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Aug 20 Al López (baseball) Al López Baseball
Aug 20 8MK Detroit Is First Commercial Radio Station to Broadcast Detroit Radio History of Technology Historic Firsts
Aug 21 Christopher Robin (son of A.A. Milne) A.A. Milne
Aug 22 Ray Bradbury Ray Bradbury
Aug 26 19th Amendment Giving Women the Right to Vote, Goes into Effect 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution Voting U.S. History
Aug 29 Charlie "Yardbird" Parker Charlie Jazz Popular Musicians Famous African Americans
Sept 12 Milton Dank Young-adult Non-fiction World War II U.S. History
Sept 13 Else Minarik Else Minarik
Sept 17 National Football League is Formed Football
Sept 20 Bob Lemon Bob Lemon Baseball
Sept 23 Mickey Rooney New York City Performing Artists Film
Sept 27 Eight White Sox Players Charged with the Fixing World Series Chicago Baseball Crime
Oct 01 Walter Matthau American Performing Artists Actors Film
Oct 02 Reds & Pirates Play 0nly Triple-Header in Major League History Baseball
Oct 04 Royal Canadian Air Force Begins 1st Flight Across Canada Canada Aviation
Oct 08 Barthe DeClements Barthe DeClements
Oct 08 Frank Herbert Frank Herbert
Oct 15 Mario Puzo Mario Puzo Crime
Oct 17 Montgomery Clift Montgomery Clift Film
Oct 23 Bob Montana Bob Montana Cartoons and Comics
Oct 23 Sinclair Lewis' Main Street First Published Sinclair Lewis Adult Fiction
Oct 25 King Alexander of Greece (blood poisoning) Greece
Oct 29 Baruj Benacerraf Baruj Benacerraf Autoimmune Diseases Genetic Diseases 1980 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine
Aug 19 Gene Roddenberry (author) Gene Roddenberry Adult Authors
Aug 20 Belinda Hurmence (children's author) Belinda Hurmence African-American History Young-Adult Authors Children's Literature
Aug 26 Ben Bradlee (editor) Ben Bradlee Journalism Watergate Investigation
Aug 27 Arlene Mosel Arlene Mosel
Aug 27 The Green Bay Packers Are Established Wisconsin Football
Sept 10 The First German Autobahn Is Opened Germany Automobile World History Historic Firsts
Sept 12 Stanislaw Lem Stanislaw Lem
Sept 20 Virginia A. Tashjian Massachusetts Authors & Illustrators
Sept 30 Deborah Kerr Deborah Kerr Film
Oct 01 James Whitmore American Performing Artists Actors Film
Oct 02 Edmund Crispin Edmund Crispin
Oct 18 Russians Grant Independence to Crimea The Soviet Union
Oct 29 Bill Mauldin Bill Mauldin Comics & Cartoons World War II
Aug 26 Patricia Beatty Patricia Beatty
Aug 28 First Radio Commercial Airs: WEAF, New York City New York City Radio Propaganda Historic Firsts
First Walker Cup Match Held: Southhampton, New York New York Golf
Aug 30 Decisive Battle of Dumlupinar Secures Turkish Independence Turkey
Sept 09 Mildred Pitts Walter Mildred Pitts Walter Famous African Americans
Sept 10 Ann Holm Ann Holm
Roy Doty Roy Doty Artists Cartoon & Comics
Sept 11 Charles Evers Charles Evers Famous African Americans
Sept 17 Antonio Agostinho Neto Angola
Sept 23 Sonia Gidal German Authors
Sept 30 Oscar Pettiford Oklahoma Performing Artists Jazz Famous African Americans
Oct 01 Yvonne DeCarlo Yvonne DeCarlo Actors Film
Oct 02 New York Stock Exchange Opens in New Location New York City Investments and Markets
Oct 03 Georgia's Rebecca L. Felton Is First Woman U.S. Senator U.S. Senate Women U.S. History Historic Firsts
Oct 07 World Series First Event Broadcast over a Network of Radio Stations Radio Baseball History of Technology Historic Firsts
Oct 08 Christiaan Barnard South African Scientists & Mathematicians Medical Research The Heart
Oct 08 Lilian Gatlin First Woman Pilot to Fly Across the U.S. Aviation Women U.S. History Historic Firsts
