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Aug 19 Cambodia and U.S. Sign $40M Military Aid Agreement Cambodia United States Vietnam War
Sept 03 Vince Lombardi Vince Lombardi Football
Sept 12 James Taylor Releases His First Record: Fire and Rain Popular Music
Sept 16 Great Lakes Chemical Co. Is Incorporated Great Lakes Chemical Company Chemistry Business & Economics
Sept 18 Jimi Hendrix (drug overdose) Jimi Hendrix Popular Musicians Illegal Drugs
Sept 19 "Mary Tyler Moore Show" Debuts Television
Sept 23 Virginia Slims Professional Tour for Women's Tennis Is Established Women Tennis
Sept 27 The Original Amateur Hour Airs for the Last Time Television
Oct 04 Janis Joplin Janis Joplin Popular Musicians Illegal Drugs
Oct 07 President Nixon Proposes 5-point Plan for Peace in Vietnam Richard Nixon Vietnam War
Oct 08 Matt Damon Matt Damon Film
Oct 08 Alexander Solzhenitsyn Selected as the Nobel Laureate for Literature Alexander Solzhenitsyn 1970 Nobel Laureate for Literature The Cold War
Oct 10 Fiji Gains Its Independence from the United Kingdom Fiji Great Britain
The FLQ French Separatists Kidnap Quebec's Labor Minister Québec Terrorism
Oct 16 Anwar Sadat Elected President of Egypt Anwar Sadat
Canadian Responds to FLQ Terrorism - Invokes War Measures Canada War on Terrorism
Oct 17 Quebec Cabinet Minister Found Murdered by FLQ Terrorists Canada Terrorism Death
Oct 23 Gary Gabelich Sets Land Speed Record of 631.367 mph Automobile Historic Firsts
Oct 24 Salvador Allende Elected President of Chile Chile
Aug 20 FBI Begins Investigation of Daniel Schorr for Criticizing Vietnam War Daniel Schorr Vietnam War Journalism First Amendment of the Constitution Federal Bureau of Investigation
CA 12-year-old Matt Throne Youngest to Bowl 300 Game in Sanctioned League California Bowling
Aug 21 Antiwar Protesters Raid NY & NJ Draft Board Offices Vietnam War New Jersey New York
Sept 09 Prisoners Seize New York's Attica Maximum-security Prison: 43 will die New York Prison Death
Sept 11 Nikita Khrushchev Nikita Khrushchev
Sept 12 Last Episode of Lassie Airs Dogs Children's Television
Sept 13 Four-Day Attica State Prison Riot Ends: 37 Dead New York Prisons Dead
Sept 18 Lance Armstrong Lance Armstrong Bicycling
Sept 25 Hugo Black U.S. Supreme Court
Sept 30 Jenna Elfman Jenna Elfman Television
Oct 01 Disney World Opens in Florida Florida Walt Disney
Oct 08 John Lennon Records "Imagine" John Lennon Popular Music
Oct 14 The U.S. Places the First Eisenhower Silver Dollars into Circulation Currencies
Oct 16 Isaac Hayes Releases "Theme from Shaft" Popular Music
Oct 18 Final Issue of LOOK Is Published Journalism
Oct 21 Nixon Nominates Lewis Powell & William Rehnquist to U.S. Supreme Court. Richard Nixon U.S. Supreme Court
Oct 25 Midori Midori Classical Musicians
Oct 25 Pedro Martinez Pedro Martinez Baseball
Oct 25 U.N. Expels Taiwan and Seats Communist China Taiwan China United Nations
Oct 29 Winona Ryder Winona Ryder Actors Film
Aug 28 Mark Spitz Captures 1st of 7 Gold Medals at Munich Olympics Germany The Olympic Games Swimming
Sept 04 Mark Spitz Swims to 7th Olympic Gold in Munich The Olympic Games Swimming
Sept 05 Arab Terrorists Take Israeli Hostages at the Munich Olympics The Olympic Games Israel Terrorism
Sept 06 Palestinian Black September Terrorists Massacre Israeli Olympic Athletes Palestine Israel Olympics Terrorism
Sept 16 ''The Bob Newhart Show'' Premieres on CBS. Television
Sept 17 Hanoi Releases First POWs in Three Years Vietnam War U.S. History
M*A*S*H Premires on CBS Television
Sept 26 Richard Nixon Meets Japan's Emperor Hirohito in Alaska Alaska Richard Nixon Japan
Sept 30 Roberto Clemente Gets His 3,000th and Final Career Hit Puerto Rican Sports Figures Latin Americans Baseball
Oct 01 Louis Leakey (archaeologist/anthropologist) British Scientists & Mathematicians Archaeology & Anthropology Evolution
Oct 16 Kordell Stewart New Orleans Sports Figures Football
Oct 17 Peace Talks Begin in Vietnam Vietnam War
Oct 23 Pippin Opens on Broadway Musical Theater
