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The Third Week of May

Today in History MAY
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Calendar of World Holidays        13-16. California: Calaveras County Fair & Jumping Frog Jubilee

       15. The International Day of Families
       15. Japan: Festival of Aoi Matsuri (Hollyhock Festival)
       15. Mexico: Teachers' Day
       15. Mexico, Spain, Peru: San Isidro Day
       15. Paraguay: Independence Day
       15. United States: National Peace Officers Memorial Day

       16. Ireland: St. Brendan the Navigator's Day

       17. World Telecommunications Day
       17. Cayman Islands: Discovery Day
       17. Nauru: Constitution Day
       17. Norway: Constitution Day

       18. Haiti: Flag Day
       18. Sweden: Saint Eric Day
       18. Turkmenistan: Revival and Unity Day
       18. Uruguay: Battle of Las Piedras

       19. Turkey: Ataturk Memorial, Youth & Sports Day
       19. Turkmenistan: Holiday of Poetry of Magtymguly

       20. Cameroon: Constitution Day
       20. Cuba: Independence Day

       21. Chile: Battle of Iquique/Navy Day
       21. China: Cheung Chau Bun Festival/Birth of Buddha/Birthday of Tam Kung
       21. United States: National Defense Transportation Day

Who Am I?

       16. Impeachment Trial of Andrew Johnson, Presidential Impeachment, Balance of Powers

       17. Brown v. Board of Education, Civil Rights in the Courts, Issues of Segregation

       18. Siege of Vicksburg, the American Civil War and Ulysses S. Grant

       19. Defeat of the Spanish Armada, Naval History and European History

       20. Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart and the History of Aviation

       21. American Presidential Conventions, Campaigns and Elections

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