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TOPIC: History Newspaper

GRADES: 5-12

AUTHOR: Debbie Prasuhn

SCHOOL: North Central High School

DISTRICT: Northeast School Corporation


Students will:
  1. Learn to use the Internet as a research tool.
  2. Learn to browse an informational web site for fact, and to write a concise journalistic report of a factual story/account.



  1. Students will work in groups of four.
  2. Each student will use the Internet history resources listed above to each find an historical event of interest.
    1. Each student will write a journalistic-style report of their event for the newspaper.
    2. The students within a group, and will work together to arrange their articles into a one page newspaper.

  3. The teacher will make copies of each newspaper to share with classmates.
  4. Students will be held accountable on tests/quizzes for the information reported in the news.



This lesson can be condensed or expanded in many ways, depending upon how in-depth the teacher wants to make the exercise. It can be a continuing activity or a special assignment. It can also involve team teaching between the history and language arts/journalism staffs.

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