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Aug 19 ABC Airs First Saturday Morning Television Shows for Children Children's Television
Aug 24 Edith Sampson First African American Representative to the United Nations. The United Nations Edith Sampson Truman Library African-American History Historic Firsts
Sept 04 Suzanne Freeman Children's Literature
Sept 05 Cathy Guisewite Cathy Guisewite Cartoon & Comics
Sept 16 Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Education Famous African Americans
Sept 18 Twig C. George Twig C. George Science Animals Non-fiction
Sept 23 Bruce Brooks Washington, D.C. Authors Young-adult Authors
Sept 27 Gerhard Schroeder (Chancellor of Germany) Germany
Sept 27 U.S. Forces Take Seoul, Korea Korean War
Oct 02 Peanuts Debuts in Newspapers Charles Schulz Cartoons & Comics
Oct 03 William Bradford Shockley Patents the Transistor William Bradford Shockley Patents & Trademarks History of Technology
Oct 07 Willis Haviland Carrier (inventor of the first practical air conditioner) Willis Carrier Inventors & Inventions
Oct 11 FCC Issues First Color Television Broadcast License to CBS FCC Television
Oct 15 Truman & MacArthur Meet on Wake Island to Discuss the Korean War Harry Douglas Korean
Aircall, America's First Remote Radio Paging Service, Begins Operation History Historic
Oct 18 Wendy Wasserstein Wendy Wasserstein Plays
Oct 21 Ronald E. McNair Ronald McNair Physics Astronauts Famous African-Americans
Oct 21 Earl Lloyd Is First African American to Play in an NBA Game Basketball African-American History
Oct 23 Bruce Brooks Washington, D.C. Authors & Illustrators
Oct 23 Al Jolson Al Jolson Popular Musicians Film
Oct 25 Chinese Forces Launch Offensive into North Korea China Korean War
Aug 19 John Deacon (rock musican) John Deacon Popular Musicians
Aug 19 Bill Veeck Pinch Hits 43" Eddie Gaedel for the St. Louis Browns Bill Veeck Baseball
Aug 21 Harry Smith Harry Smith Broadcast Journalism
Aug 22 Althea Gibson: First Black in National Tennis Competition Tennis African-American History Historic Firsts
Sept 04 Kate Waters Children's Literature
Sept 13 Americans Begin Assault on Heartbreak Ridge in Korea Korean War
Sept 18 Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson Health Care Profesisonals Famous African Americans
Sept 25 Mark Hamill Film Actors
Sept 25 Bob McAdoo North Carolina Sports Figures Basketball Famous African Americans
Oct 02 Sting Sting Popular Musicians
Oct 03 Bobby Thomson Hits a HR & The Giants Win the Pennant! Baseball
Oct 07 John Mellencamp John Mellencamp
Oct 15 Roscoe Tanner Tennesee Sports Figures Tennis
Oct 15 First Oral Contraceptive Developed by Syntex Medical Women" Historic
I Love Lucy Debuts Television"
Oct 16 Patrice Kindl Patrice Kindl
Oct 17 Judith Caseley New Jersey Authors & Writers American Artists
Oct 18 Terry McMillan Terry McMillan Famous African Americans
Oct 25 Winston Churchill Elected Prime Minister of England Winston Churchill
Peace Talks Resume in Korea after 63 Days Korean War
Aug 19 Jonathan Frakes (actor) Jonathan Frakes Television
Aug 22 Trademark Registered for Adventures of Superman Television Show Patents & Trademarks Television
Aug 28 Rita Dove Rita Dove Poetry Famous African Americans
Aug 29 Karen Hesse Karen Hesse 1998 Newbery Award Winner for Out of the Dust
Sept 05 Paul Fleischman Paul Fleischman 1989 Newbery Medal
Sept 06 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Begins Operation Canada Television
Sept 09 Angela Cartwright Angela Cartwright The Sound of Music Television
Sept 11 The First Artificial Heart Valve Is Implanted The Heart History of Technology Historic Firsts
UN Resolution Returns Eritrea to Ethiopa from Italian/British Control Eritrea Ethipoia Great Britain Italy
Sept 23 VP Candidate Richard M. Nixon Delivers His "Checkers" Speech on Television Richard Nixon Television
Rocky Marciano KOs Jersey Joe Walcott for World Heavyweight Championship Boxing
