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The First Week of March

Today in History MARCH
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Calendar of World Holidays        1. International Death Penalty Abolition Day
       1. Bulgaria: Baba Marta (Grandma Marta) Day
       1. Federated States of Micronesia: Yap Day
       1. Guam: Discovery Day
       1. Marshall Islands: Memorial Day and Nuclear Victims' Remembrance Day
       1. Paraguay: Heroes' Day
       1. Republic of BiH (Bosnia-Herzegovina): Independence Day
       1. South Korea: Sam Il Jul (Independence Movement Day)
       1. Vanuatu: Custom Chiefs' Day
       1. Wales: St. David's Day
       1. Illinois: Casimir Pulaski Day
       1. Nebraska: Statehood Day
       1. Ohio: Statehood Day

       2. Ethiopia: Victory of Adwa Commemoration Day

       3. Bulgaria: National Day
       3. Japan: Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival)
       3. Malawi: Martyrs' Day

       4. British Virgin Islands: Stoutt's Birthday
       4. Vermont: Vermont Day

       5. French Polynesia: Missionary/Gospel Day

       6. Ghana: Independence Day
       6. Texas: Alamo Day

       7. Albania: Dita e Mėsuesve (National Teachers' Day)
       7. Australia: Clean Up Australia Day (schools)
       7. California: Arbor Day

Who Am I?

       1. Women of Color Day

       4. Jeanette Rankin; Women in Congress, Government and Politics

       5. Revolutionary Women

       6. Women in the Military

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