Oct 24 Jackie Robinson Jackie Robinson Baseball Hall of Fame U.S. Civil Rights Famous African Americans
Oct 25 President Nixon Suspends Bombing of North Vietnam Richard Nixon Vietnam War
Aug 19 Bonnie and Clyde's 1934 Ford Auctioned for $175,000 Automobiles Notorious Americans
Aug 29 Judge Sirica Orders President Nixon to Turn over Watergate Tapes Richard Nixon & the Watergate Scandal The American Presidency The Law & Legal Resources
Sept 05 Palestinian Terrorists Seize Saudi Arabian Embassy in Paris, Take 5 Hostages Paris Palestine Saudi Arabia Terrorism World History
Sept 11 Chilean President Salvador Allende Killed in Military Coup Chile Death
Sept 17 Illinois is First State to Legislate Martin Luther King Jr. Day Illinois Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Sept 20 Singer Jim Croce Killed in Texas Plane Crash Texas Air Disasters Popular Musicians Death
Sept 23 Former President Juan Perón Returns to Power in Argentina Argentina
Sept 25 Skylab II Crew Lands in Pacific after 59 Day Mission Alan Bean Space Exploration
Oct 03 Neve Cambell Actors Film Television
Oct 10 Vice-President Spiro Agnew Guilty of Federal Tax Evasion Richard Nixon Taxes Crime Law & Legal Resources
Oct 11 Divorce of Elvis and Priscilla Presley Is Finalized Elvis Presley
Oct 16 Henry Kissinger and Le Duc Tho awarded Nobel Peace Prize Henry Kissinger Le Duc Tho Vietnam War 1973 Nobel Peace Prize
Maynard Jackson Becomes First Black Mayor of Atlanta Georgia African-American History
Oct 17 The Way We Were Opens Barbra Streisand Film
Oct 22 Pablo Casals Spain Classical Musicians
Oct 23 Israel-Syria Yom Kippur War Come to an End Israel Syria Israeli-Syrian Disputes
President Nixon Agrees to Turn over Watergate Tapes The Watergate Affair
Oct 24 Egyptian-Israeli Cease-fire Restores Control of the Suez Canal to Egypt Egypt Israel
Aug 19 U.S. Ambassador Rodger P. Davies Is Killed at American Embassy in Cyprus Cyprus U.S. Government Death
Aug 26 Charles Lindbergh Charles Lindbergh Aviation
Sept 05 Mozambique Gains Independence from Portugal Mozambique Portugal World History
Sept 10 Guinea-Bissau Gains Independence from Portugal. Guinea-Bissau Portugal
Lou Brock Steals 105th Base of the Season Baseball
Sept 11 Little House on the Prairie Debuts on Television Laura Ingalls Wilder Children's Television
Sept 12 Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie Deposed/Replaced by Military Government Ethiopia
Sept 16 President Ford Offers Amnesty for Vietnam War Deserters and Draft Evaders President Ford Vietnam War U.S. History
Sept 25 Scientists Warn That Freon in Aerosol Sprays Depletes Ozone Ozone The Earth and Environment
Oct 01 Nixon Aides Go on Trial for Watergate Conspiracy The Watergate Affair Law & Legal Resources
Oct 03 Frank Robinson Selected as First Black Manager in Major League Baseball Baseball African-American History
Oct 04 U.S. Supreme Court Lifts Federal Ban on Capital Punishment U.S. Supreme Court Capital Punishment
Aug 20 U.S. Launches Viking I for a Mars Landing Space Exploration Mars
Sept 06 Martina Navratilova Requests Asylum at U.S. Open Tennis Tournament Tennis The Cold War
Sept 16 New Guinea Attains Independence from an International Trusteeship New Guinea
Sept 18 FBI Capture Patty Hearst The FBI Crime Notorious Americans
Sept 26 The Rocky Horror Picture Show Opens in Theaters Film
Sept 30 Muhammed Ali Defeats Joe Frazier in the "Thrilla in Manila Republic of the Philippines Muhammed Ali Boxing
Oct 02 W.T. Grant Files for Bankruptcy Business & Industries
Oct 07 Patent Granted to Ysidro M. Martinez for "Knee Implant Prosthesis" Medical Research Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks
Oct 11 Saturday Night Live Debuts on NBC - George Carlin Guest Host Televison
Bill Clinton & Hillary Rodham Are Married in Fayetteville, AR Hillary Rodham Clinton Bill Clinton
Oct 21 Red Sox Defeat Reds on Carlton Fisk's 12th Inning HR: World Series Game 6 Baseball
Oct 22 Arnold Toynbee British Authors
