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Aug 19 Johnny Nash (popular musican) Johnny Nash Popular Musicians
Aug 19 Jill St. John (actor) Jill St. John Film Television
Aug 20 Leon Trotsky (leader of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution) Leon Trotsky
Aug 20 Stalin Secret Agent Assassinates Leon Trotsky in Mexico City Leon Trotsky Joseph Stalin Mexico
Aug 26 Cadillac Discontinues Production of the LaSalle after 14 years Automobiles U.S. History
Sept 03 Eduardo Galeano Eduardo Galeano
Sept 04 USS Greer First U.S. Vessel Fired Upon in WWII World War II Naval History
Sept 10 British Bomb German Cities to Retaliate for London Blitz The London Blitz Germany World War II
Sept 12 Lascaux Cave Paintings Discovered in France France Archaeology/Anthropology
Sept 13 Italy Invades Egypt Italy Egypt World War II
Sept 16 FDR Signs into Law the First U.S. Peacetime Military Draft. Franklin Roosevelt World War II U.S. History
Oct 01 The Pennsylvania Turnpike Opens Pennsylvania Automobiles
Oct 02 British Ocean Liner Empress Sunk by German U-Boat Britain Germany Naval History World War II
Oct 04 Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini Meet at Brenner Pass Adolph Hitler Benito Mussolini World War II
Oct 07 German Troops Enter Romania Germany Romania World War II
Oct 08 The U.S. Excess Profits Tax Act Is Signed into Law Taxes Law & Legal Resources
Oct 15 Barry Moser Barry Moser American Artists The Bible
Oct 15 Peter C. Doherty Australian Scientists & Mathematicians 1996 Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine
Oct 15 Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator Opens in Theaters Charlie Film"
Oct 16 Benjamin O. Davis First African American Brigadier General Washington, D.C. Famous African Americans
Oct 23 Pelé Pelé Soccer
Oct 25 Benjamin O. Davis Becomes First Black General in U.S. Army Benjamin O. Davis African-American History
German Troops Capture Kharkov World War II
Oct 29 First U.S. Peace-time Draft Begins World War II
Aug 20 William H. Gray III (congressman) William H. Gray III Pennsylvania Political Leaders U.S. Congress Famous African Americans
Aug 22 NAZI Troops Reach Outskirts of Leningrad Germany Russia World War II
Aug 27 Prime Minister of Japan Requests Summit with FDR President Franklin Roosevelt Japan World War II
Aug 28 Beau Gardner Children's Literature
Aug 28 The Football Writers Association of America Organized Journalism Football
NAZI Gestapo Slaughters 23,000 Hungarian Jews in Ukraine Ukraine Hungary Judaism The Holocaust World War II Death
Aug 30 NAZIs Cut Off Last Railroad into Leningrad Russia Railroads World War II
Sept 05 Gloria Jean Pinkney Gloria Jean Pinkney Famous African Americans
Sept 06 Susan Kuklin Non-fiction Children's Literature Photography
Sept 06 Germans Order Jews to Wear Star of David The Holocaust Judaism World War II
Sept 09 Otis Redding Otis Redding Popular Music Famous African Americans
Sept 10 Stephen Jay Gould Stephen Jay Gould Science
Sept 11 Miguel Algarín Miguel Algarín Poetry
Sept 11 FDR Bans German and Italian Ships from U.S. Waters Franklin Roosevelt Shipping History World War II U.S. History
Ground Is Broken for the Construction of the Pentagon The Pentagon
Sept 19 James Haskins James Haskins Civil Rights
Sept 19 "Mama" Cass Elliott Cass Elliott Popular Musicians
Sept 19 Germans Bomb Leningrad Russia Aviation World War II
Sept 20 Arthur Geisert Texas Authors & Illustrators Artists
Oct 02 Jennifer Owings Dewey Jennifer Owings Dewey Science
Oct 02 Germans Launch Operation Typhoon Surge to Moscow Russia Germany World War II
Oct 03 Chubby Checker Popular Musicians Famous African Americans
Oct 03 The Maltese Flacon Opens in Movie Theaters Humphrey Bogart Film
Oct 04 Karen Cushman Karen Cushman 1995 Newbery Medal Winner
Oct 04 Anne Rice Anne Rice
Oct 08 Jesse Jackson Jesse Jackson U.S. Civil Rights Famous African Americans
Oct 08 Paul Hogan Paul Hogan Film