Oct 14 New York's Pennsylvania Exchange First for Automated Telephone Dialing New York City The Telephone History of Technology Historic Firsts
Oct 16 Leon Sullivan Leon Sullivan U.S. Civil Rights Famous African Americans
Oct 18 Robin Hood Opens at Grauman's Egyptian Theater in Hollywood Los Angeles Douglas Fairbanks Film
Aug 20 America's First Dirigible, "Shenandoah", Launched at Lakehurst, NJ Aviation New Jersey
Sept 03 Mort Walker Mort Walker Cartoons & Comics American Artists
Sept 17 Hank Williams Hank Willians Country & Western Musicians
Oct 01 Rocky Marciano Rocky Marciano Boxing
Oct 15 Italo Calvino Italo Calvino
Oct 16 Bert Kaempfert German Performing Artists Popular Music
Oct 23 Ned Rorem Ned Rorem
Oct 24 Denise Levertov Denise Levertov Poetry
Oct 25 Albert B. Fall, U.S. Secretary of the Interior, Sentenced to One Year in Prison Albert B. Fall U.S. Government Crime
Oct 29 Desmond Bagley Desmond Bagley
Oct 29 Turkey Becomes a Republic under Its First President, Kemal Ataturk Turkey
Aug 28 F. N. Monjo F. N. Monjo
Aug 28 Janet Frame Janet Frame
Sept 04 Joan Aiken Joan Aiken
Sept 11 Tom Landry (football coach) Football
Sept 12 Amilcar Cabral Amilcar Cabral
Sept 27 Bernard Waber Pennsylvania Authors
Sept 30 Truman Capote Truman Capote
Oct 01 Jimmy Carter (President of the United States) Jimmy Carter The American Presidency
William Rehnquist (Chief Justice, U.S. Supreme Court) U.S. Supreme Court
Oct 04 Donald Sobol New York City Authors
Oct 04 Charlton Heston Illinois Performing Artists Film Gun Control
Oct 10 James Clavell James Clavell
Oct 15 Lee Iacocca Lee Iacocca Automobiles Economics
Oct 15 German ZR-3 Zeplin Flies 5000 miles Germany" Blimps
Oct 18 Red Grange Scores First 4 Times He Has the Ball: Illinois 39 Michigan 14 Football
Aug 30 Laurent de Brunhoff Laurent de Brunhoff Artists
Sept 13 Mel Tormé Mel Torme
Sept 16 B.B. King B.B. King Jazz & Blues Famous African Americans
Sept 26 Berthe Amoss Berthe Amoss American Artists
Sept 26 Marty Robbins Arizona Performing Artists Country & Western Musicians
Sept 26 Bobby Shantz Baseball
Sept 27 Construction Begins on the 13-mile Nurburgring Racing Circuit Germany Auto Racing
Oct 03 Gore Vidal Gore Vidal
Oct 08 Edward Ormondroyd Pennsylvania Authors and Illustrators Primary Authors
Oct 11 Elmore Leonard Elmore Leonard
Oct 16 Angela Lansbury Angela Lansbury Stage and Theater
Oct 21 Westinghouse Demonstrates First Photoelectric Cell in New York City New York City Energy Light History of Technology Historic Firsts
Oct 23 Johnny Carson Johnny Carson Television
Oct 29 Dominick Dunne Dominick Dunne Journalism
Aug 23 Rudolph Valentino Actors
Aug 26 Texaco Incorporated as the Texas Corporation Business & Economics U.S. History
Aug 28 Ted Harrison Ted Harrison Artists
Phyllis Krasilovsky Children's Literature
Sept 09 Radio Corporation of America (RCA) Creates National Broadcasting Co. (NBC) Television Business & Economics
Sept 10 Germany Joins the League of Nations Germany The League of Nations
Sept 11 Alfred Slote Alfred Slote
Sept 16 John Knowles John Knowles
Sept 19 Duke Snider Baseball
Sept 23 John Coltrane John Coltrane Jazz Musicians Famous African Americans
Sept 30 Gillian Avery British Authors & Illustrators
Oct 08 César Milstein César Milstein DNA 1984 Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine
Oct 08 Klaus Kinski Klaus Kinski
Oct 14 Don Madden Ohio Authors & Illustrators American Artists
Oct 14 James "Son" Thomas James Jazz & Blues American Artists Famous African Americans
Oct 17 Naomi J. Karp New York City Authors & Illustrators
Oct 18 Chuck Berry Chuck Berry Popular Musicians