Oct 24 Armenian Liberation Terrorists Assassinate Turkish Ambassador in Paris Paris Turkey Armenia War on Terrorism
A Chorus Line Opens on Broadway New York City <IA Chorus Line"> Musical Theater
Aug 19 President Ford Wins Republican Presidential Nomination in Kansas City Nebraska Political Leaders President Gerald Ford Politics & Elections Missouri
Sept 03 Unmanned U. S. Viking II Lands on Mars: Takes First Pictures of Surface Mars Space Exploration Historic Firsts
Sept 09 Mao Zedong Mao Zedong
Sept 13 The Muppet Show Premires Family Television
Sept 23 Jimmy Carter Meets Gerald Ford in Presidential Election Debate on Economics Gerald Ford Jimmy Carter The American Presidency Elections Economics
Sept 26 Abu Nidal Terrorists Take 90 Hostages at a Damascus Hotel: 4 Hostages and All Terrorists die Syria War on Terrorism Death
Oct 11 China's "Gang of Four" Arrested China
Oct 15 Mondale & Dole Participate in First-ever Vice-Presidential Candidate Debate Politics
Ike and Tina Turner Split Popular Famous
Aug 19 Groucho Marx (comedian) The Marx Brothers Actors & Actresses
Aug 19 Rev. Joseph Lowery President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference Joseph Lowery Religious Famous African-Americans
Aug 20 Unmanned U.S. Voyager 2 Carries Messages from Earth Space Exploration
Aug 23 Cincinnati Bengal Trademark Registered Patents & Trademarks Football
Aug 29 Lou Brock Breaks Ty Cobb's Record for Career Stolen Bases (893) Baseball
Sept 05 Red Army Faction (RAF) Terrorists Kidnap and Kill West German Executive Germany Terrorism World History Death
Sept 10 Guillotine Used for the Last Time in France France Capital Punishment
Sept 12 Steven Biko (South African student leader) South Africa Death
Sept 12 South African Student Leader Steven Biko Dies in Prison South Africa Death
Sept 13 Fiona Apple Popular Musicians
Sept 13 Oldsmobile Introduces the First Diesel Auto Automobiles Historic Firsts
Sept 16 Maria Callas Opera
Sept 27 U.S. Patent Issued for the Hypodermic Syringe Medical Research Patents & Trademarks
Oct 14 Bing Crosby Bing Crosby Popular Musicians Actors Radio Film Television
Oct 15 Paul Simon Releases Slip Slidin' Away Popular
Oct 18 Commandos Storm Plane Hijacked by Palestinian Terrorists: All Hostages Freed Germany Aviation Terrorism
Aug 26 Cardinal Albino Luciani Elected 264th Roman Catholic Pope (John Paul I). Catholicism
Sept 03 Pope John Paul I Installed as 264th Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church Catholic Popes
Sept 09 Shah's Troops Open Fire on Iranian Protesters: Hundreds Killed Iran Death
Sept 17 Sadat and Begin Sign Camp David Peace Accord Egypt Israel President Jimmy Carter World History
Sept 30 Edgar Bergen Puppetry
Oct 01 Tuvalu Gains Independence from Great Britain Tuvalu Great Britain
Oct 10 Daniel Arap Moi succeeds Kenyatta as President of Kenya Kenya
Oct 16 Polish Karol Cardinal Wojtyla First Non-Italian Pope Since 1523 Poland Pope John Paul II
Oct 17 President Carter Restores U.S. Citizenship for Jefferson Davis President Jimmy Carter Jefferson Davis
Oct 22 Pope John Paul II Is Inaugarated Catholicism
Aug 22 James T. Farrell James T. Farrell Authors
Aug 27 Earl Mountbatten Killed by Irish Republican Army (IRA) Bomb Planted on Boat British Monarchy Ireland European History Death
Sept 20 Former President Dacko Takes Control in Bloodless Central African Coup Africa
Sept 23 Lou Brock Is Undisputed Stolen Base King with 892nd Career Steal Baseball Famous African Americans
Sept 25 Andrew Lloyd Webber's Evita Opens on Broadway Andrew Lloyd Webber Argentina Musical Theater
Sept 27 U.S. Department of Education Is Created Education U.S. Government Offices & Agencies
Oct 08 Sugar Babies Opens on Broadway Musical Theater
Oct 10 Bette Midler First Performs "The Rose" Popular Music
Oct 17 Mother Teresa Selected for the Nobel Peace Prize Mother Teresa 1979 Nobel Peace Prize
Oct 22 Shah of Iran Arrives in U.S. for Medical Treatment Iran U.S. History
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