Oct 08 Germans Overrun Mariupol in Southern Russia Russia Germany World War II
Oct 10 Ken Saro-Wiwa Ken Saro-Wiwa Human Rights
Oct 10 Peter Coyote New York City Performing Artists Film
Oct 11 Macedonian Resistance Units Begin Combatting Fascist Occupation Macedonia Germany Italy Bulgaria Albania
Oct 15 Under Seige by Germans, Russian Troops Evacuate Odessa Germany" RussiA" World
Oct 16 Nazi's Advance within 60 Miles of Moscow Russia Germany World War II
Oct 17 German U-boat Torpedos S.S. Kearney Germany United States World War II Naval History
Prince Fumimaro Konoye's Government Collapses in Japan Japan World War II
Oct 21 Germans Soldiers Massacre Thousands of Yugolsavian Civilians Yugoslavia Germany World War II
Oct 23 Georgi K. Zhukov Takes Command of the Soviet Army The Soviet Union World War II
U.S. Senate Passes $5.98B Lend-Lease Bill U.S. Senate Franklin Roosevelt
Oct 24 Bill Wyman The Rolling Stones
Oct 25 Anne Tyler Anne Tyler
Aug 19 Fred Thompson (U.S. Senator/Actor) Fred Thompson Tennessee Political Leaders U.S. Congress Film
Aug 19 Canadian/British Raid on Dieppe, France Fails Canada at War British Military France World War II
Aug 20 First Isolation of a Visible Amount of Plutonium (Pu) at University of Chicago Plutonium Nuclear Weapons
Aug 26 John Blaha John Blaha Astronauts
Aug 29 Japan Refuses Red Cross Supplies for US POW Japan The Red Cross World War II
Sept 09 Japanese Drop Incendiary Bombs on an Oregon Forest Oregon World War II
Sept 11 Lois Ruby Lois Ruby
Sept 12 German U-boat Sinks British Troop Ship Laconia World War II Naval History
Sept 18 Susan Jeschke Susan Jeschke American Artists
Sept 20 Sue Ellen Bridgers Sue Ellen Bridgers Young-Adult Literature
Sept 25 U.S. War Labor Board Orders Equal Pay for Equal Work for Women Women at Work Labor Business & Economics World War II
Sept 26 Gloria Anzaldúa Gloria Anzaldúa Latin Americans
Sept 27 Mark Vinz Mark Vinz Poetry
Sept 27 Australians Defeat the Japanese on New Guinea Australia Japanese New Guinea World War II
Glenn Miller and His Orchestra Perform Together for Last Time Glenn Miller World War II
Oct 03 Germans Conduct First Successful V-2 Rocket Test Germany World War II
Oct 07 Susan Jeffers New Jersey Authors & Illustrators American Artists
Oct 08 The U.S. Copper-silver-manganese Wartime Five-cent Coin Is Authorized. Currencies Copper Silver Managanese
Philadelphia "P" Mint Mark First Appears on U.S. Coins Currencies
Oct 11 U.S. Ships Defeat Japanese in Battle of Cape Esperance World War II Naval History
Oct 14 Péter Nádas Péter Nádas
Oct 15 Beatrice Gormley California Authors & Illustrators
Oct 15 Penny Marshall New York City Performing Artists Television Film
Oct 16 Joseph Bruchac New York Authors & Illustrators Native American Studies
Sandy Asher Pennsylvania Authors & Illustrators
Oct 18 Joyce Hansen Joyce Hansen Famous African Americans
Susan Jeschke Ohio Authors & Illustrators Ohio Artists
Colin Thompson British Authors & Illustrators British Artists
Oct 18 Vice Admiral Halsey Assume Command of the South Pacific William F. Halsey World War II
Oct 22 Annette Funicello Annette Funicello Film Television
Oct 23 Michael Crichton Michael Crichton
Oct 23 British Begin Major Offensive at El Alamein, Egypt Egypt Great Britain World War II
Oct 25 Stephanie S. Tolan Ohio Authors
Oct 29 British Protest Germany's Persecution of Jews Great Britain The Holocaust World War II
Aug 19 Billy J. Kramer (popular musican) Billy J. Kramer Popular Musicians
Aug 21 Leon Trotsky (leader of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution) Leon Trotsky
Aug 23 LIFE Magazine Features the Lindy Hop on Its Cover Dance
Aug 27 Suzy Kline Suzy Kline
Aug 30 R. Crumb R. Crumb Comics & Cartoons
Sept 09 Allies Land at Salerno and Taranto Italy World War II
Sept 10 German Forces Occupy Rome Italy Germany World War II
Sept 12 Michael Ondaatje Michael Ondaatje
Sept 12 U.S. Troops Enter Germany for the First Time World War II
