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The End of January

Today in History JANUARY
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Calendar of World Holidays        22. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Day

       23. Pitcairn Island: Bounty Day

       24. Togo: Liberation Day

       25. Angola: Luanda's City Day
       25. Aruba: G. F. Betico Croes Day
       25. Scotland: Burns' Night
       25. Russia: St. Tatiana Day/Students' Day

       26. Australia: Australia Day
       26. Dominican Republic: Day of Juan Duarte
       26. India: Republic Day
       26. Uganda: NRM (National Resistance Movement) Day

       27. Monaco: Saint Devote

       28. Rwanda: Democracy Day

       29. Nepal: Martyrs' Memorial Day
       29. United States: Freethinker's Day
       29. Kansas: Admission Day

       30. India: Mohandas Gandhi Martyrdom Day
       30. Jordan: King Abdullah's Birthday

       31. Nauru: Independence Day

Who Am I?

       22. Arthur Miller's The Crucible, the Salem Witch Trials and McCarthyism

       23. 24th Amendment, Voting Rights, Taxation, Racial Equality and Minority Rights

       24. California Gold Rush, Gold Mining, and the Westward Expansion

       26. The Library of Congress

       28. The Vietnam War and Modern Use of the American Military

       30. President Franklin Roosevelt, the Great Depression and World War II

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