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TITLE: Using The Internet For Art Education


AUTHOR: Jane E Howard

SCHOOL: Triton Middle School

DISTRICT: Northwestern Consolidated Schools of Shelby County


TIME REQUIRED: 1-2 class periods


The students will:

  1. Use the ACCESS INDIANA Teaching & Learning Center Guides to find, analyze and critique the works of Claude Monet, Mary Cassatt, Vincent van Gogh and Richard Estes.
  2. Learn about copyright requirements when using the web.
  3. Learn how to print and download files from the web.
  4. Learn how to use the web responsibly as a learning tool.




  1. This assignment is to be done in groups of 2 or 3 working as partners.
  2. Each group will examine samples of each artist's work, and will develop a comparative list of things they like and dislike about each artist's work.
  3. Each member of a group will hand in a color print of a work that they think represents the best of their favorite artist's work.
  4. Access the Internet.
  5. Use the AITLC Guides to browse the work of each of the following artists:
  6. As you browse each artist's work, make a list for each artist in terms that you feel best describe the artist's work.
  7. As you browse the works of the artists, also make a list of what makes the works of the artists different from one another.
  8. Each member of each group should pick the artist (s)he likes best, find the work that represents the best of the artist, and print that work.
  9. When you have made your print, write a couple of brief paragraphs about why you like this particular work, then turn in your summary along with the print.
  10. Once all groups have finished, have a class discussion about the artists, and have members of the groups compare their observations of the artists' works with those made by the other groups.


  1. Observations of the students working:
    1. Are they working independently without much guidance from the teacher?
    2. Are they sticking with the task?
    3. Do they examine more that one site?
    4. Do they exhibit curiosity and act on it?
    5. Are they doing more than the basic assignment?

  2. The suitability of the printed reproduction and the analytical paragraphs.
  3. Has the project been completed on time?


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