Sept 13 Mildred Taylor Mildred Taylor Famous African Americans
Sept 13 Chiang Kai-shek Becomes Leader of China History of China
Sept 19 Joe Morgan Baseball Famous African Americans
Sept 23 Julio Iglesias Spanish Performing Artists Popular Musicians
Sept 23 Former Dictator Benito Mussolini Reestablishes Facist Regime in Northern Italy Italy European History World History
Sept 25 Soviets Retake Smolensk from Germany Russia Germany World War II
Sept 27 Ray DiPalma Ray DiPalma Poetry
Sept 27 Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters Record Jingle Bells Christmas Popular Music
Sept 30 Johann Deisenhofer Johann Deisenhofer Biochemistry 1988 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry
Oct 01 Allied Forces Capture Naples, Italy Italy World War II
Oct 07 Japanese Execute 96 American Prisoners of War on Wake Island The United States Japan World War II War Crimes Death
Oct 08 R.L. Stine R.L. Stine
Oct 08 Chevy Chase Chevy Chase Film Television
Oct 15 Richard Carpenter Connecticut Performing Artists Popular Musicians
Oct 18 Paul Robeson Selected for the Spingarn Medal: NAACP's Highest Award Paul Robeson African-American History
First Radio Broadcast of Perry Mason on CBS Radio
Oct 21 Ann Cameron Wisconsin Authors
Oct 22 Cathérine Deneuve Cathérine Deneuve Film
Aug 19 Charles DeGaulle Begins Attacking German Forces in Paris France World War II
Aug 21 U.S., British, Soviets & Chinese Meet to Form Principles for a U.N. United States Great Britain Russia China United Nations
Aug 22 Romania Captured by Russia Romania Russia World War II
Aug 23 Antonio Novello (Surgeon General of the United States) Antonio Novello Health Care United States Government
Aug 23 Marseilles Captured by Allied Troops France World War II
Aug 26 French General Charles de Gaulle Enters a Liberated Paris Charles de Gaulle Liberation of Paris European History
Sept 09 Communist-dominated Fatherland Front Seizes Power in Bulgaria Bulgaria World History
Sept 11 American Troops Enter Luxembourg Luxembourg World War II
Sept 26 Germans Devastate Allies at Arnhem World War II
Oct 03 Pierre René Deligne Pierre René Deligne Algebra
Oct 03 U.S. Troops Break through Germany's Seigfried Line Germany World War II
Germans Evacute Athens, Greece Germany Greece World War II
Oct 10 800 Gypsy Children Gassed to Death at Auschwitz Adolph Hitler The Holocaust World History Death
Oct 11 To Have and Have Not Premieres Humphrey Bogart Film
Oct 14 Tessa Paul Zimbabwe Artists
Oct 14 Erwin Rommel (German General) Erwin Rommel World War II
Oct 16 The Robe Is Published Religion
Oct 18 Katherine Kurtz Florida Authors & Illustrators
Oct 18 Soviets Invade Czechoslovakia Soviet Union Czech Republic Slovakia World War II
Forever Amber Is Published Adult Fiction
Oct 21 Janet Ahlberg British Authors
Oct 21 Aachen Is the First German City to Fall to the Allies Germany World War II
Oct 23 Battle of Leyte Gulf Begins World War II
Oct 24 Aircraft Carrier USS Princeton Sunk in the Leyte Gulf World War II Naval History
Oct 25 Japan's First Kamikaze Suicide Bombers Used in Leyte Gulf Aviation World War II
Aug 19 Ian Gillan (popular musican) Ian Gillan Popular Musicians
Aug 27 Suzanne Fisher Staples Suzanne Fisher Staples
Aug 27 Hong Kong Is Liberated from Japan Hong Kong Japan World War II World History
Aug 27 U.S. Troops Begin Landing in Japan Japan United States World War II World History
Aug 30 Gen. Douglas MacArthur Lands in Japan to Oversee Surrender Douglas MacArthur Japan World War II American History
Sept 04 Japanese Surrender Wake Island World War II
Sept 05 Roxie Munro American Artists
Sept 09 John Curry John Curry Figure Skating The Olympic Games
Sept 09 First Computer Bug Is Documented: Live Moth in a Mark II Computer History of Technology Historic Firsts
Sept 10 José Feliciano José Feliciano Popular Musicians Latin Americans
Sept 10 Vidkun Quisling Sentenced to Death for Nazi Collaboration Norway World War II
