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TOPIC: A Conceptual Introduction to Maps


AUTHOR: Nancy Eagle

SCHOOL: Perry Hill Elementary School

DISTRICT: Northwest Allen County Schools





    Anticipatory Questions:

    1. If we stood on top of the school and looked down, would things look different than what we can see on the ground?
    2. How would they look different?
    3. If we were flying in an airplane and looked out the window at our school and school yard, what would we see?
    4. What would they look like?

  1. Take students on a walk outside to study the playground and school yard.
  2. Return and ask students to draw a picture that will show where important places are on the playground in relationship to the school building. Suggest that they may use their crayons.
  3. Provide time for sharing and comparing the drawings. Discuss how these could be considered to be maps because they show where we can find special places. Ask students to tell how the drawings might look different if they had drawn them from the top of the school building?
  4. Use the Internet to access Nikki's Adventure.
  5. Distribute paper and crayons and have students seated where they can easily see the computer monitor. Tell the students that you will be reading a story about a girl who visits an amusement park and that they should pay close attention to the details in the story that describe the places she sees. Read story out loud.
  6. Ask students to describe what places Nikki saw from the balloon ride. Explain to the students that you will be re-reading the story once again and that this time they are to draw a picture of what Niki saw as you read.
  1. Once students have been given adequate time to complete their drawings show illustrations:
      • A view of the park from above ground.
      • A map of the park from overhead.

  2. Have students compare their pictures to these illustrations and discuss differences and similarities.
  3. Display student work with these illustrations.

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