Sept 25 Christopher Reeve Film Actors Special Needs Education
Oct 01 This Is Your Life Debuts on NBC Television
Oct 03 Britain Detonates an Atomic Bomb - Becomes Third Nuclear Power Great Britain Nuclear Weapons The Cold War World History
Oct 07 Vladimir Putin Vladimir Putin
Oct 22 Jeff Goldblum Jeff Goldblum
Oct 23 Selman A. Waksman Selected for Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine Selman A. Waksman Tuberculosis 1952 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
Aug 19 CIA-assisted Coup Overthrows Government of Iran Iran CIA
Israel Adopts Law Granting Commemorative Citizenship to All Holocaust Victims Israel The Holocaust
Aug 20 Soviet Union Publicly Acknowledges Testing a Hydrogen Bomb Russia Nuclear Weapons The Cold War
Aug 21 Arthur Yorinks Arthur Yorinks Children's Literature
Aug 27 Audrey Hepburn Makes Film Debut in Roman Holiday Audrey Hepburn Film
Sept 12 Nikita Khrushchev Elected First Communist Party Secretary Nikita Khrushchev
Senator John F. Kennedy Marries Jacqueline Lee Bouvier John F. Kennedy
Sept 17 Ernie Banks Is First Black Player to Wear Chicago Cub Uniform Chicago Baseball
Oct 15 Tito Jackson Michael Jackson Popular Musicians Famous African Americans
Oct 15 Teahouse of the August Moon Opens on Broadway Stage
Aug 20 Al Roker Al Roker Television Famous African-Americans
Aug 21 Claudia Mills Claudia Mills Young-adult Authors
Sept 12 Lassie Makes Television Debut Dogs Children's Television
Sept 20 Michael J. Rosen Ohio Authors & Illustrators Artists Judaism Poetry
Sept 23 George C. Wolfe Kentucky Writers Plays Stage & Theater
Sept 25 Elvis Presley Appears on the "Grand Ole Opry" Elvis Presley Country & Western Musicians
Sept 27 The Tonight Show Debuts with Steve Allen Television
Sept 30 Sylvia McNicoll Canadian Authors & Illustrators
Sept 30 USS Nautilus Commissioned as World's First Nuclear Submarine Naval History Nuclear Weapons
Oct 03 Stevie Ray Vaughan Popular Musicians
Oct 03 Dennis Eckersley Baseball
Oct 03 Father Knows Best Debuts on CBS Family Television
Oct 07 Marian Anderson Is First Black Singer Hired by NYC Metropolitan Opera New York City Marian Anderson Opera African-American History
IBM Displays the First All-transistor Calculator The Transistor History of Technology Historic Firsts
Oct 11 Viet Minh Take Control of Hanoi & North Vietnam Vietnam
Oct 15 Hurricane Hazel Hits Toronto CanadA" Hurricanes"
Oct 23 Ang Lee Ang Lee Film
Oct 24 Eisenhower Pledges Support to South Vietnam Vietnam President Eisenhower Vietnam War
Oct 25 President Eisenhower Conducts First Televised Cabinet Meeting Dwight Eisenhower The American Presidency Television Historic Firsts
Aug 19 Peter Gallagher (actor) Peter Gallagher Television Film
Aug 19 Hurricane Diane Causes Severe Flooding in U.S. Northeast: 200 Die Hurricanes Flooding Death
Ralph Bunche Is Named Undersecretary of the United Nations Ralph Bunche Nobel Laureate United Nations Famous African-Americans
Aug 20 Anti-French Riots in Morocco & Algiers Leave Hundreds Dead France Morocco Algeria Death
Sept 13 Louis Armstrong Wins Grammy for "Hello Dolly" Louis Armstrong Popular Musicians
Sept 19 Argentina President Juan Peron Overthrown by Rebels Argentina
Musical Our Town Performed by Eva Maria Saint, Frank Sinatra, Paul Newman Thornton Wilder Televisionr
Sept 25 Luanne Rice Luanne Rice
Sept 30 James Dean (car crash) James Dean Auto Safety
Oct 01 The Honeymooners Debuts on CBS Television
Oct 03 Mickey Mouse Club Debuts on ABC Family Television Walt Disney
Captain Kangaroo Debuts Family Television
Oct 07 Yo-Yo Ma Yo-Yo Ma Classical Musicians Asian-American Studies
Oct 15 Emma Chicester Clark British Authors & Illustrators British Artists
Oct 15 Grand Ole Opry Premieres on ABC Country Television"
Oct 16 Mrs. Jules Lederer Prints First Column As Ann Landers Journalism
Oct 22 F-105 Thunderchief Prototype Makes Maiden Flight Aviation
