 Molly Cone Washington Authors
Oct 08 Jens C. Skou Jens C. Skou Enzymes 1997 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry
Oct 08 Sgt. Alvin C. York Almost Single-handedly Captures & Kills 157 Germans World War I
Oct 11 Jerome Robbins Jerome Robbins Dance
Oct 15 Film Studios Stop Releasing Movies Due to Flu Pandemic Flu Film"
Oct 17 Rita Hayworth Rita Hayworth Film
Oct 18 Czechs Seize Prague and Renounce Hapsburg's Rule The Czech Republic Austria Hungary European History
Oct 22 Baltimore & Washington Run Out of Coffins Due to Influenza Pandemic Washington, D.C. Maryland 1918 Influenza Pandemic
Oct 23 Woodrow Wilson Accepts Germany's Request for an Armistice Germany Woodrow Wilson World War I
Aug 19 Malcolm Forbes (publisher) Malcom Forbes Business & Economics Journalism
Aug 19 Afghanistan Achieves Diplomatic Independence from Great Britain Afghanistan England
Aug 19 HOSTESS Trademark Registered in 1919 by William B. Ward Patents & Trademarks Foods & Nutrition
Aug 20 Walter Bernstein (screenwriter) Walter Bernstein McCarthyism Writers Film Television
Aug 27 Graham Oakley Children's Literature
Sept 10 Austria and the Allies Sign Treaty of St.-Germain-en-Laye Austria World War I European History I
NYC Welcomes Home General Pershing & U.S. Expedtionary Troops New York City World War I
Sept 12 Harold Faber Young-adult Non-fiction U.S. History
Sept 12 Adolf Hitler Joins German Worker's Party Adolph Hitler
Sept 16 The American Legion Is Incorporated by an Act of Congress War U.S. Congress U.S. History
Sept 25 Woodrow Wilson Collapses after Speech in Colorado Colorado Woodrow Wilson The American Presidency
Oct 02 Woodrow Wilson Suffers Paralyzing Stroke Woodrow Wilson The American Presidency
Oct 08 U.S. Congress Passes the Volstead Act U.S. Congress
Oct 11 Art Blakey Pennsylvania Performing Artists Jazz Famous African Americans
Oct 16 Kathleen Winsor Minnesota Authors & Illustrators
Oct 18 Pierre Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada) Pierre Trudeau
Oct 18 Rolls-Royce America Is Established Automobiles Businesses & Corporations
Oct 22 Doris Lessing Doris Lessing
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