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Aug 28 Kuwait Declared to be 19th Province of Iraq Iraq Kuwait Gulf War
Sept 12 Allied Powers Clear the Way for German Reunification Germany Fall of Soviet Communism
Sept 23 Iraq Threatens to Destroy Oil Fields and Attack Israel if Forced from Kuwait. Iraq Kuwait Israel Gulf War
Sept 26 X Ratings for Films Abolished Film
Oct 03 East & West Germany Reunite into One Nation after 45 Year Apart Germany Fall of Soviet Communism
Oct 04 German Parliament Meets for First Time Since Reunification Germany
Oct 08 18 Arabs Died in Clashes with Israeli Police at Temple Mount Religious Site Israel Death
Oct 14 Leonard Berstein (conductor/composer) Leonard Bernstein American Composers Classical Music West Side Story
Oct 14 Jerry Rice Ties NFL Record with Five Touchdown Catches against Atlanta Football
Oct 15 Mikhail Gorbachev Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize Mikhail 1990
South Africa Repeals Separate Amenities Act (barring blacks from facilities) South
Killer Bees First Reach the Tip of Texas Texas" Killer
Oct 25 Kazakhstan's Supreme Council Adopts Sovereignty Resolution Kazakhstan
Aug 19 Communist Coup Temporarily Removes Mikhail Gorbachev from Power Mikhail Gorbachev The Cold War
Aug 21 Coup Against Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev Collapses after Three Days Mikhail Gorbachev
Aug 27 Moldova Declares Independence from the Soviet Union Moldova Russia World History
Aug 29 Soviet Legislature Bans the Communist Party and Freeze Its Assets Russia The Fall of Communism
Sept 03 Frank Capra Frank Capra Film
Sept 09 Tajikistan Establishes Its Independence from Russia Tajikistan Russia The Fall of Soviet Communism
Sept 11 Thousands of Soviet Troops Pull Out of Cuba Cuba Fall of Soviet Communism Cold War
Sept 12 Discovery Lifts Off to Deploy Ozone Observatory Earth Science Space Exploration
Sept 30 Haitian Military Overthrows President Aristide and Set Up Military Government Haiti
Oct 07 Leo Durocher Massachusetts Sports Figures Baseball
Oct 08 Croatia Declares Its Independence from Yugoslavia Croatia Yugoslavia European History
Slave Burial Site Unearthed in Manhattan New York City Slavery
Oct 11 Confirmation Hearings Begin for Justice Clarence Thomas U.S. Congress U.S. Supreme Court African-American History
Apple Computer and The Beatles' Apple Corp. Settle Lawsuit Patents & Trademarks Law & Legal Resources The Beatles
Oct 14 Burmese Opposition Leader Aung San Suu Kyi Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Burma 1991 Nobel Prize for Peace
Oct 15 Senate Confirms Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court, 52-48 U.S. U.S. Famous
Pizza Hut Trademark Registered Patents Foods Business
Oct 18 Parliament of Azerbaijan Adopts the Constitutional Act on Independence Azerbaijan Fall of Soviet Communism World History
Oct 23 International Paris Peace Agreements End 12 Years of Conflict in Cambodia Cambodia
Aug 23 Hurricane Andrew Hits the Bahamas with 120 mph Winds Hurricanes & Typhoons The Bahamas
Aug 26 No-Fly Zone Established in Southern Iraq, South of Latitude 32 Degrees North Iraq Gulf War
Sept 10 MN Court Strikes Down Pro Football's Limited Free Agency Minnesota Labor Football
Sept 12 Dr. Mae Carol Jemison Is First African-American Woman in Space Famous African Americans Women Astronauts
Sept 23 Manon Rheaume Is First Woman to Play in the NHL Women Hockey
Sept 25 NASA Mars Observer Blasts Off Mars Exploration Space Exploration
Sept 30 Kansas City's George Brett Reaches 3,000 Career Hits Baseball
Oct 01 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty Approved by U.S. Senate Arms Control U.S. Senate U.S. History
Oct 25 Roger Miller Country & Western Musicians
Oct 25 Lithuanian Supreme Council Ratifies a New Constitution Lithuania
Sept 04 One-handed Pitcher Jim Abbott Throws No-hitter for Yankess Baseball
Sept 09 PLO and Israel Agree to Recognize Each Other. Israel Palestine
Former President Marcos Buried in Philippines, Four Years after Dying in Exile. The Republic of the Philippines
Sept 17 David Packard Retires from Hewlett-Packard David Packard History of Technology Business & Economics
Sept 30 6.4 Earthquake Strike Southern India: 10,000 die India Earthquake Death
Oct 07 Toni Morrison Is First African-American Selected for the Nobel Prize in Literature Toni Morrison Famous African Americans 1993 Nobel Laureate for Literature
Oct 14 Dr. Michael J. Walsh Announces Cystic Fibrosis Correctable by Gene Therapy Gene Therapy Diseases & Disorders
Oct 15 F.W. de Klerk & Nelson Mandela Awarded Nobel Peace Prize F.W. Nelson 1993
Oct 23 Toronto Blue Jays' Joe Carter Ends the World Series with a HR Baseball
