Mark Whitman

Retired Owner/Publisher, The K-12 Teaching & Learning Center Teacher News Service

West Lafayette, IN 47906

Last Updated: 02/26/2016

Education, Professional Experience, Publications, Presentations
The Bridge Builder


1981 Doctor of Philosophy

1977 Master of Science

1971 Bachelor of Science

Education Administration
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN.

Education Administration
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN.

University of Indianapolis
Indianapolis, IN.

Collegiate Honors:


Student Body Vice-President
Who's Who Among American College Athletes
Varsity Basketball

Education Certifications:


Secondary School Administration
Chemistry /Mathematics



Organizational Conflict & Collective Negotiations in Public Education.
Major Professor: Charles E. Kline


1972 - 1974

Fulda, Germany


U.S. Army Intelligence School
Fort Huachuca, Arizona


Defense Language Institute
Monterey, California



Academic Tutor
Academic Services, Purdue University Athletics Department


Retired Owner/Publisher
The K-12 Teaching & Learning Center Teacher News Service


Project Manager
ACCESS INDIANA Teaching & Learning Center


Project Consultant
Office of the Governor/Indiana Department of Education



Technology Planning Consultant
The InterDesign Group, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN.


Interim Executive Director
Indiana Community Network Association


Adjunct Faculty
University of Indianapolis


Director of Computer Services College of Education
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN.


Director of Program Development
Tippecanoe School Corporation
Lafayette, IN.


Classroom Teacher and Coach
Chemistry, Science Research, Mathematics/Tennis, Basketball
W.H. Harrison High School
Tippecanoe School Corporation
Lafayette, IN.


Classroom Teacher and Coach
Eighth-Grade Science/Basketball
Tippecanoe Junior High School
Lafayette School Corporation
Lafayette, IN.




Friends of Convocations Advisory Board
Purdue University


Board of School Trustees
Tippecanoe School Corporation


Indiana Academy of Science


Phi Delta Kappa


Archivist, International K-12 Public Domain LinkWay Archive


Advisory Board Appointee for the State of Indiana
Pioneering Partners in Education
Council of Great Lakes Governors,


Selection Committee
Golden Apple Excellence in Teaching Awards
Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce


Education Advisory Committee
Indiana Corporation for Science and Technology


State Director
Indiana Junior Academy of Science


National Education Association


Chief Negotiator
Tippecanoe Education Association


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BOOK BROWSER for Grades 3-6
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"The State of Indiana At Your Fingertips ".
Annual Conference of the Indiana Library Federation. Indianapolis, IN. May 1, 1997.

"Building Rural Community Networks ".
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Indianapolis, IN. November 21, 1996.

Annual Meeting of the Indiana Rural Electric Cooperatives.
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