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Historic Events


Aug 22 Russian Submarine Kursk Crew of 118 Pronounced Dead K-12 TLC Case Study of the Kursk Tragedy Naval History
Sept 06 More Than 150 World Leaders Gather at UN Millennium Summit United Nations World History
Oct 07 Vojislav Kostunica Is Yugoslavia's First Popularly elected President Yugoslavia
Oct 17 Goalie Patrick Roy's 448th Win (NHL Record) Ice Hockey
Oct 25 AT&T Announces It Will Break into Four Separate Companies Businesses & Corporations
Sept 11 Terrorist Attacks Destroy Both NYC World Trade Towers: 3,748 die New York City New York's World Trade Center></A>  
<a  href=Terrorism Death
Terrorists Crash Jet Airliner into the Pentagon: 189 die The Pentagon Terrorism Death
Terrorists Hijacked Jetliner Crashes in Pennsylvania: 44 die Pennsylvania Air Flights of September 11 Death
Sept 11 David Wisniewski David Wisniewski
Sept 18 Bob Hayes Bob Hayes Track and Field The Olympic Games Football Famous African Americans

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