Sept 18 MacArthur Moves Command Headquarters to Tokyo General Douglas MacArthur Japan World War II
Oct 01 Rod Carew Panamá Baseball
Oct 02 Don McLean Popular Musicians
Oct 02 Formula One Grand Prix Racing Begins Auto Racing
Oct 03 10-year-old Elvis Presley Finishes Second in Talent Show Elvis Presley Popular Musicians
Oct 04 Clifton Davis Chicago Performing Artists Famous African Americans
Oct 08 Truman Announces U.S. to Share Atomic Secrets with Britain and Canada Great Britain Canada President Truman Nuclear Weapons
Oct 11 Talks Break Down between Chiang Kai-shek and Mao Tse-tung History of China Taiwan
Oct 15 Jim Palmer New York City Sports Figures Baseball
Oct 15 Pierre Laval (executed for German collaboration) France" Germany" War World
Oct 15 Vichy French Premier Pierre Laval Executed for German Collaboration France" Germany" World War Death"
Oct 17 Coup Places Colonel Juan Perón As Dictator of Argentina Juan Perón
Oct 24 Norway's Wartime President Executed as Nazi Collaborator Norway War Crimes World War II
United Nations Charter Goes Into Effect United Nations World History
Oct 25 After 50 Years of Japanese Occupation of Taiwan Ends Taiwan Japan
Oct 29 Anna Rosenberg Is First Women Awarded the U.S. Medal of Freedom Women U.S. History Historic Firsts
First Ball-Point Pen On Sale for $12 Inventors & Inventions History of Technology Historic Firsts
Aug 19 Bill Clinton (President of the United States) Arkansas Political Leaders Bill Clinton
Aug 19 Charles Bolden (astronaut) Charles Bolden Astronauts Famous African Americans
Aug 20 Connie Chung (broadcast journalist) Connie Chung Journalism Television
Aug 20 U.S. Army Chronograph Clocks a Bob Feller Fastball at 98.6 mph Baseball
Aug 23 Robert Irwin Robert Irwin
Aug 26 Valerie Simpson Valerie Simpson Popular Musicians
Aug 26 George Orwell Publishes Animal Farm George Orwell Animal Farm
Sept 10 E. Wendy Saul Science
Sept 11 Anthony Browne Anthony Browne British Artists
Sept 11 First Long Distance Car-to-Car Phone Call Automobiles The Telephone History of Technology Historic Firsts
Sept 16 Joanne Ryder Joanne Ryder Science Insects
Sept 20 First Film Festival Is Held in Cannes, France France Film
Sept 23 Jan Ormerod Australian Authors Artists
Sept 26 Christine Todd Whitman New York Political & Social Leaders
Sept 30 Larry Levis Larry Levis Poetry
Sept 30 22 Top Nazi Leaders Found Guilty of War Crimes by Nuremberg Tribunal World War II War Crimes
Oct 01 Tim O'Brien Tim O'Brien
Oct 01 Barry Gibb Barry Gibb Popular Musicians
Oct 01 Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal Issues Death Sentences for Convicted Nazis World War II War Crimes
Oct 04 Susan Sarandon Susan Sarandon Film
Oct 10 James Marshall James Marshall
Oct 10 Robert D. San Souci Robert D. San Souci
Oct 10 Ben Vereen Florida Performing Artists Stage and Theater Film Famous African Americans
Oct 14 J. Craig Venter J. Craig Venter Human Genome Project
Oct 15 Herman Goering (Nazi leader - suicide) Herman World War Death"
Oct 15 Nazi Leader Herman Goering Kills Himself in Prison with Cyanide Herman World War Death"
V8 Trademark Is Registered for Canned Mixed Vegetable Juices Patents Foods
Oct 16 Nazi War Criminal Alfred Rosenberg Is Executed Alfred Rosenberg War Crimes Propaganda
Oct 17 Bob Seagren California Sports Figures The Olympic Games Track and Field
Oct 23 Mel Martinez Mel Martinez George W. Bush Latin-American Studies U.S. Government
Oct 23 First Meeting of the United Nations General Assembly Held in New York City New York City United Nations
Oct 25 Julia Noonan Connecticut Authors American Artists
Aug 22 Will Hobbs Will Hobbs
Aug 23 John Bianchi John Bianchi Artists
Aug 23 Willy Russell Willy Russell
Aug 26 Dan Bankhead Is First Black Pitcher in Major-league Baseball Baseball African-American History
Sept 05 Jesse James Jesse James Notorious Americans
Sept 10 Rebecca C. Jones Children's Literature
Sept 17 Gail Carson Levine Anne Ophelia Dowden
Sept 17 Jeff MacNelly Jeff MacNelly American Artists Comics & Cartoons