Oct 25 Tappan Introduces the Microwave Oven Electromagnetic Radiation Physics History of Technology
Oct 29 Rhonda Gowler Greene Rhonda Gowler Greene
Aug 20 Joan Allen (actor) Joan Allen Film
Aug 20 Republican National Convention Begins at the Cow Palace, San Francisco Politics San Francisco U.S. History
Aug 21 Kim Cattrall Kim Cattrall Television Film
Aug 29 Mark Morris Mark Morris Dance
Sept 09 Elvis Presley Appears on the Ed Sullivan Show for the First Time Television Elvis Presley
Sept 10 Scott Banfill American Artists
Sept 25 First Transatlantic Phone Call Is Made The Telephone World History Historic Firsts
Sept 27 Martin Handford Martin Handford British Artists
Sept 27 Babe Didrikson Zaharias Babe Didrikson Zaharias Women Golf Track & Field
Sept 27 U.S. Bell X-2, World's Fastest Highest-flying Plane Crashes Aviation The Cold War
Oct 01 Paul Yee Paul Yee Young-adult Authors
Oct 07 Clarence Birdseye (inventor of frozen foods) New York Scientists, Mathematicians & Inventors Foods & Nutrition Inventors & Inventions
Oct 08 Stephanie Zimbalist California Performing Artists Television
Oct 08 Yankee Don Larsen Pitches the Only Perfect Game in World Series History Baseball
Oct 17 Mae Jemison Mae Jemison Astronauts Famous African Americans
Oct 17 Britain's Calder Hall Nuclear Power Station is Europe's First Great Britain Nuclear Power European History
Oct 18 Martina Navratilova Martina Navratilova Tennis
Oct 21 Honduran Revolt Ousts President Lozano Diaz Honduras
Oct 23 Hungarian Revolution Begins 1956 Hungarian Revolution Soviet Union War
NBC Makes First Videotaped Broadcast: Jonathan Winters Television History of Technology Historic Firsts
Oct 29 Israeli Troops Invade the Sinai after Egypt Nationalizes the Suez Canal Israel The Suez Canal The Cold War World History
The Huntley-Brinkley Report Premieres on NBC Television Journalism
Aug 19 Adam Arkin (actor) Adam Arkin Television
Aug 19 Gary Chapman (country music singer/songwriter) Gary Chapman Country Musicians
Aug 19 First Balloon Flight above 100,000 Feet Takes Off from Crosby, Minnesota Minnesota Aviation
New York Giants Announce Decision to Move to San Francisco New York California Baseball
Aug 21 Consitution Ratified Establishing the Unconquered Seminole Tribe of Florida Seminole Tribe of Florida Native-American Studies
Aug 23 Melanie Rae Thon Melanie Rae Thon
Aug 26 Russia Successfully Tests an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Russia The Cold War World History
Ford Rolls Out Its First Edsel Ford Automobiles Business & Economics U.S. History
Aug 29 Sen. Strom Thurmond Sets Senate Filibuster Record (24h18m) U.S. Senate
Sept 04 National Guard Called in at Little Rock Central HS Arkansas U.S. Civil Rights
Sept 05 Jack Kerouac's On the Road Goes on Sale Jack Kerouac American Authors
Sept 09 President Eisenhower Signs First Civil Rights Law Since Reconstruction President Eisenhower Civil Rights U.S. Congress
Sept 17 Louis Armstrong Cancels Goodwill Trip to Russia Due to U.S. Racial Unrest Louis Armstrong Russia American Civil Rights African-American History U.S. History
Sept 19 First Underground Nuclear Test Takes Place in Nevada Nevada Nuclear Weapons World History Historic Firsts
Sept 20 Jean Sibelius Jean Sibelius Composers
Sept 23 White Mob Forces 9 Black Students to Leave Little Rock Central H.S., AR Arkansas U.S. Civil Rights Education African-American History U.S. History
Sept 25 Federal Troops Escort 9 Black Students into Little Rock Central H.S, AR Arkansas President Eisnehower Education U.S. Civil Rights African-American History U.S. History
Sept 26 West Side Story Opens on Broadway Leonard Bernstein Musical Theater
Oct 04 Soviet Union Launches Sputnik, the First Artificial Satellite Soviet Space Program Space Exploration The Cold War Historic Firsts
Leave It to Beaver Debuts Family Television
Oct 08 Brooklyn Dodgers Announce Move to Los Angeles New York City Los Angeles Baseball
