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The End of November

Today in History NOVEMBER
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Calendar of World Holidays        22. Lebanon: Independence Day
       22. St. Lucia: Feast of St. Cecilia

       23. Georgia Giorgoba (St George's Day: Orthodox Calendar
       23. Japan: Kinro Kansha no Hi/Niinamesai (Labor Thanksgiving Day/Harvest Festival)
       23. Maryland: Repudiation Day

       25. International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women
       25. Suriname: National Day

       26. Mongolia: Constitution Day
       26. United States: Thanksgiving Day

       28. Albania: Independence Day
       28. Chad: Proclamation of the Republic
       28. Mauritania: National Day
       28. Panamá: Independence Day from Spain
       28. Ukraine: Famine Victims Memorial Day

       29. International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People
       29. Albania: Liberation Day from Spain
       29. Germany, Poland: St. Andrew's Eve
       29. Liberia: William V.S. Tubman Day
       29. Vanuatu: Unity Day

       30. Barbados: Independence Day
       30. GRepublic of the Philippines: Bonifacio Day
       30. Scotland: St. Andrew's Day
       30. Turkmenistan: Harvest Holiday/Bread Day

Who Am I?        22. Abigail Adams

       22. Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

       23. Stamp Act of 1765, Taxation, Patriotism, Leadership, and Civil Disobedience

       24. Father Junípero Serra, Early California and the Hispanic Heritage of California

       25. King Tut's Tomb, Archaeologist Howard Carter and the Archaeology of Egypt

       28. Treaty of Hopewell , Treaties and the Art of Negotiations

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