Sept 17 James V. Forrestal Sworn in as First U.S. Secretary of Defense U.S. Government Offices & Agencies World History
Sept 18 National Security Act Unifies the Army, Navy and Newly Formed Air Force U.S. Government & Agencies Aviation War U.S. History
Sept 19 Thomas Cook Thomas Cook
Sept 20 John Prater North Carolina Authors & Illustrators Primary Literature
Sept 25 Jim Murphy Jim Murphy
Sept 26 Lynn Anderson Country & Western Musicians
Sept 30 L. B. Werner and Isadore Perlman Report Isolation of First Curium Compound Chemistry Curium
Oct 03 Lindsay Buckingham Popular Musicians
Oct 04 Max Planck Max Planck Physics Light
Oct 14 U.S. Air Force Pilot Chuck Yeager Is First Person to Break the Sound Barrier Chuck Yeager Aviation Historic Firsts
Oct 21 Florence Ai Ogawa Texas Writers Poetry
Oct 24 Kevin Kline Kevin Kline Film
Oct 29 Richard Dreyfuss Richard Dreyfuss Actors Film
Aug 19 Tipper Gore Tipper Gore
Aug 19 Gerald McRaney (actor) Gerald McRaney Television
Aug 20 Robert Plant (rock singer) Robert Plant Popular Musicians
Aug 21 Sharon Mills Draper Sharon Mills Draper Children's Literature Famous African Americans
Sept 09 The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) Is Proclaimed in Pyongyang North Korea World History
Sept 11 Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (founder of Pakistan) Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Sept 13 Margaret Chase Smith First Womean Elected to Both Houses of Congress Maine Political Leaders U.S. Congress Women
Sept 25 Anne Shelby Kentucky Authors
Sept 26 Olivia Newton John British Performing Artists Popular Musicians Film
Sept 30 W. D. Ehrhart W. D. Ehrhart Vietnam War
Oct 02 Watkins Glen, NY Hosts Its First Grand Prix Race New York Auto Racing
Oct 03 Marilyn Singer New York City Authors
Oct 07 Diane Ackerman Illinois Authors Science Literature
Oct 16 Hudson Introduces Unified Chasis & Frame for Cars Automobiles
Oct 18 Ntozake Shange Ntozake Shange Poetry Plays
Oct 21 RCA Transmits First High-Speed Radio Fax to Library of Congress Radio History of Technology Historic Firsts
WDLA Memphis Airs "The Town Jamboree," First All-black Radio Programming Radio African-American History
Oct 22 Polly Whitney Polly Whitney
Oct 24 Kweisi Mfume (President of NAACP) African-American Studies
Oct 24 Bernard Baruch First to Use the Term "Cold War" The Cold War World History
Oct 29 Kate Jackson Kate Jackson Actors Television
Aug 20 Republic of Hungary Adopts Its Constitution Hungary
Sept 10 Babette Cole Babette Cole British Artists
Sept 12 Kevin Major Kevin Major
Sept 13 Ladies Professional Golf Association of America Is Formed Golf Women
Sept 23 Bruce Springsteen New Jersey Performing Artists Popular Musicians
Sept 23 Communist Ben Davis Sentence to 3 Years for Conspiring to Overthrow the U.S. Law & Legal Resources The Cold War U.S. History
President Truman Announces Soviets Have Exploded a Nuclear Bomb Russia Harry Truman Nuclear Weapons
Sept 26 Jane Smiley Jane Smiley
Sept 27 Mike Schmidt Ohio Sports Figures Baseball
Sept 30 The Berlin Airlift Ends as Soviets Withdraw Blockade Berlin Aviation The Cold War
Oct 01 Peoples Republic of China Officially Established History of China World History
500,000 American Steel Workers Go On Strike Labor Job Actions
Oct 02 Annie Leibovitz Annie Leibovitz Photography
Oct 03 America's First Black Radio Station (WERD) Goes on the Air Radio African-American History
Oct 04 Anitbiotic for Typhoid Is Patented Medical Research Patents & Trademarks
Oct 07 Republic of East Germany Is Formed, Splitting Germany in Two Germany The Cold War
Oct 08 Sigourney Weaver Sigourney Weaver Film
Oct 14 Katha Pollitt Katha Pollitt Poetry
Oct 17 Direct-dial Long-distance Telephone Service Begins The Telephone
Oct 23 Nick Tosches Nick Tosches
Oct 24 Cornerstone for U.N. Headquaters Laid in New York City New York City The United Nations
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