Jerry Lee Lewis Records Great Balls of Fire Popular Music
Oct 16 Sam Cooke Releases "You Send Me" Popular Music
Oct 21 Jailhouse Rock, Starring Elvis Presley, Opens at Theaters Elvis Presley Film
Oct 29 Buddy Holly & The Crickets Release "Oh Boy!" Popular Music
Aug 21 Steve Case (founder of America Online) Steve Case Business & Economics History of Technology Inventors & Inventions
Aug 28 Scott Hamilton Scott Hamilton Ice Skating The Olympic Games
Aug 29 George Harrison Joins John Lennon and Paul McCartney The Beatles
Sept 05 Dr. Zhivago Published in U.S. Boris Pasternak Adult Fiction 1958 Nobel Prize for Literature
Sept 20 Martin Luther King, Jr. Stabbed in Chest in New York City New York City Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Sept 27 The Army Takes Control of the Burmese Government Burma/Myanmar
Oct 02 Guinea Gains Independence from France Guinea France
Oct 04 British Airways Offers First Trans-Atlantic Jet Service Britain Aviation History Historic Firsts
Oct 07 Pakistan President Iskander Mirza Seizes Power, Imposes Martial Law Pakistan
Oct 08 Dr Åke Senning Implants the First Internal Heart Pacemaker Medical Research The Heart History of Technology Historic Firsts
Oct 10 Tanya Tucker Tanya Tucker Country & Western Musicians
Oct 11 Pioneer I Fails to Reach the Moon - Falls Back to Earth Lunar Exploration Space Exploration
Oct 14 Elisa Kleven Los Angeles Authors & Illustrators American Artists
Oct 14 Washington, D.C. Bar Association Votes to Accept African-American Members Washington, D.C. Law and Legal Resources African-American History
Malagasy Republic Proclaimed Autonomous State of the French Community Madagascar
Oct 16 Chevrolet Introduces the El Camino Autombile Models
Oct 17 Alan Jackson Alan Jackson Country & Western Musicians
Oct 21 "Tater Tots" Trademark Is Registered Foods and Nutrition Patents & Trademarks
Oct 23 74 Die in Springhill, Nova Scotia Mine Explosion Canada Death
Boris Pasternak Selected for the Nobel Prize for Literature Boris Pasternak Adult Authors 1958 Nobel Prize for Literature
Aug 21 Hawaii Admitted as the 50th state in the U.S. Hawaii U.S. History
U.S. Mercury-Atlas Test Rocket Fires Prematurely & Attains Altitude of 2,000' Space Exploration
Aug 28 Kevin Hawkes Kevin Hawkes Artists
Aug 29 Michael Jackson Michael Jackson Popular Musicians Famous African Americans
Sept 04 U.S. Congress Passes Labor Reform Act U.S. Congress Labor
Sept 11 U.S. Congress Authorizes Food Stamps Foods & Nutrition Business & Economics U.S. Congress
Sept 12 Soviets Launch Luna 2. First Spacecraft to Reach the Surface of the Moon Soviet Space Program Lunar Exploration Space Exploration
Sept 19 Khrushchev Erupts When Not Allowed to Visit Disneyland Nikita Khrushchev California Cold War
Sept 23 Jason Alexander New Jersey Performing Artists Television Musical Theater
Sept 25 Trademark Registered for "Do-Re-Mi" from The Sound of Music The Sound of Music Trademarks & Patents
Eisenhower and Khrushchev Begin Two-day Summit Dwight Eisenhower Nikita Khrushchev The Cold War
Sept 27 Khrushchev's U.S. Visit Ends Nikita Khrushchev The Cold War
Sept 27 Typhoon Vera Batters Japan's Honshu Island: Almost 5,000 die Japan Hurricanes & Typhoons Death
Oct 01 Twilight Zone Registered with U.S. Patent Office Television Patents & Trademarks
Oct 02 The First of 154 Episodes of Twilight Zone Airs Television
Oct 03 John Himmelman Maine Authors Artists
Oct 04 U.S. Rocket Launch Tests Mercury Capsule Aerodynamics and Integrity Space Exploration
Los Angeles Dodgers Host First World Series West of St. Louis Los Angeles Baseball
Oct 07 Soviet Luna 3 Transmits the First Images of the Far Side of the Moon Russian Space Program The Moon Space Exploration Historic Firsts
Oct 16 Tim Robbins Tim Robbins Film
Oct 21 New York City's Guggenheim Museum Opens The Guggenheim Museum Frank Lloyd Wright Museums
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