Aug 19 L.Q. Jones (actor) L.Q. Jones Film
Aug 23 Dick Bruna Dick Bruna Artists
Aug 23 Nicola Sacco and Bartolemeo Vanzetti Are Executed Crime Capital Punishment
Sept 06 Margery Facklam Margery Facklam Animals Insects Science
Sept 10 Betty Levin Betty Levin
Sept 18 Ellin Greene Ellin Greene
Sept 18 CBS Opens for Business with 16 Radio Stations Radio Business & Economy
Sept 30 W. S. Merwin W. S. Merwin Poetry
Sept 30 Babe Ruth Hits His 60th Home Run Babe Ruth Baseball
Oct 02 Svante Arrhenius Svante Arrhenius Chemistry
Oct 04 Canada Begins First Air Mail Service Canada Aviation
Oct 10 Hazel Johnson Hazel Johnson Famous American Military Leaders Famous African Americans
Oct 14 Miriam Cohen New York City Authors & Illustrators
Oct 16 Günther Grass Günther Grass
Oct 18 George C. Scott George C. Scott Film Stage & Theater
Oct 24 Barbara Robinson Barbara Robinson
Aug 27 Kellogg-Briand Pact Signed Renouncing War as an Instrument of Policy Pact of Paris/Kellogg-Briand Pact World History World History
Sept 06 Robert Pirsig Robert Pirsig
Sept 12 Katherine Hepburn Makes Her Stage Debut Katherine Hepburn Stage & Theater
Sept 17 Roddy McDowell Roddy McDowell Television Film
Sept 19 Mickey Mouse Makes Film Debut Walt Disney Cartoons & Comics
Sept 20 Donald Hall Donald Hall Poetry
Sept 23 Frank Foster Ohio Performing Artists Popular Musicians Famous African Americans
Sept 25 Motorola Is Incorporated as Galvin Manufacturing Corporation Business & Economics
Sept 30 Piri Thomas Piri Thomas Latin Americans
Elie Wiesel Elie Wiesel The Holocaust 1986 Nobel Laureate for Peace
Oct 02 George "Spanky" McFarland Film Famous American Entertainers
Oct 04 René Márques René Márques Plays
Oct 11 Roscoe Robinson Jr. Roscoe Robinson, Jr. U.S. Military Leaders Famous African Americans
Oct 14 Don Madden California Authors & Illustrators Animals American Artists
Oct 15 Graf Zeppelin Makes First Transatlantic Crossing Germany to New Jersey Germany" New Blimps Historic
Oct 17 Lerone Bennett, Jr. Mississippi Authors & Illustrators Journalism Famous African Americans
Oct 18 Keith Jackson (broadcaster) Football Television
Oct 21 "Whitey" Ford Whitey Ford Baseball Hall of Fame
Oct 25 Marion Ross Marion Ross Television
Aug 19 "Amos 'n' Andy" Comedy Radio Show Debuts on NBC Radio African-American History
Aug 21 X. J. Kennedy X. J. Kennedy Children's Poetry
Aug 21 Herman Badillo Herman Badillo U.S. Congress Latin-American Studies
Aug 29 Thom Gunn Thom Gunn
Sept 03 Aliki Brandenberg Aliki Brandenberg American Artists
Sept 10 Arnold Palmer Arnold Palmer Golf
Sept 26 Ned O'Gorman Ned O'Gorman
Sept 30 Carol Fenner New York Authors & Illustrators
Sept 30 Germany's Fritz von Opel Completes First Manned Rocket-powered Flight Aviation Historic Firsts
Oct 03 Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes Changes to Kingdom of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia European History
Oct 07 Robert Westfall British Authors & Illustrators
Oct 10 Elijah McCoy Elijah McCoy Steam Engine
Oct 11 Russell Freedman Russell Freedman Non-fiction Literature 1988 Newbery Medal Winner
Oct 11 Will Rogers Appears in His First "Talkie" Will Rogers Film
Oct 18 Britain's Privy Council Rules Canadian Women Are Persons of Legal Status Great Britain Canada Law & Legal Reosurces Women
Oct 21 Ursula Le Guin Ursula Le Guin Poetry
Oct 23 First Transcontinental Air Service Begins New York to Los Angeles New York City Los Angeles Aviation Historic Firsts
Oct 25 Paula Winter New York City Authors American Artists
Oct 29 Black Tuesday Stock Market Crash 1929 Stock Market Crash
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