Oct 24 Vincent Price Vincent Price Actors Film
Aug 19 Linus Pauling (chemist/peace activist) Linus Pauling Nobel Laureate Chemistry Protein
Aug 19 President Clinton Halts Open-door Policy for Cuban Refugees. Arkansas Political Leaders President Bill Clinton Cuba Immigration Laws & Policies
Sept 17 Heather Whitestone of Alabama became the first deaf Miss America Alabama Deafness
Oct 01 Palau and the United States Agree to Compact of Free Association Palau The United States
Oct 04 Nelson Mandela Visits President Clinton at the White House President Clinton Nelson Mandela
Oct 16 Germany's Helmut Kohl Re-elected to Fourth Term as Chancellor Helmut Kohl
Oct 17 Israel and Jordan Initial Draft Peace Treaty Israel Jordan World History
Angola's 19-year Civil War Ends Angola
Aug 21 Federal Judge and Microsoft Agree to Anti-trust Settlement Anti-trust Law Bill Gates & Microsoft
Sept 06 Cal Ripken Plays His 2,131st Consecutive Game Baseball
Sept 19 New York Times/Washington Post Print Unabomber Manifesto Journalism Terrorism
Sept 25 Ross Perot Announces Formation of Third U.S. Political Party The American Presidency Third Party Politics
Sept 27 U.S. Treasury Issues New $100 Bills Business & Economics Currencies
Oct 03 O.J. Simpson Acquitted of Murder Law and Legal Resources
Oct 10 Robert E. Lucas Jr. Wins Nobel Prize for Economics Robert E. Lucas Jr Economics The 1995 Nobel Prize for Economics
Oct 16 Nation of Islam Million Man March Held in Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. African-American Studies Islam
Oct 22 Kingsley Amis Kingsley Amis Authors
Oct 25 Victor/Victoria Opens Musical Theater
Aug 19 Arkansas' Governor Tucker Sentenced to Probation for Whitewater Crimes Arkansas Political Leaders Bill Clinton & the Whitewater Investigation Law & Legal Resources
Aug 20 Clinton Administration Boosts Minimum Wage $.90 to $5.15/hr. Bill Clinton Business & Economics Labor
Aug 28 Decree Ends Marriage of Charles and Diana British Monarchy
Sept 04 Drug Cartel Guerrillas Attack Colombian Military Colombia Illegal Drugs
Sept 13 Gillette Merges with Duracell Business & Economics
Sept 20 Paul Erdös Paul Erdös Scientists & Mathematicians
Sept 26 188-day Endurance Record Set for U.S. & Women Astronuats Astronauts
Sept 27 The Taliban Islamic Conservatives Take Control of Kabul, Afghanistan. Afghanistan Islam War on Terrorism
F. Scott Fitzgerald Stamp Issued F. Scott Fitzgerald Stamps
Oct 01 Grand Jury Indicts Unabomber Suspect Theodore Kaczynski Crime Terrorism Law & Legal Resources
Aug 26 F.W. de Klerk Resigns As Head of South Africa's National Party F.W. de Klerk
Sept 05 Mother Teresa Mother Teresa Catholicism 1979 Nobel Laureate for Peace
Sept 06 Diana, Princess of Wales, Buried Diana, Princess of Wales The British Royal Family
Sept 09 Northern Ireland's Sinn Fein Formally Renounces Violence Ireland
Sept 11 Scotland Votes to Establish Its Own Parliament Scotland Voting
Sept 17 Red Skelton Famous American Entertainers
Sept 17 Steve Jobs Returns to Apple as Interim CEO Steve Jobs History of Technology Business & Economics
Sept 18 Ted Turner Gives $1 Billion Gift to the United Nations Ted Turner The United Nations Philanthropy
Sept 30 France's Catholic Chruch Formally Apologizes for Its Silence during the Holocaust France Catholicism The Holocaust
Oct 10 Guggenheim Museum Opens in Spain Spain Museums
Oct 18 Monument to U.S. Servicewomen Dedicated at Arlington National Cemetary Arlington National Cemetary Women Death
Aug 20 Canadian Supreme Court Finds No Legal Basis for Quebec Secession Canada Law
U.S. Missiles Strike Afghanistan and Sudan Terrorist Camps Afghanistan Sudan United States War on Terrorism
Aug 26 Government Reopens Investigation of Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Civil Rights U.S. History African-American History
Sept 10 Steffi Graf Wins U.S. Open to Achieved Tennis' First Grand Slam since 1970 Tennis
Sept 27 Mark McQwire Becomes First to Hit 70 Home Runs in One Season Baseball
Oct 04 70-Painting Van Gogh Exhibit Opens in Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. Vincent Van Gogh Art
Oct 08 Canada & Netherlands Voted onto U.N. Security Council Canada Netherlands The United Nations
Taliban Forces Attack Iranian Border Posts Afghanistan Iran
Oct 15 Typhoon Zeb Kills 24 in The Philippines The Hurricanes Death"
Oct 29 Space Shuttle Discovery Launches: 77-year-old John Glenn Aboard The Space Shuttle John Glenn
Sept 23 NASA Mars Climate Observer Burns Up As It Goes into Planet Orbit Mars NASA
Oct 15 Doctors without Borders Awarded Nobel Peace Prize Medicine" 1999
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