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The Third Week of January

Today in History JANUARY
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Calendar of World Holidays        14-17. India: Bhogi Pongal (north)/Makar Sankranti(south)
       15. Malawi: John Chilembwe Day
       15. Venezuela: Día del Maestro (National Teacher's Day
       15. Virginia: Lee-Jackson Day

       16. National Religious Freedom Day
       16. Thailand: Teachers' Day
       16-17. Philippines (Aklan Province): Ati-atihan

       17. World Religion Day
       17. United States: National Sanctity of Life Day

       18. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
       18-21. Ethiopia: Timket (Epiphany)

       19. Arkansas & Texas: Confederate Heroes Day

       20. Brazil: Saint Sebastian Day
       20. Bulgaria: Baba Den (Grandmother's Day)
       20. Guinea-Bissau: National Heroes Day
       20. Laos: Army Day
       20. Mali: Armed Forces Day
       20. United States: Inauguration Day

       21. Barbados: Errol Barrow Day
       21. Dominican Republic: Our Lady of Altagracia (Our Lady of Charity) Day

Who Am I?

       15. Thomas Nast, Political Symbols and Cartoons

       16. Freedom of Religion Day

       17. Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents

       18. The Holocaust, Nazi Germany, World War II, Genocide and War Crimes

       19. Confederate Heroes Day

       20. U.S. Presidential Inaugurations, the Presidents and Inaugural Addresses

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